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fair city meet the actors

Former Fair City and The Clinic actor Dubliner Stephen Swift dies Mr Bingley and a gentler soul on and off the stage you could not meet. Sarah Horgan takes a tour around the Fair City set and meets two very Sarah Horgan with 'Fair City' actors Johnny Ward, who plays Ciaran. They play everyday characters living in Carrigstown, but the stars of Fair City have impressive earning power.

Veneers of frighteningly realistic little houses and businesses line the street like empty fish tanks.

fair city meet the actors

We have the whole world to ourselves… well almost. Meanwhile, a camera operator blends seamlessly into the background like an unobtrusive companion. Every bombshell dropped shook sitting rooms across the country.

The uncovering resulted in a social media burst of colourful reactions. The engrossing plot had the nation in its grip, with average viewing figures ofApproximatelypeople watched spellbound as Katie came face-to-face with her captor. A foiled escape attempt sent perspiration glands across the country into overdrive.

Former Fair City and The Clinic actor Dubliner Stephen Swift dies aged 44 - Irish Mirror Online

Now, viewers remain on tenterhooks amid speculation that she may be in the grip of more than one abductor. Even cast members confess they are uncertain where the rabbit hole might lead. Our guide leads us to a cave-like gloomy structure. Actors Johnny Ward Ciaran and Amilia Clarke Stewart Katy are perched on opposite ends of a shabby make-shift bed while preparing for an upcoming promo. I find myself wedged between them like an uncomfortable house guest.

Their relationship is an astonishing departure from the one we know on screen. She maintains that her release will be less than a peaceful transition.

At the time, I was just waiting for a Fair City cast member to walk by so I could get them to sign my notebook. Years later, I can remember running down the stairs to tell her I got the part. Her friends in the nursing home loved that she had a grandchild on the show and would always refer to me as Katy when I came in.

The second opening sequence was introduced in when the then executive producer John Lynch decided that the opening needed modernising. It was designed by John Hayes in collaboration with John Lynch. For 10 years, the opening remained unchanged, aside from the digital insertion of the Millennium Bridge. In order to be compatible with wide-screen format and show the changing face of Dublin, a new opening, designed by Michael McKeon, was introduced in Social realism[ edit ] The show has featured a number of gritty and controversial storylines reflecting major issues in Irish society, particularly from the mids.

Former executive producer Niall Mathews said: One of our characters gets raped and the story is how it affects her, her family and the community. We are not doing issue-driven programs. We use issues to illuminate the characters more than to illuminate the issues. It would have been the first gay kiss on Irish television.

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Yvonne, one of the soap's main characters, is bisexual, and used to date Connie from Australia. They were to have been married in Northern Ireland. Laura, lesbian daughter of Tess Halpin, formed a relationship with social worker Emily, only to have it broken up by the jealous, bitter and deranged Lucy. Troy, the son of Leo Dowling another major characteris openly gay. Inthe show tackled the subject of rapewith the rape of Lorraine Molloy by Dr Jack Shanahan, who later committed suicide.

Former Fair City and The Clinic actor Dubliner Stephen Swift dies aged 44

Foster care was shown in when Kay and Malachy fostered teenager Lorcan Foley. As an older mother Kay has amniocentesis tests done which reveal the child has trisomy which means that the child would be born severely disabled and probably would not survive long after birth. The storyline was seen by the actors and producers as controversial and heart-breaking.

They recognised the time sensitive nature of the decisions that had to be made and the potential impacts and worked to show it all.

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One of Fair City's best-known storylines took place inwith crime lord Billy Meehan abusing his wife Carol and mistress Tracey McGuigan before being murdered by Carol's son Lorcan. Prostate cancer awareness was raised in June Bela Doyle's battle with prostate cancer.

Mental health issues were confronted in December when Yvonne Doyle developed schizophrenia which led to her taking a drug overdose in a suicide attempt. More recently inthere was a domestic abuse storyline involving Tess's eldest son Damien. This time Damien's partner Suzanne was the abusive person in the relationship and this ultimately led to them breaking up. A week-long special dealt with date rape and teen suicide against the backdrop of the educational system.

A three-week-long special dealt with Catholic Church politics, the legal system and the clerical sexual abuse of children. Breast cancer awareness was raised Nicola Prendergast 's battle with breast cancer. First, he was wounded in a drive-by shootingwhich was an assassination attempt on his life by the Ukrainian gang in retaliation for killing Alex. Subsequently, a sting operation by undercover Garda Rory Goff found drugs that Lorcan was piggybacking on one of Garrigan's booze runs.

fair city meet the actors

Garrigan was furious that Lorcan had implicated him in drug-dealing and he ordered Lorcan to kill Rory. As Rory and Lorcan confronted each other, Lorcan fired the first shot, but Rory struck back with another, wounding them both in the process.

Rory survived, but Lorcan's days were numbered. Garrigan was arrested and was never seen again, but he is assumed to be in prison. Tim Carney's domineering marriage with Olga was also featured.

fair city meet the actors

Inthe show tackled the subject of bullyingwith the bullying of Mark Halpin. In mental health issues were confronted such as Keith McGrath's desertion of the British Army and Bill Taylor 's psychological torture over Annette Daly 's alcoholism. In addition the many scenes of domestic abuse towards Damien by his wife Suzanne have brought into the open the taboo subject of spousal abuse towards males.

The series has been praised for this edgy and at times controversial storyline. He later bombards her with calls and texts, and calls to her restaurant Vino's and threatens her, but she later reports him to the police.

The storyline was received negatively by viewers due to its length.

fair city meet the actors

A transmission date of September was decided upon and an initial run of 13 episodes commissioned. Tony Holland — co-creator of EastEnders — was brought in to give the soap its structure and storylines.

'I saw the flames, and then we ran' - Fair City actor on fleeing devastating California wildfire

She created twenty-two original characters for the miniseries and cast actors for them. The show with a working title of Northsiders was renamed Fair City. Fair City derives its title from the opening line of the traditional song " Molly Malone ": Former executive producer John Lynch recalled: However, they then decided to renew it for a second season.