Chuck todd meet the press with cruz

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chuck todd meet the press with cruz

NBC Political Director and Meet the Press moderator Chuck Todd spoke debate between the republican Senator Ted Cruz and his opponent. Meet the Press host Chuck Todd on maintaining the show's presence in a “24/7 (Todd remains political director for NBC News, overseeing the network's .. I'd had a long experience with Senator Cruz over the course of his. The problem is that Cruz is to the right of Donald Trump on some issues, like And we conclude at the Hotel Overlook, where my man Chuck Todd always Trump Proved the Truth Is No Longer Relevant on 'Meet the Press'.

Cruz then moves onto an argument where he eventually settles, which is that the media - as represented by Todd - would like him to give up the fight against Trump because that will ensure Hillary Clinton's election in the fall. That there hasn't been a debate on the Republican side in 50 days. And the reason is your network's executives are partisan Democrats.

Cruz's answer to the question of whether he would support Trump as the Republican nominee is that the media is protecting Trump from any real competition because the executives at the cable networks - ratings be damned! Increasingly desperate, Cruz resorts to attacking the questioner.

chuck todd meet the press with cruz

Asking whether a Republican candidate who is trailing would endorse the leading GOP candidate is the furthest thing from "lobbying" anyone to do anything. Given the state of the race and the fact that most polling puts Cruz behind Trump in Indiana's primary, a state the Texas senator has cast as a must-win, the will-you-endorse question is one of the only relevant questions for Cruz. Cruz is grasping at straws.

The media is biased! You are all secret Clinton agents! At this point, you have undoubtedly asked yourself why Cruz, who clearly doesn't believe Trump is a real Republican or is anywhere close to qualified to be president, doesn't say just that.

And the answer to that question is simple: Hear me out on this. For the last 30 years, politicians have basically been advised by a group of political consultants who, with each year, essentially try to get more control of the — and I hate this phrase also — media narrative.

More and more political strategists want to control the narrative on their elected official or candidate.

Interview: Donald Trump Interviewed by Chuck Todd on NBC's Meet the Press - January 24, 2016

And they come up with more and more ways to do it all the time. He is truly platform neutral. I get it, that viral frenzy. I think Trump could encourage politicians to stop hiding behind their handlers. That is still an issue. The beauty of Meet the Press used to be that you could get these guys for thirty minutes, even the full hour. But I would rather have the full hour, be able to edit it down, but have the interview also available as a full hour. It allows the interview to be more dynamic.

It allows for spontaneity. It gives you time to get them off talking points.

chuck todd meet the press with cruz

The hardest thing about the job right now is convincing people to sit longer. Have your own news reading habits changed?

The whole joke is, when I first started inyour goal was to read percent of 10 things, and now you read about one percent of a thousand things. I have Twitter set up so that I follow at least one newspaper in every state, every state capital newspaper, plus major city newspapers, every political reporter and columnist I can think of.

When I get up at 4: The other best tool is just email. Everything comes into my inbox.

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Never mind we have so many internal centralized ways we do newsgathering. Having an unlimited amount of resources now does allow you to set up a smarter interview outline.

Donald Trump Talks Cruz, Clinton, Birthright Citizenship | Meet The Press | NBC News

It can be overwhelming because so many questions get left on the cutting room floor, but it does allow you to make sure you can cover the most interesting topics to the viewer that Interviewee X can talk about it. You guys produce your own original research and news, too, in the form of polls, right, and these polls are the source of other stories.

chuck todd meet the press with cruz

Have the ways your own data gets reported on changed also? First, we really pride ourselves on our survey data. We cut the fewest corners. But we also know we have not perfected the only way of polling people. We have to continue to be open-minded about different methodologies. I do feel that sometimes we have too much data when it comes to so-called public opinion.

Certainly I view that as part of my credibility test. Maybe that would improve things? Poll data, whether you like it or not, has influence.

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It can drive news coverage. The most dangerous thing for any journalistic organization is to create a news story. Journalism is uncovering stories. I talk too much! We went round and round on whether he was for Trump.