Garak bashir meet the fockers

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garak bashir meet the fockers

Alexander Siddig and Andrew Robinson as Dr. Julian Bashir and Elim Garak in .. Julian Subatoi Bashir Year of birth: Parents: Richard and Amsha Bashir .. Elim Garak of Deep Space not only would i want to meet him but i would love . Character(s): Julian Bashir/Elim Garak . only reason he was on the station was to meet prospective adoptive parents and that had gone spectacularly badly. “By Inferno's Light” has two main plots: Garak, Worf, and Bashir's efforts .. But while I'm glad to meet those parents, and I always enjoy a good.

Dukat was in charge of the withdrawal from Bajor, therefore it is his fault that the children were left behind, so why is he trying to get them returned home? Back in ops, Sisko is explaining to Dukat that it may not be very simple to send Rugal back to Cardassia. When the doctor arrives, Sisko asks Dukat to look up the boy's DNA to search for any surviving relatives, in case he does decide to send him home.

Dukat agrees, then Doctor Bashir interrupts.

garak bashir meet the fockers

He asks Dukat why he chose to leave the children behind. Dukat is not pleased, and explains that he was ordered to do it by the civilian leadership of Cardassia and had no choice.

garak bashir meet the fockers

Bashir corrects him, and states that the civilian leaders do not have such detailed control of the military. When Dukat asks where he got this information, he admits it was from Garak. Dukat tells Bashir to tell Garak he had no choice, and cuts off the viewscreen. Sisko asks why the doctor presumptuously interrupted his conversation with Dukat.

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Bashir explains that Garak thinks Dukat is lying — which he had to deduce, since Garak doesn't actually tell him anything. Sisko is not pleased, but lets him off with a rebuke. Meanwhile, in the O'Briens' quartersChief O'Brien is initially uneasy around Rugal given his own previous experiences with Cardassians, and is aghast to learn that Keiko allowed Molly to play with him.

Keiko warns him that she doesn't appreciate his prejudiced attitude. Later that night, Rugal is unable to sleep and O'Brien takes the chance to talk to the boy who denies being abused about his situation. O'Brien asks if it's hard on him being Cardassian.

Rugal becomes defensive, saying he was born that way and it isn't his fault. The chief rephrases his question: When he asks what Miles thinks of Cardassians, the chief explains that he can't generalize an opinion about an entire race — he has met Cardassians he didn't like, and Cardassians he did like.

Rugal doesn't understand how the chief could feel that way, since the Cardassians killed ten million Bajorans, and wishes he were Bajoran. Act Three Edit In the middle of the night, Garak sneaks into Bashir's quarters and says that they need to go to Bajor now. The doctor wakes Sisko up and tries to explain, not very coherently, that he and Garak need a runabout right away to go to Bajor for something important, which Garak won't tell him.

At the same time, Ops informs Sisko through the com that there is a communication for him from Gul Dukat. He informs Sisko that the boy's DNA has identified him as the son of a prominent politician, Kotan Pa'Darwho is still alive — so the boy is actually not an orphan.

Pa'Dar is heading to the station to reclaim him. Sisko repeats that it's not that simple; the boy wants to go back to Bajor, and he won't send him to Cardassia against his will. Pa'Dar will have to wait for the investigation to finish.

garak bashir meet the fockers

Bashir points out that Garak's urgency, the trader who made the accusation of abuse vanishing, and the news about Pa'Dar can't be a coincidence, and Garak must know something. This convinces Sisko to give them the runabout. Garak and Bashir search for clues at Rugal's orphange Garak and Bashir head down to the Tozhat Resettlement Centeran orphanage for Cardassian children and ask about Rugal.

Deelathe person in charge, says that since Rugal's adoption occurred eight years ago, when the Cardassians were still in charge, she probably doesn't have the information. Bashir was first presented as an eager and naive young Federation doctor assigned as the chief medical officer of the station.

garak bashir meet the fockers

The mysterious Garak, the Cardassian tailor on the station who may be a spy, introduces himself to Bashir in the first episode as "plain and simple Garak," though he is obviously anything but.

Their relationship throughout the series changes, but seems the main touchpoint for Garak until the finale. The onscreen relationship between the two characters was most intense during the first two seasons of the show, but cooled off considerably afterwards.

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Andrew Robinson stated in an interview that he played Garak as neither gay nor straight, but "inclusive". Of Garak's sexuality, he elaborated: The fact that the attractive human being is a man Bashir doesn't make any difference to him".

Robinson said this portrayal was later toned down due to a lack of writer support. What made me and thousands of others think that these two belong together? For all purposes, they couldn't be more unalike. One upholds the enlightened and open principles of the Federation and has dedicated his life to healing. The other moves in a world of political intrigue, assassinations, and had made a reputation for literally breaking people into submission by merely looking at them.

garak bashir meet the fockers