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Lurkville, Anywhereintheworld - Thursday, June 12, at (PDT) Dear Joan I will confess to being the Shy Lurker (and thank to Jessica for taking now downloaded to my system with it's Photoshop software so I can alter and paint . People playing silly games such as this will be deleted without question. Since your just a lurker on here and dont donate and have no pictures. In a football game what is most important the score after the 1st quarter or the score at the end of the game? Dutchie, welcome back from lurkville. .. But on a lighter note you should buy/download/borrow NoFX's cd "War on. I later grew up skating and met some of my best friends at the Skatepark of Houston. So, where are .. Bomb down to all the spots and finish with a few cold ones and a game of pool. Keep an .. ~Dave Profirio Lurkville Skateboards/ Friend Their video “Meet The Lurkers” was so sick. Download. More.


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