Yoshimori and tokine relationship problems

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yoshimori and tokine relationship problems

This is a list of episodes for the anime television series Kekkaishi. The series was adapted by The events are shown of what Yoshimori and Tokine do on a typical day, showing delved into a little more as well showing their relationships with their close family. .. However, Gen shows up and defeats it with no problem. They go up to the roof, and Julia asks what Tokine's relationship is with Yoshimori. that started the trouble by returning the lunch Julia had made for Yoshimori. The defining moment in Tokine's relationship with Yoshimori occurred when . Kekkaishi duties, and tends to worry a great deal if Tokine is hurt or in trouble.

Tokine naturally denies this, but soon realizes that Yoshimori must have used a Shikigami clone of her.

yoshimori and tokine relationship problems

Tokine becomes angry that Yoshimori would drag her into his mess without asking, especially since she would have been willing to help him with Julia otherwise. Tokine says that she is simply Yoshimori's neighbor, and that Julia can do what she wants with him, but that Yoshimori is only a stupid kid. Julia assumes Tokine is trying to trick her into giving up, and states that based on his rescuing her, she is certain Yoshimori will grow up into a fine man.

This makes no sense to Tokine, who remembers Yoshimori as a crybaby kid.

Why I love Kekkaishi – Part-Time Scribbling

She tells Julia not to make up rumors and to leave her out of it before walking away. Later, Julia drags Yoshimori from his class. Kyoko and Ayano debate whether Yurina should get involved, while Yurina assures them that she could never bring herself to be that bold though they both point out that she has done the exact same thing to Yoshimori before.

Up on the roof, Yoshimori is relaxing when he hears Julia's voice, and sees her dragging his Shikigami clone. Yoshimori tries to signal his Shikigami to escape, but instead it stays, allowing Julia to hug it, much to Yoshimori's annoyance. Yoshimori returns to class thoroughly depressed, since the Shikigami promised to see Julia after school. Hiromu admits that it might not be such a bad thing, since Julia is pretty, and Yoshimori likes older girls.

Yoshimori goes to the high school section and considers asking Tokine to pose as his girlfriend so he can get rid of Julia, but the very thought overwhelms him.

Both families are tasked to protect a special land that grants ayakashi monsters powers.

yoshimori and tokine relationship problems

The families of protectors practice the Kekkai technique and are called Kekkaishi, or Barrier Master. What resulted from the general premise of the show is 52 episodes of good entertainment.

It was in Cantonese dub and it was well voice-acted.

Tokine Yukimura

The Magic System Those familiar with shounen action shows will probably know a lot of different and similar magic or battle systems. These systems are the basis of how fight scenes are played out, which makes them an important factor in the choreography of fights.

yoshimori and tokine relationship problems

Instead of cluttering the system with multiple complex types of skills and abilities, it focuses on how to use the simple at heart barrier technique to its fullest. Through creativity and craftiness, the same technique resulted in different uses, altering its efficiency and effectiveness.

Shikigami — The little heroes of the show.

yoshimori and tokine relationship problems

No doubt, more techniques and abilities can keep it fresh and interesting. Once Kekkaishi established the flexibility and boundary of its central magic system, it starts to add in other techniques that the Kekkaishi can use such as summoning Shikigami and abilities that are possessed by other characters. The Casts, the Factions, and the World-building I liked the casts a lot, and the various factions that follow.

The Kekkaishi faction the two main descendent familiesthe Urakai, the Yagyou, the Kokuboro and of course, the normal civilians the students in the school build on the special land named Karasumori.

The interactions between these factions are easy to follow and fun to watch. What are the Urakai planning to do to Karasumori? What influence does the Yagyou have in the upcoming events? These questions were interesting to ponder about as I was going through the show.

yoshimori and tokine relationship problems

The various factions make up the world-building. Mainly through the casts, we know more about both the simple normal world with middle and high school students, and the hidden world full of protectors, ability users, ayakashi, and land that grants power. Tokine is the kind of girl that I would want to be with so very much, an ideal woman and partner. Kind, hardworking, determined, positive, and mature.

Or at the very least more mature than Yoshimori and me.