Yankee kun and megane chan ending a relationship

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yankee kun and megane chan ending a relationship

And slowly the lone wolf of a Yankee starts attracting more friends and his If you don't remember much on how shitty the ending was, let me Third of all, and the most frustrating of all, Adachi's relationship with Shinagawa. Towards the end, there is a sense of climax, but it develops at a natural pace from the a ground-breaking new idea, by the end, Yankee-kun to Megane-chan has brings you to tears, but will make you reflect on the relationships in your life. Yankee-kun na Yamada-kun to Megane-chan to Majo (Side Story). Associated 4 years ago c (end) by Kisu KissManga Scanlation over 4 years ago.

After the four-year time skip, the two are shown to be a couple. Haruna Kawaguchi Adachi's kohai from middle school who transfers into Mon Shiro and becomes the student council's secretary.

She is still very devoted to Adachi, and has been ever since Adachi saved her and they became friends. While Adachi has reformed herself to become a good student, Himeji on the other hand still acts like a delinquent and initially believes that Chiba and Shinagawa are her subordinates.

She has a bad relationship with her family because she is adopted, and when she told them that she wanted to transfer, they kicked her out of their home.

Adachi Hana

She starts living with Adachi after the latter finds out about her situation. Though she is antagonistic towards Shinagawa at first, she eventually develops a crush for him. After the four-year time skip, she is shown to be learning her family's business, the famous Himeji Corporation. Surprisingly, she's interested in and is good at household chores, always shown to be cleaning around the group. Kanata Hongo Izumi is an honor student who runs against Adachi for the student council president position.

Like Adachi, he is a former delinquent who changed himself in order to focus more on his studies, with his grades ranking second in the entire grade. He was known as a legendary fighter during his biker gang days so Izumi considers himself number one in fighting already. Though he is the first person in the manga shown to be capable of blocking Adachi's kick using all his mighthe still lost to her swiftly.

He decides to become the vice president instead after losing to her in a fight. He shares his position with Shinagawa resulting in the two often fighting over who is the better vice president. He gets really hyped up over the smallest things and still loves to wear his old gang outfit. He's shown to be sensitive about his short height, being the shortest male of the group, only barely taller than the girls.

Four years later, he is shown to be studying law. She is one of the few girls that talks to Shinagawa without being afraid of him. She is dating Sagami, a student from another school. She remained at home and immersed herself in online gaming. When her childhood friend got worried and asked the student council to help her, they initially thought she was a boy because her game avatar was male. She becomes good friends with the student council members after convincing her to go back to school.

It is mentioned that she still occasionally plays the online game with Shinagawa. She is shown to be a very outgoing type of girl and is unaware that Chiba has since developed a crush on her. She was upset that she would lose him as he grew apart and started having interest in girls, leading to her behavior. A seemingly easy-going person, Akita is a former delinquent who will fly in a rage upon being called a girl.

When he is in this state, even Shinagawa and Izumi fear him. It is shown that the only way to get him to calm down is for a girl to kick him in his private parts.

Akita's girlfriend is Shinagawa's older sister and they both attend the same university. He later runs for student council president hoping to make Mon Shiro the strongest.

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After becoming president he is surprised to find that, while the rest of the student council are under the impression that Adachi does nothing, she in fact keeps detailed records of every single student that attends Mon Shiro, keeping special tabs on those students who are in danger of expulsion so that she can help them to enjoy school life as she has. She entrusts him with these duties, telling him that he will be able to handle it because he has his friends there to help him, just like her friends have helped her.

yankee kun and megane chan ending a relationship

Though he and Kagawa get into a fight on the first day of the year, they become good friends. He runs for student council vice president alongside Anna in hopes of making more friends. He and his group eventually win the election after their rival candidates concede. After the school's sports festival, he develops a crush on Anna. In an attempt to get to know her better he, Kagawa, and Anna begin a tradition of going to an ice cream shop together after school each day.

Nacchi and Macchi First introduced as a part of Shinagawa's trash team during the festival. They later run for the secretary and treasurer positions in the student council believing they are Shinagawa's successors. After winning the election, they are shocked and dismayed to find that all the paper work for the student council is done solely by their positions, previously held by Chiba and Himeji.

Later on, they discover she won a medal for her cheerleading skills and eventually helps them practice for the sports festival. Though her teaching is effective in the long run, she is prone to kicking and punching if anyone is to interrupt her. She eventually becomes student council vice president along with Kitami.

She rarely came to class due to her condition until Shinagawa convinced her to come to class regularly. She soon developed some feelings for him, but finds out about the girl he likes after meeting Subaru Mito. She is the one who sets up Shinagawa into seeing Adachi without her glasses and braids on, and tells him that the person he is looking for is Adachi. His father is mentioned to be a famous politician. To most people he appears as a modest and charming student with good grades and influence, but in truth he is a former delinquent whose goal is to remove all other delinquents from Mon Shiro except his team candidates.

He and his fellow candidates fools the students into making them believe that they have nothing to with the dirty campaign against Kagawa's group and even manipulates Adachi and her group. After getting beaten by Adachi and realizing who she is, they stop their dirty tactics and concede to Kagawa's group. Since then, he has been on good terms with the other characters, even helping them out.

She has the second best grades in her year. Like her fellow candidates, Kashiwa is a former delinquent. She reconciles with their opponents after being beaten by Adachi. He has the third best grades in his year. Like his fellow candidates, Aizu is a former delinquent.

He reconciles with their opponents after being beaten by Adachi.

yankee kun and megane chan ending a relationship

Computer Club Boys Two geek students in the computer club who first appeared during the student council's attempt to get Makoto out of the gaming world. They depend on Shinagawa guarding from delinquents when they walk outside of school. Shinagawa trains them to be more confident so that they no longer have to depend on him. However, even though they shock the entire school with their cool and confident looks, they are beaten back to their wimpy selves by a delinquent who was not fazed by their new looks, forcing Shinagawa to help them yet again.

Izumi after the Culture Festival, taking on a group of delinquents who attacked a friend and sent him to the hospital. She's Kitami's younger sister. She pops up when they visit his place.

Shinagawa's childhood friend Nerima is one of Ageha's Big Four. Even the cat doesn't escape this trope. Shinagawa randomly comes upon a little girl in the park who he doesn't know is Mako-tan looking for a stray cat she nicknamed Shina-chan after him not that he realizes. When they finally find the cat, it turns out the cat's owner is Rinka, who also named it Daichi after him. Parodied in chapter during the second StuCo beach trip.

Rinka undoes her pigtails and temporarily reverts back to her old hairstyle, claiming that since the Student Council, she has been holding back her true persona as the "Bloody Pantheress. While there are some not-so-blatant examples, there usually is not so much of this. It does happen, but pales compared to Especially when Nerima's flirting around. Izumi reacts this way after the student council finds a necklace that claims to grant three wishes The student council, this year, and apparently every other year as well.

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This foreshadows how he used to be Japan's top junior high student and was actually good at studying. Shinagawa's surprisingly high grade on his math exam in the earlier chapters also foreshadows the same. Every male in Izumi's immediate family. Inverted, to the shock of the gang.

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Subverted in Chapter 69 when Shinagawa assumes this to be the case regarding a rival merchant whose avatar is a cute little girl. It turns out, the rival player actually is a cute little girl. The Glasses Come Off: Happens several times in the first chapters when Adachi decides to kick some serious ass. Good Eyes, Evil Eyes: If Akita opens his eyes, it will be likely the evil variant, 'cause you just pushed his Berserk Button.

Good Scars, Evil Scars: Chiba actually has the 'good' kind, though it's a little more ambiguous than he would like. Makoto's avatar in Battle Legend has a big scar upon his left eye.

It first seemed that Chiba's interest in Makoto was unrequited. However, when Chiba has to practically carry Himeji during the three-legged race because of their height differences, Makoto is less than pleased. Anna Ichinomiya also a former top cheerleader. Sliding doors are no match for Himeji Rinka!

See the Japanese title. There's a certain amount of humorous irony derived from Shinigawa thinking Adachi obviously likes him when his feelings for her are far more objectively clear.

That's projection for you. Idiots Cannot Catch Colds: When the whole school comes down with the flu except for Shinagawa, this is Adachi's explanation. Just take a look from this spoiler quote: The moral in chapter To Chiba's chagrin and repeated misfortune, his height and naturally glaring eyes automatically causes others to assume he is a delinquent. Him hanging out with Shinagawa, Adachi, and their group has only exacerbated this. Seiun Nerima, though his tastes for women are rather Loads and Loads of Characters: The cast list keeps growing with every volume.

Confirmed, with the revelation that Rinka likes Shinagawa, who likes Adachi, who likes her glasses. Possibly morphing into Love Dodecahedron or Unwanted Harem as some girls later introduced to the story also seem to have a thing for Shinagawa.

Adachi's glasses are "inspired" by a guy she fought back in middle school, who made a promise with her to take back his glasses one day when he can defeat her. So you could possibly say she likes the guy who gave her his glasses. The guy in question? And they both don't realise it.