Meet the degrassi season 10 cast

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meet the degrassi season 10 cast

Black (Dyed; Season ) In Season 14, it is revealed that Eli and Clare are having a son together, but she would go on to miscarry. . At school the next day, Sav meets up with Adam and Eli in the hallway, and Eli asks He was also seen without his cane and his leg brace and cast for the first time since LoveGame. This series, Degrassi: The Next Generation (known as simply ''Degrassi'' from seasons ), premiered in , with the some of the kid actors from the first episode, Emma narrowly avoids getting raped by a pedophile she met online (and. Season What a Girl Wants: Part 1. S10, Ep1. 19 Jul. What a Girl Wants: Part 1 . Fiona runs away to Degrassi when life gets too stressful in New York. .. To try to make things better he attends and LGBT meeting. Full Cast and Crew · Release Dates · Official Sites · Company Credits · Filming & Production.

Because most of the cast was made up of teenagers, the filming for Degrassi High took place from April to November so that the actors lost a minimal amount of school time. Boy, What a Heat Wave… This filming schedule came with an interesting side-effect, however. At Least She has the Hairstyle For it! Retroactive Censorship During the s, episodes of Degrassi High were first aired without any cuts in Australia, but when they became reruns on Nickelodeon Australia, certain episodes were censored.

It turns out they took issue with the episodes dealing with teen pregnancy and teen suicide. Though it makes us scratch our heads, since they had already aired in full before the cuts were made. Must have made a lot of Australian youth scratch their heads too. My Bad… After playing Winston Chu in the Degrassi franchise, actor Andre Kim came under fire after he released a gaming video which featured him using a series of racial slurs. He made a public apology soon afterward.

Morocco World News Started from the Bottom… The most famous alum from Degrassi: The Next Generation is arguably the Canadian hip-hop artist known as Drake. At 15, he appeared on the show as Jimmy Brooks, a basketball player who is shot by a classmate and becomes physically disabled as a result.

He would appear in episodes before he moved on to music stardom instead. A Show About Life Degrassi: The Next Generation came under fire during its third season with a subplot wherein one of the teenage characters becomes pregnant from consensual sex with her partner and has an abortion in response. Certain groups criticized the show for the decision to show her lack of regret for making such a decision, while others praised the show for maturely tackling real subjects that teenagers of today faced as opposed to the glamorous and unrealistic worlds portrayed on The OC or One Tree Hill.

He was put on trial for aggravated assault and murder in He was ultimately acquitted, though he did end up being sentenced to serving time in prison and was on probation for 18 years. Also Featuring Silent Bob Famous nerd filmmaker Kevin Smith, creator of the View Askewniverse movies, was such a big fan of Degrassi as a kid that he made a three-episode guest appearance as himself in Degrassi: He apparently wrote all his own dialogue for his appearances, and he even got to kiss Stacie Mistysyn, who had reprised her role as Caitlin Ryan from Degrassi Junior High, fulfilling a bucket list spot since Smith had had a crush on Caitlin when he was watching the show as a kid.

Backing Out of Bisexuality One of the regular characters in Degrassi: The Next Generation was originally meant to come out as bisexual.

meet the degrassi season 10 cast

Feminism In India Speak Out InDegrassi actor Andrea Lewis posted a blog where she clarified that while she was grateful for the opportunity to take part in a TV show like that, she felt that there was a serious race issue behind the scenes. Lewis felt that she and the other minorities on the show were not only used to portray stereotypical behavior on the show but were also treated as tokens who only contributed to storylines focused on white characters.

They Bleeped Us Out? The line proved too much for American broadcast television, and when they released the TV movie a year later inthey bleeped out the infamous curse word. In a tragic situation of life imitating art, Dickens was hardly a model citizen off the set. He was arrested in for possession of child pornography, along with a female accomplice.

The Next Generation, the cast was completely overhauled and switched out for new characters to take their place. Years later, former co-star Aubrey Graham AKA Drake bitterly reflected that he had no idea what was going on until he arrived on the set one day and saw all the names were changed.

Among many other things, the Degrassi franchise has covered eight main character deaths, four storylines involving cancer, three storylines regarding abortion, eight pregnancy storylines, and more than 50 different love triangles. The Next Generation broke incredible ground with the introduction of the character Adam Torres.

Adam was the first transgendered teen character to ever appear as a series regular on any scripted TV series. Kary's Degrassi Blog 6. Mixed Response Sadly, with such a groundbreaking character, several conservative groups objected heavily to the inclusion of a transgendered male into the character list of Degrassi and tried to persuade advertisers to back out of supporting the show.

The character of Adam Torres was eventually written off of the show after getting into a car accident and dying during surgery. Smile for the Camera! In one incident, several female cast members of The Vampire Diaries including Degrassi alum Nina Dobrev were arrested in LA after creating a disturbance on a bridge near the freeway.

Reportedly, they were posing for a photo shoot during which they posed dangerously close to the edge of the bridge. They cooperated with the authorities when they arrived, showing they had no hard feelings by posing for their mug shots as well.

Junior High, Neil Hope tragically became estranged from his family and friends later in life. Hope died in while staying in a rooming house in Hamilton, Ontario. Clare has been on the show since season 6 when she helped Darcy deal with her Stalker with a Crush. The Edwards family is still on the show, but they almost never mention Darcy despite the fact that she was only supposed to be gone for one semester left in season 8, should have been back in season 9.

Much like in the original series, many students such as Marco and Darcy started out as background characters before given their own storylines and then eventually made regulars. Kevin Smith was a fan of the original series and had a crush on Caitlin. Present day, he makes a guest appearance as himself and kisses the adult Caitlin. In the second season, Liberty is all set to go onstage and accept first place in the science fair, only to be beaten by Emma.

Spinner, who genuinely tries to redeem himself after what happened to Jimmy. Most of Riley and Zane's dynamic is Riley trying to please Zane.

Becky realizes her brother was the one who sexually assaulted Zoe. Characters have brought weapons to school several times, and security measures were only put into place after Fitz nearly stabbed Eli in season Anya sets one of these in Season ten for Sav. Combined with Lawof Inverse Fertility or ignorance on Sav's part, perhaps. The Bully Back for the Dead: In season 13, Adam comes back after being missing for the entire 12C block only to die in surgery after getting into a car accident caused by texting and driving.

The official reasoning for this was that the actress' contract was up. Jay and his crew in season 3. They are seen doing malicious things like breaking a vending machine to steal candy bars, but leaving the money alone. Offering Sean candy bars as payment to keep him quiet, and stealing candy from diners. The credits for Season 10 suggest that Anya gets pregnant with Sav's child. This turns out to be a lie Holly J comes up with, to hurt Sav's chances at running for class president.

The credits hinted at a twincest plot line in Degrassi Takes Manhattan that turned out to be a one-time drunken jealousy display. Done by Paige in seasons 1 and 2, then Manny in seasons 3 and 4. Most recently by Maya in season 13, and Zoe. Eli initially wanted Clare to put ipecac into Fitz's drink.

When that didn't work, Eli offered him an apology drink. Just before they drink, though, Clare tells them to switch cups, fearing exactly this. Eli then makes Clare guilty since she made them swap glasses, giving Fitz the poisoned glass. Part of Riley's attempt to convince himself that he's straight is getting into a relationship with Anya and trying to sleep with Fiona Fiona willingly let him use her as a beard to avoid sleeping with someone that isn't her brother avoid facing her own homosexuality.

Ellie was Marco's Beard during his "confused" stage. Played with in the fact that Ellie had feelings for Marco, and pretending to be his girlfriend was a sort of compromise for her. In a rather unusual manifestation of this trope, Adam calls Fiona on using him as this. Because he is transgender, Fiona manages to date someone identifying as male while still seeing him as a girl in her own mind.

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This allows her to avoid the reality of her lesbianism. Riley uses a girl his mother sets him up with this way, for at least one episode. Zoe dates Winston to maintain her denial that she is gay.

They break up when she finally comes out to him. Be a Whore to Get Your Man: Manny to get Sully, a character no one remembers. Though Sully disappears in a couple of episodes, this tactic seems to do it for Craig as well.

Alli takes nude photos of herself and texts them to Johnny to keep Johnny DiMarco's interest after they decide to wait a long time to have sex again.

At the end of the season they really hit a stride for it. Where anytime either spoke the other took it the wrong way. JT and Liberty were the first to do this; with Liberty crushing on JT hard but still being annoyed sometimes at his childishness and JT crushing on Liberty but being put off by her above-it-all attitude. And now Next Class brings us Tristan and Miles, who can't decide if they're still into each other.

God help you if you call Adam a girl or insinuate that he isn't a "real" man.

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Justified Tropesince Adam has gone out of his way to explain his transgender situation to others and has been repeatedly bullied and teased for his situation. A good example of this is in Cry Me a River, where Dave implies that Adam shouldn't be allowed to use the guy's bathroom, and dresses like a woman and tries to use the girl's bathroom to prove a point.

He then gets temporarily kicked off his radio show. Don't be a bully in front of Eli, or he'll do everything in his power to make your life hell. Don't break up with Emma, or she'll try to get you arrested. Perhaps Ashley and Jimmy in season 1. At the same time, Drew and Alli could have been considered the beta couple to Clare and Eli, based on fan reactions to them.

meet the degrassi season 10 cast

A few variations of this were done. Paige, Imogen, and Miles. Though since only one of them have used the word bisexual to describe themselves Milespreferring "fluid", and "open", this also becomes a case of No Bisexuals. See No Bisexuals below. Clare and Eli share their first real kiss after building up their relationship for nearly half the season. I have a French exam. I think you just passed it.

Good God, the Hollingsworths. Father is a big time businessman-turned-politician who routinely cheats on his wife. Mother is emotionally neglected and actually sends a picture of her breasts to Drew for attention.

Miles is troubled guy who acts out for his father's attention. He's constantly compared to his younger twin siblings as an examples. Then it's later revealed that the twins have their own issues, mainly Frankie's crippling insecurity in regards to her attractiveness and Hunter's misanthropy leading him to spend all his time playing a Brand X World of Warcraft MMORPG.

Not only that, in their later seasons Miles gets royally screwed up by Esme, Frankie gets entangled in a racist row due to a prank war gone wrong, and it turns out Hunter has depression showing as anger and oppositional defiant disorder after he brought a gun to school. Bitch in Sheep's Clothing: Holly J's birth mother. She'll reveal your deepest darkest secrets in public with a smile on her face the whole time. Drew is a notable male version. He'll be nice and friendly to your face, but if it suits him he'll walk right over you without a second thought; up to and including committing a felony and hate crime against someone who's supposed to be his teammate all over a position that he doesn't deserve to begin with.

Liberty, Damian, Connor, and Dave when he's not hanging out with KC and Drew who are only his friends when it's relevant to the plot. Sadly, we never saw the aftermath of this. Drew threatened to expose Riley's secret if Riley didn't step aside for QB1. Alex threatened to do the same thing to Marco to win the class president election. Jimmy had a first-generation mp3 player. Top of the line. No, it's not an iPod; it's an mp3 player. Either way, Spinner stole it.

They didn't even use the in-universe Instant Star which they themselves own, calling the show Jenna was on "Next Teen Star" instead. Just how many Toronto-based-but-too-big-to-be-Canada-only musical talent contest reality shows open to underage High School students are there? Time will tell who dies in the Bus Crash Season 11 starts and ends well, part one of season eleven, anyway with the song "Young Blood" by The Naked and Famous.

At the beginning it's Clare getting ready for the first day of second semester, at the end it's Sav leaving Degrassi for good. Season 2 starts with Craig's abusive dad leading to a manic episode and ends with Craig's abusive dad leading to a manic episode. Season 2 also begins where Ashley suffers from the fallout of telling everyone off at her party in the Season 1 finale "Jagged Little Pill. It ends where Ashley has regained her friends and is crowned the end of the year dance queen, with her new boyfriend Craig as king.

A bit of a reversal: Season 10 part 2 starts with Alli and Clare on the school steps talking about Alli's drama with boys and the season ends with the two friends on the schools steps talking about Clare's boy drama.

When Clare and Eli first meet in season 10, Eli tells her that she has pretty eyes. In the season finale for season 14 and their last appearance on the showEli compliments her eyes again. The first episode of Next Class is about Tiny and Shay and the finale is about them as well, albeit in a more tragic sense since Tiny's fate is uncertain as he was on a school bus that crashed. However, there's enough implication from what is kept to make out what happened.

Which leads to many, many Meet Cutes. Black Eyes of Evil: Holly J, originally an Alpha Bitchbecomes nicer throughout season 9 until finally being fully redeemed in season Eli was originally a B-plot character. The closest he had to an A-plot was Adam's transgender storyline, which didn't even focus on him. Because he was so tremendously popular, he became one of the most used A-plot characters by the end of the first half of season Break the Cutie - Majority of the cast Emma carried this card during seasons Darcy took it over in season 7.

Alli zigzags this one all over the place so it's more like Break the CutieCorrupt the Cutieand Break the Haughty all rolled into one. This seems to be the point to Campbell's character so far in season It's nearly impossible to go an episode with him in it without wanting to hug him.

Eventually he is broken to the point of suicide. Maya, one of the more sweet and innocent characters introduced, went through a really rough patch when Cam committed suicide. A year later, she's getting cyber bullied and losing trusted friends.

At the beginning of the series, she was the Alpha Bitchbut she went through so much that she evolved into one of the more sympathetic characters. And then Spinner and Jimmy decide to pull pranks on Mrs. Kwan for putting them in detention.

By the end of the day she ends up sobbing in her car, and takes a leave of absence. They found out the next day that she was very stressed at the time from poor money, double shifts, and a husband on chemo. Holly J is another example of this, but nothing too traumatic compared to Paige. And then there's Fiona, who from the Season 9 movie on gets put through a lot, and changes from being a confused, emotional mess to one of the show's most mature characters. The rest of Season 3 after this besides the aforementioned Terri episode may be this too, considering how dark the first half of the fourth season is.

Toby — both of his only friends died to school violence in a middle-class Canadian suburban school, he was the last virgin left of his cohorts, and he hardly got any screen time or lines after Season 3 because he's Hollywood Homely. The rape which we're supposed to find sympathetic and her complete failure at every career and ambition and relationship she's ever had which we're supposed to find hilarious, if the background music is any indication.

From the moment he appears, his father is shown abusing him. The first episode showing him living with his setpfather ends with his stepfather losing all trust for him. That kid has been beaten up by a really angry gay man for no reason and the scene where he's the temporary lead singer of Studz at the school's Beach Bash and Peter, all methed-out, marches up and starts shoving him and yelling at him was hilarious.

He went from overly enthusiastic to really scared and confused in seconds. To be fair, Sav did provoke Riley when he mentioned the word gay. Holly J gets a lot more retribution than she actually earns during seasons 7 and 8.

Most of it directly relating to Mia, which explains it. Bad luck always manages to find poor Alli But We Used a Condom: Justified Tropein the case of JT and Liberty. JT used a king-sized condom and it slipped off.

Also invoked by Drew when Clare tells him she's pregnant with his baby.