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As legitimate heirs, Yoshimori Sumimura and Tokine Yukimura carry out their family The friendly ghost gives Yoshimori some tips on how to bake better sweets. a somewhat strained relationship with his younger brother Yoshimori. [Archive] Interview with Tokine and Yoshimori Anime Fan Fiction. (Laughs) Actually, even when his relationships lasted only a date or two, I've always been impressed by the way . Y: He once gave me some sage advice. This is a list of episodes for the anime television series Kekkaishi. The series was adapted by The events are shown of what Yoshimori and Tokine do on a typical day, into a little more as well showing their relationships with their close family. Tokine gives him advice for training, though mistaking the description of.

Both take heavy damage and seem close to death, but Kouya draws on Karasumori's power to keep fighting. Yoshimori insults Madarao's pride to motivate him to fight, but insists on serving as a distraction so Madarao can deliver the finishing blow. Madarao is reluctant to kill Kouya, but Karasumori gives him the needed power to do so, and Kouya asks it of him as well.

Yoshimori saves some of Kouya's fur so he can be given a proper burial. Shortly after, Madarao loses control due to Karasumori's power and begins to run wild. With help from Tokine and Hakubi, Yoshimori gathers the beads that make up Madarao's collar, strings them together with Nenshi, and re-seals Madarao. Shiki's Shining Hour Yoshimori offers Tokine his latest cake creation while on duty. Though she enjoys it, Tokine hides this by complaining that he should spend less time baking and more time training, which greatly upsets Yoshimori.

At home, he is so depressed that he considers giving up baking. In an attempt to revive Yoshimori, Shuji recommends that he try the legendary chocolate cake sold by a local bakery.

Unfortunately, Yoshimori has his Kekkaishi duties during the sale, so he leaves a Shikigami to hold his place in line. Some thugs show up and try to muscle their way in line, but after taking a beating from them, the Shikigami defeats them and buys the cake.

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Yoshimori patrols Karasumori with Tokine as usual, but tires fast because he put so much energy into the Shikigami. After some trouble, Yoshimori destroys the Fire Mole with a large Kekkai, passing out right after. After waking up, he lets the reason for his exhaustion slip out, and T okine becomes furious that he still doesn't consider his Kekkaishi duties top priority. Yoshimori's troubles continue at home: Yoshimori gets a chance to redeem himself with Tokine when she asks him to help her with a problem at her house.

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It turns out that both she and her grandmother are deathly afraid of cockroaches, and Tokine's motherwho usually gets rid of them, is away. Yoshimori comes up with a plan to use miniature Shikigami to lure the bug out, but at the last moment, Tokine freaks out, shoving him so that the bug is squashed on his shirt. For some time afterward, Tokine won't go near Yoshimori, constantly replaying the scene in her mind. She finally works up the nerve to give Yoshimori a new shirt and a piece of the legendary cake that he missed out on, restoring his love of baking.

Cabbages Before Dying, Part 2 Yoshimori realizes his ghost friend is enjoying the undead life way too much to pass on, and decides to discuss his case with Mother-san. They learn that the ghost's name is Masahiko Tsukijigaoka, his younger brother Toshihiko runs their family snack food business, and that they lost their parents while very young.

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Masahiko refuses to be reunited with his brother, afraid that Toshihiko hates him for abandoning the family business.

Y Yoshimori and Masahiko recreating the cake oshimori forces Masahiko to come with him and Mother-san as they follow Toshihiko around town, and are surprised when he stops at the site of Masahiko's death.

Yumeko approaches Toshihiko and tries to explain the situation, but he refuses to believe her and demands that they meet him in one day and prove they've met his brother's ghost. Masahiko decides to re-create the cake he made for his brother after their parents died he told Toshihiko that they sent it from heaven. After numerous tries, the cake comes out right, but gets damaged in transit. Out of time, they present the ruined cake to Toshihiko. Amazingly, he recognizes the cake as Masahiko's work: Comforted, Toshihiko tells Masahiko not to worry about him, which allows Masahiko to finally pass on.

Tokine scolds Yoshimori, both for hitting Hakubi and not studying the Kekk aishi scrolls. At home the next day, Yoshimori goes into his family's storeroom and takes some scrolls, but can't read them.

Oddly enough, Toshimori can, but doesn't understand the techniques described. Yoshimori remembers that his older brother was denied access to the scrolls because he wasn't a Legitimate Successor. At Karasumori, Yoshimori and Tokine encounter Sasorigamaa scorpion Ayakashi with a steel body that gets stronger each time he sheds, and a horrible scent.

At first, the Kekkaishi only find Sasorigama's discarded shells, while Madarao and Hakubi are reluctant to track him because he smells so badly. Meanwhile, Masamori arrives, using his landlord Kurohime to find the Ayakashi, but chooses to observe for a while.

Tokine discovers Sasorigama, but by then he has shed several times and overpowers her. Yoshimori comes to her rescue, but his Kekkai are also destroyed. Sasorigama draws on Karasumori's power, becoming even stronger. Masamori finally intervenes, using multiple Nenshi to bind Sasorigama's scythes and a five-layered Kekkai to destroy the body.

Masamori introduces Kurohime to Yoshimori and Tokine, and says that he'll be staying for a while, which excites Tokine and angers Yoshimori. At school, Yoshimori's friends are all curious about Masamori's return, but any mention of him just sends Yoshimori into a rage. Yoshimori goes home, and finds that Masamori wants to talk. At first, Masamori only teases Yoshimori about his crush on Tokine, but he finally gets down to business and lectures Yoshimori on his responsibilities.

The conversation only leaves Yoshimori angrier and more resentful of his brother. Yoshimori finally gets a chance to escape Masamori when he patrols Karasumori Academy that night, but is annoyed that Tokine wants to discuss Masamori, anyway Masamori lecturing Yoshimori.

While they search for Ayakashi, a forest suddenly begins to spring up all around them. It is the work of a botanical Ayakashi, but that means that someone purposely planted it. They try destroying the trees individually, but the trees grow back.

Even worse, the trees bear exploding, poisonous fruit, the seeds from which sprout attacking tentacles. After a narrow escape, Yoshimori decides to surround the whole forest with a huge Kekkai, while Tokine starts a fire. Yoshimori's Kekkai becomes unstable, so Tokine opens a hole in it with her own Kekkai. The air that rushes in sets off a huge explosion, destroying the forest and very nearly Masamori, who was watching nearby and protects himself with a Kekkai.

After clearing up the remnants of the forest, they realize that the mess is too great to handle alone, and send Shikigami to their families requesting help.

Tokiko, Shigemori, and Masamori arrive to help with the clean up. Masamori is impressed by Yoshimori's power, but makes him think otherwise. While repairing the schoolyard, Yoshimori is scolded by his grandfather for being so reckless with his power. At school the next day, Yoshimori daydreams about Ayakashi taking over the classroom, only to be awakened by his teacher, who makes him stand in the hallway with a bucket of water on his head.

Yoshimori cheats by placing the bucket on a Kekkai, which reminds Discussing Karasumori him of how Masamori trained him the same way years ago.

At Karasumori that night, Yoshimori and Tokine argue about Masamori. Tokine wonders what Yoshimori's problem with his brother is, and Yoshimori insists that Masamori is a bad guy. He adds that Masamori should have been the Legitimate Heir, but Tokine scolds him, knowing that would upset Masamori.

Yoshimori tries to track Masamori, but according to Madarao, Masamori doesn't leave a scent to follow. Yoshimori spots Masamori standing on a Kekkai high in the air, and tries to reach him, but isn't used to the jumps and stumbles several times. Yoshimori reveals his plan to seal Karasumori, so that they no longer have to guard it and it will never cause anyone to get hurt.

Masamori agrees, but warns him it will be both extremely difficult and dangerous, considering that even Tokimori Hazama couldn't do it. Masamori leaves, but later Yoshimori feels his brother's power spreading over the land like an ocean. He chases down Masamori and demands to know what he's doing, but Masamori says he wouldn't understand.

When Masamori decides to end his stay at home, Yoshimori asks him to bury Kouya's remains on the mountain he used to live on. Lord Uro's Broken Bed Yoshimori senses an odd presence while in class, but it passes by quickly, and he decides not to investigate because there is no evil aura. Later he heads to the school roof for his usual nap, and finds the origin of the strange presence: Lord Uro and his servant Mamezo.

Unsure of what they are, Yoshimori warns them to leave, but Mamezo explains that Lord Uro is looking for a Kekkaishi, so Yoshimori takes them back to his house. Surprisingly, Shigemori knows exactly who Lord Uro is, and greets him as an honored guest. He explains that Lord Uro is a land lord that lives near Karasumori, and that it is a Kekkaishi's duty to assist the god upon request.

It seems that Lord Uro's bed is broken, and he needs a Kekkaishi to fix it. Yoshimori bakes doughnuts for Lord Uro, and in return, the god tells him how Tokimori requested the land of Karasumori for his own use. Lord Uro falls asleep before Yoshimori can ask any Bed successfully fixed.

Lord Uro opens the path his hidden dimension and goes ahead. Shigemori warns Yoshimori that if he takes too long, he may lose his mind and forget everything. To prevent this, he writes the most important details on Yoshimori's hand and forearm. Shigemori opts to stay outside the dimension in case Yoshimori needs help from the other side, and Yoshimori follows Lord Uro.

The box is cracked, however, and Yoshimori realizes he must restore it to fix the barrier. The first attempt fails, so Yoshimori pours an enormous amount of power into the box, which fixes it but also dramatically increases the size of the barrier. Lord Uro is so pleased that he hops into the barrier, activating it but also putting Yoshimori in danger, since it was only intended for a god. Yoshimori finds it hard to breathe, but insists on asking Lord Uro about Karasumori despite Mamezo's protests.

Yoshimori's desperation reminds Lord Uro of the great sadness in Tokimori when he requested the use of Karasumori. Mamezo forcibly ejects Yoshimori from the dimension to protect him, but his mind already seems to be suffering the effects of prolonged exposure: Yoshimori thinks he hears Tokine calling to him, and reaches for her, only to be grabbed by Shigemori, who pulls him to safety.

The incident leaves growing doubt in Yoshimori's mind about Karasumori's origins, and he chooses not to share the details of his adventure with Tokine. Little Brother's Little Secret Yoshimori welcomes Toshimori home from school, and finds he's brought two friends Gatcho and Konta along for tutoring. Both are a little afraid of Yoshimori, because of the horror stories Toshimori has told them about his "evil" older brother this was an attempt at making them behave.

But the actual Yoshimori is so mild-mannered by comparison that they instantly see through Toshimori's stories, and end up being nuisances around the house. Toshimori loses his cool and accidentally knocks them out with a Kekkai, then turns to Yoshimori for help.

Yoshimori helps him take care of his friends until they wake up. Tokine comes over with food that her mother made for the boys, but sees a cockroach in the kitchen and ends up tossing curry all over them instead. Yoshimori helps her clean up, and Toshimori is surprised when his friends tell him that not only did they have a great time, but that they think Yoshimori is cool largely because he gave them sweets.

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She starts to ask what he's been up to lately, as he's been avoiding her lately, and she suspects he's working on a secret training method. However, Tokine is disgusted to find him drinking three coffee milks at once, and storms off without asking him. Yoshimori loses the class's monthly coffee milk battle a game of rock, paper, scissors where coffee milk is the prize to a boy named Nakameguro. At home, Yoshimori wonders about how Tokimori Hazama came to be involved with Karasumori, since it first belonged to Lord Uro.

While studying an ancient scroll, he realizes something and rushes to ask his grandfather about it. Yoshimori and Shigemori discuss how the further away a Kekkaishi is from his Kekkai, the more its power weakens.

In addition, Yoshimori realizes that in order to sustain something of great power like Lord Uro's bed, a great deal of power is needed. However, the same principle still applies, and that is why the bed must be repaired every so often. Beyond that, a great deal of power would be needed to seal something as powerful as Karasumori, and he wonders if this was why Tokimori needed the land's power.

Yoshimori wonders if the technique used to create Lord Uro's bed could be used on Karasumori. Shigemori senses the direction of his thoughts, and warns Yoshimori not to get ahead of himself, since he still hasn't mastered the basics. That night at Karasumori, Yoshimori asks Madarao what Tokimori was like. He is disappointed when Madarao goes on to describe Tokimori as an extremely attractive man. Yoshimori gives up and tries to recreate the feeling of Masamori's ocean Kekkai.

Tokine arrives and is stunned to see a powerful aura around Yoshimori. She interrupts him and accuses him of doing something stupid and dangerous. A spy from Kokuboro summons child-like, triplet Ayakashi that make up Shirahagoand orders them to being a simultaneous attack from the sky, ground, and underground. The triplets resent being ordered, but obey under the threat of punishment.

Madarao laughs at Yoshimori for thinking he could seal Karasumori, when even Tokimori couldn't do it.

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Even so, Madarao promises not to get in his way, though he knows everyone else will try to stop Yoshimori. Suddenly, they sense the Ayakashi, but from three different areas. Yoshimori chases Hizuki, who evades him by surrounding Yoshimori in feathers. Yoshimori manages to destroy Hizuki's left arm, which regenerates. The spy finally gives the signal for the attack to begin. Yoshimori damages Hizuki again, and the triplets soon reunite. Fuzuki is then destroyed by Tokine's triple-layered Kekkai.

The remaining triplets are furious at the loss, and Mizuki begins to transform as well. She began to encircle his erection with her right hand, and gently squeezed it, feeling it throb harder and harder and his hips bucked. Yoshimori was in total bliss, as he never felt such pleasure before. He bucked his hips further, causing a friction between his penis and Tokine's hand and his organ throbbed harder while hearing him moan a bit soft.

Her hand movement, coupled with Yoshimori's moving hips, were the factors in the sudden pleasure his body was experiencing. She then stopped at what she was doing, and planted light, butterfly kisses on his manhood, brushing her lips from the tip, up to the base of his shaft. The year old boy almost groaned loudly at the new sensations he was feeling.

His hard penis throbbed harder as she continued to "peck" his arousal, then her tongue began to lap the "belly" of his erection. During this, she placed more kisses on his "head", arousing him even more. After several minutes of rubbing his "weapon" up and down, she noticed that his legs were straining, his penis was throbbing very hard, and his body was appearing to be in a state of convulsion, which made her a little alarmed.

She asked him if he was alright. Looking down, Yoshimori replied with a moan. She stared wide-eyed, feeling his warm liquid landing on her breasts, but she kept on stroking him, and only stopped when he went soft, and he slumped on the floor, panting.

Tokine checked on him and said, "Yoshimori, are you ok? You'll all get us in trouble!