Martha and mary meet jesus today

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martha and mary meet jesus today

At the Home of Martha and Mary - As Jesus and his disciples were on their way, he came to a village where a woman named Martha opened her home to. In Luke's famous sister rivalry, Jesus isn't warning against busyness. Mary and Martha were close friends with and followers of Jesus. very different actions, and the way that Jesus reacted to their choices is a very valuable lesson for us today. “My sheep hear My voice, and I know them, and they follow Me.

That is why Martha had come out to meet him alone, and also why she went in secretly to inform Mary that he had asked for her. Martha, while craving to see Jesus, desired to avoid any possible unpleasantness which might be caused by his coming suddenly into the midst of a large group of his Jerusalem enemies.

It had been Martha's intention to remain in the house with their friends while Mary went to greet Jesus, but in this she failed, for they all followed Mary and so found themselves unexpectedly in the presence of the Master.

Mary and Martha: Getting our priorities right

Martha led Mary to Jesus, and when she saw him, she fell at his feet, exclaiming, "If you had only been here, my brother would not have died! When the mourners saw that Mary had gone to greet Jesus, they withdrew for a short distance while both Martha and Mary talked with the Master and received further words of comfort and exhortation to maintain strong faith in the Father and complete resignation to the divine will.

The human mind of Jesus was mightily moved by the contention between his love for Lazarus and the bereaved sisters and his disdain and contempt for the outward show of affection manifested by some of these unbelieving and murderously intentioned Jews.

Jesus indignantly resented the show of forced and outward mourning for Lazarus by some of these professed friends inasmuch as such false sorrow was associated in their hearts with so much bitter enmity toward himself. Some of these Jews, however, were sincere in their mourning, for they were real friends of the family.

martha and mary meet jesus today

When the friendly Jews who followed after them saw his tears, one of them said: Could not he who opened the eyes of the blind have kept this man from dying?

It is difficult to explain to human minds just why Jesus wept. While we have access to the registration of the combined human emotions and divine thoughts, as of record in the mind of the Personalized Adjuster, we are not altogether certain about the real cause of these emotional manifestations. We are inclined to believe that Jesus wept because of a number of thoughts and feelings which were going through his mind at this time, such as: He felt a genuine and sorrowful sympathy for Martha and Mary; he had a real and deep human affection for these sisters who had lost their brother.

He was perturbed in his mind by the presence of the crowd of mourners, some sincere and some merely pretenders. He always resented these outward exhibitions of mourning. He knew the sisters loved their brother and had faith in the survival of believers. These conflicting emotions may possibly explain why he groaned as they came near the tomb. He truly hesitated about bringing Lazarus back to the mortal life.

His sisters really needed him, but Jesus regretted having to summon his friend back to experience the bitter persecution which he well knew Lazarus would have to endure as a result of being the subject of the greatest of all demonstrations of the divine power of the Son of Man.

And now we may relate an interesting and instructive fact: Although this narrative unfolds as an apparently natural and normal event in human affairs, it has some very interesting side lights.

While the messenger went to Jesus on Sunday, telling him of Lazarus's illness, and while Jesus sent word that it was "not to the death," at the same time he went in person up to Bethany and even asked the sisters, "Where have you laid him? Did the divine mind of Jesus know, even before Lazarus died, that he would raise him from the dead? We do not know.

We know only what we are herewith placing on record. Many of Jesus' enemies were inclined to sneer at his manifestations of affection, and they said among themselves: If he is what they claim, why did he not save his dear friend? What is the good of healing strangers in Galilee if he cannot save those whom he loves? And so, on this Thursday afternoon at about half past two o'clock, was the stage all set in this little hamlet of Bethany for the enactment of the greatest of all works connected with the earth ministry of Michael of Nebadon, the greatest manifestation of divine power during his incarnation in the flesh, since his own resurrection occurred after he had been liberated from the bonds of mortal habitation.

The small group assembled before Lazarus's tomb little realized the presence near at hand of a vast concourse of all orders of celestial beings assembled under the leadership of Gabriel and now in waiting, by direction of the Personalized Adjuster of Jesus, vibrating with expectancy and ready to execute the bidding of their beloved Sovereign.

When Jesus spoke those words of command, "Take away the stone," the assembled celestial hosts made ready to enact the drama of the resurrection of Lazarus in the likeness of his mortal flesh.

Such a form of resurrection involves difficulties of execution which far transcend the usual technique of the resurrection of mortal creatures in morontia form and requires far more celestial personalities and a far greater organization of universe facilities. When Martha and Mary heard this command of Jesus directing that the stone in front of the tomb be rolled away, they were filled with conflicting emotions.

Mary hoped that Lazarus was to be raised from the dead, but Martha, while to some extent sharing her sister's faith, was more exercised by the fear that Lazarus would not be presentable, in his appearance, to Jesus, the apostles, and their friends.

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My brother has now been dead four days, so that by this time decay of the body has begun. She was not settled and constant in her attitude.

martha and mary meet jesus today

As they hesitated to roll away the stone, Jesus said: Have I not come to fulfill my promise? Martha asks Jesus to tell Mary to help her get things together for him. Jesus replies, "Martha, you are worried and distracted by many things.

I can hear myself asking friends, "Do you want this or that? However, we can also read it as Jesus' desire to have Martha put aside the formalities of hospitality and come and listen to what He has to say.

martha and mary meet jesus today

I hear an urgency in Jesus words and wonder what Jesus wanted to talk to them about. It leaves me wishing that I could have been part of the conversation with Jesus, Martha and Mary. That is often the way when we visit friends; we want them to be with us immediately.

We want to share news and look forward to their attentive presence. Their friendship is a special gift in our lives. Have I shared my deepest life experiences with Him? At other times, when I am willing to sit at the feet of the Lord and listen, I become aware of changes I need to make in my own attitude and behavior. Often I need to change my hopes and desires in order to welcome God's kingdom.

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Our Poor Clare community life is at one of those periodic points of change. We are aging and find that we cannot do as many activities as we did when we were younger. This year we decided to no longer make Christmas cards.

In the past I have always chosen the designs and organized the printing, advertising, packaging and mailing of the cards. When most people read this story, they often imagine a harried housewife complaining about her lazy sister.

Both women are engaged in different aspects of ministryor ways of following Jesus and his teachings. The story illustrates how householders should treat visiting teachers. We are told that Jesus loved all three siblings John Both women figure significantly in the story: Martha confesses that Jesus is the Messiah John Here, Judas criticizes her for wasting money, but Jesus commends her.

All four Gospels contain stories of a woman who anoints Jesus; only John names her as Mary of Bethany. Who are Mary and Martha in Christian Tradition? The sisters appear in many postbiblical traditions.