Zelda and link relationship wordpress

Legend of Zelda: OoL’s Link and Saria – A Thoughtful Pause

zelda and link relationship wordpress

You might not have noticed them at first but once you start, you'll never stop seeing the truly bizarre things about Link's relationship to Princess Zelda. The relationship between Link and Zelda is adorable, and all characters display emotions very well, and help you feel them as well; particularly Zelda. Realizing that Link's and Saria's relationship was doomed from the Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time definitely holds tons of memories for me.

Yet, Saria tries to preserve their relationship by giving a special memento to Link. Before Link departs for Hyrule Saria stops him to wish him farewell.

But she gives him an ocarina as a keepsake. Obviously, this ocarina has great significance.

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For one Saria is known for playing ocarina. Literally everyone talks about it at one point.

zelda and link relationship wordpress

And she even has a song named after her. Anyway the point is music is important to her; the ocarina represents a piece of her heart due to her love of music. Think of it like this: They need that job. So you sacrifice something super important like a silly photo of the two of you to remind them of the happy memories and your time together. But now it is a pretty sad scene, two friends who are torn apart because of stupid destiny. Also she says that it is their destiny not to live in the same world.

Yet she seems okay with it. Like your best friend going off to save an entire kingdom, and you, on the other hand, become a mystical sage to aid them is such an everyday occurrence. Her glazed over expression and overall reaction seem unnatural.

It seems that in Hyrule, homologous destinies run in families.

zelda and link relationship wordpress

Their status as two halves of the force that must defeat Ganondorf is a reason often cited for Link and Zelda to be together as a couple. The idea behind this theory is that they would be the only ones who could understand each other once Zelda erases the future and sends Link back to his childhood at the end of Ocarina of Time. However, while it is true that they would of course need to talk to each other about what they had endured, it is not plausible that this could form the basis of a real romance.

The most significant and difficult issues of their lives taint their existing relationship, and would make it impossible for them to be together without remembering all the pain they and Hyrule itself had suffered when they were together. Any healthy relationship would necessarily be based on something positive and life-affirming, not on shared pain that drives them to each other because they have nowhere else to turn.

As well, it is logical to assume that both Link and Zelda would want to build lives beyond their destinies, to create some semblance of normal lives, to be identified as more than simply symbolic figures of legend.

They would want to expand their worlds outside of each other and the past they have shared. Therefore, the rational thing for each to do would be to seek a romance outside of their pre-existing relationship.

Consider as well the fact that this pre-existing relationship has not been built on genuine, close emotions. Throughout the course of the game, they have only three conversations: All of these centre around their plans to save Hyrule from Ganondorf.

Theirs is primarily a business relationship, and while the above argument does suggest that they would become closer in the aftermath of the events, the fact remains that their respective statuses would always stand between them. This is not to say that they would not be together because she is a noble and he is a commoner, because Zelda is powerful enough in every aspect of life that she could overcome such a problem.

They are both so significant to the balance of peace in Hyrule that, strategically, from both a political and militaristic point of view, it would be a conflict of interest if they were involved with each other personally. This is only one of the issues to consider with regards to how the world would change if two of its most significant figures fell in love.

As the husband of the princess, and later the queen, he would be prince, and as such would be expected to fulfill the duties of a nobleman, subscribing to the values of high society. However, as a child raised by children, he has had no upbringing to speak of. Zelda is such a powerful figure in so many ways that Link could never be more than a trophy husband, and after living a life of unlimited freedom, it would be next to impossible for him to tie himself down so completely.

The counterargument to this point is that he would be willing to do anything for love, but it seems unlikely that a love could develop between two people from such different cultures in order to necessitate such a change.

Her upbringing is strictly regimented, and she devoutly follows the cultures of the Hylians and the Sheikahs, neither of which is remotely like the Kokiri culture to which Link belongs. Though both of them were born into the same world, and possibly even the same family, as explained above, the ethnicities with which they more readily identify are far from the same.

Link is closely tied to the natural world, while Zelda belongs to the spiritual. Sociologically speaking, there would be no boundaries that the could not overcome if they wanted to be together. The largest boundary would be the fact that, from a sociological point of view once more, it is doubtful if they would want to be together.

Their respective backgrounds have shaped them into very different people without enough common interests and values to unite them. She, like him, has grown up very attuned to the natural world; this also shows her connection to the domain of the goddesses who created life—Farore. The connection between Link and Farore is explicit enough that it does not even warrant discussion.

This lifestyle and this world view are very similar in their essence to the Kokiri way of life.

zelda and link relationship wordpress

Even Romani of Termina, who is markedly similar to Malon in her behaviour as well as her physical appearance, bonds quickly and easily with Link; she is skilled with a bow, and openly tells Link that she likes him. In any world, in any time, Link and the ranch girl have a variety of common interests including music, horseback riding, and even combative arts.

There is a singularly exceptional bond between Link, Malon and Epona—and the world itself. Among other things, this bond implies that Link would be happy to spend his life with Malon. Besides the chemistry of their relationship, the social implications of their being together are well matched, an important feature to note in a world where the significant events of life and history are predetermined.

What comes immediately to mind is the fact that life on the ranch would provide Link with a blend of freedom, independence, security and routine that would be reassuring and comfortable after the untamed and unpredictable life he led in his early years. Also, Talon mentions near the beginning of the game that Link has the makings of a good rancher, and even goes so far as to jokingly suggest that he marry Malon; in the universe of The Legend of Zelda, even throwaway comments are rarely insignificant.

Precedent proves that everything the Gossip Stones say is true, and quite often implies further truth. Common sense thus leads to the conclusion that the implications which other Gossip Stones make, such as those referring to Malon, would also come true as well. This is perhaps the most significant event of the game towards proving the potential romance between them, as it is without a doubt the most significant event of their relationship.

Resolving the conflicts at Lon Lon Ranch is, in both official and unofficial game walkthroughs and strategy guides, the first course of action to take upon awakening in the future. It entails winning Epona in a horseback race with the cruel, usurping farm hand, Ingo, thus freeing the horse and returning the ranch to the control of Malon. Later, it is also possible to find Talon and send him home to the ranch as well, where he pledges to work harder.

The six temple warp songs encompass almost every place in Hyrule among them, and certainly the most significant ones, so that it is in fact easier to travel throughout Hyrule without the horse. Epona is useful for jumping obstacles, but there are none which Link cannot overcome in some other way; for example, the Longshot is perfectly adequate to cross the broken bridge into Gerudo Valley.

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The only aspect of the game for which Epona is essential is the trading sequence which results in obtaining the Biggoron Sword, and this powerful blade is altogether unnecessary; the Master Sword is far more convenient, and when Link loses the legendary blade temporarily in the final against Ganon, he can use the Megaton Hammer as an effective weapon.

In short, there is no reason for which Link must do anything to help Malon, and no one ever asks him to, not even Malon herself. Yet, he does save her, and if recommended procedures are to be observed, he does so before saving anyone else—even Saria, his best friend, and the one person who has always meant the most to him.

It therefore appears that there is someone who is even more important to him than Saria by the time he is an adult. Having lived through their respective difficulties, Malon and Link have learned the same lesson: Of course, it is possible to argue that Zelda arrives at this closure as well, but the truth is that the wisdom she has gained is notably different. Her primary expansion in character is that she has come to understand the full consequences of her actions, and that everyone must submit the omnipotence of destiny.

The distinction between her character progression and those of the other two is subtle, but important. They are united not by what they have suffered, but by what they have become. In The Legend of Zelda series, on the other hand, saving the princess isn't actually mandatory. In fact, if Link did save Zelda from Ganon every time, we wouldn't have most of these games.

In Hyrule Historia, an oversized art book that chronicles the in-universe history of the Zelda games, it's revealed that a fair number of titles in the series, including the original NES Legend of Zelda, happen in what's called the "Fallen Hero" timeline. This is the timeline that we get when Link fails to stop Ganon at the end of Ocarina of Time, because that game's idea of alternate universes apparently wasn't complicated enough.

That means that for all their connection through the Triforce and the destiny that unites Link and Zelda, half the time their relationship is either doomed to failure or rooted in it. The Ultimate Third Wheel Of all the weird things about Zelda and Link's relationshipthe weirdest of all might be the fact that the forces of destiny have ensured that there's always this other guy just hanging around, which only gets weirder when he occasionally turns into a giant magical pig-man.

As you might've noticed, there's a reason that it's called the Triforce and not the Biforce, although judging by some of the fan-art that we've seen, Nintendo could probably turn a tidy profit throwing that one in there, too. The point is, they're part of a destined relationship that transcends the very concept of time, ordained by the gods themselves, and unfortunately for them, Ganon's a part of it, too.

At the very least, he's going to be tagging along on Link and Zelda's dates with an army of Octoroks and Moblins, so they might as well get used to him being there. Does this mean they should form a polyamorous triad with Ganon? He is, after all, a pretty terrible person in most of his incarnations, what with all the kidnapping of princesses, destruction of kingdoms, and a litany of other crimes that include transforming into a ten-story razorback. Still, given that every single game in the entire franchise is built around an unbalance in the Triforce, we imagine that an awful lot bad things could've been avoided if they just invited him over for dinner once in a while.

The real Triforce is nepotism Forgive us for stating the obvious here, but Princess Zelda is, well, a princess. At the very least, she's a member of the ruling family of an entire kingdom, complete with its own army.

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Taking all that into consideration, you have to wonder why she keeps putting the fate of the world in the hands of a single sword-wielding tween. Call it destiny, the Triforce, or the nature of being a hero reincarnated across thousands of years if you want, but we have a word for it when someone gives an incredible amount of power and responsibility to someone who is far less qualified than others just because they have a connection that's not related to their jobs.

zelda and link relationship wordpress

That's called favoritism, and just because someone can shoot laser beams out of a magic shard of metal, that doesn't make it fair. Throw in the possibility of a romantic relationship, and the Hylian royal family's HR department is going to be working overtime trying to cover up this one.

Opposites attract As the name implies, the Triforce is a split into three parts: Courage, Wisdom, and the vague and necessarily ominous Power.

Legend of Zelda: OoL’s Link and Saria

Ganon has the latter, of course, and Link, whose bravery often leads him to do things like jump off cliffs while holding onto a chicken, is forever bonded to Courage.

That leaves Zelda as the mortal incarnation of Wisdom, which makes sense. She's often depicted as the wisest member of the cast by far, whose maturity and stoicism allows her to undergo even the worst that Ganon has to offer with a poise and grace beyond her years.

And then there's Link, who mostly communicates through grunts and screaming, and spends the majority of his time smashing up cookware and running face-first into trees. With his country-boy origins and large collection of swords, he's basically the high-fantasy equivalent of a redneck who lives in the woods and — unless you count swimming under various Octorok-infested waterfalls while fully clothed — has never once been canonically depicted as taking a shower.

And yet, there's no denying that there's a spark between them that goes well beyond friendship or a knight's fealty to his lady. It persists despite the fact that they have even less in common than a blue-collar plumber and a princess who is also somehow a mushroom.

The silent treatment A good relationship is built on communication.