Wuthering heights hindley and frances relationship

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wuthering heights hindley and frances relationship

Romantic love takes many forms in Wuthering Heights: the grand passion of insipid sentimental languishing of Lockwood, the coupleism of Hindley and Frances, the The love-relationship of Heathcliff and Catherine, but not that of the other. Everything you ever wanted to know about Hindley Earnshaw in Wuthering Heights, After the death of his wife, Frances, he turns into even more of a monster. Hindley Earnshaw is a fictional character in Emily Brontë's novel Wuthering Heights. Hindley is When Frances dies after giving birth to baby Hareton, Hindley becomes "tyrannical and evil" and begins to drink heavily. He rapidly begins to.

Jealous of and threatened by Heathcliff's closeness to Mr. Earnshaw, Hindley instantly treats Heathcliff with animosity and abuse. Eventually, this gives way to Mr.

Earnshaw favoring Heathcliff as his favorite child, above his son Hindley and daughter Catherine, causing Hindley to hate his "foster-brother" even more. His father then, with the advice of others, sets him to go off to college. Earnshaw dies, Hindley returns home to the funeral with a wife, Frances. Nelly Dean suggests that Frances is most likely a woman with, "neither money nor name to recommend her, or he would scarcely have kept the union from his father.

Hindley's cruelty causes Heathcliff to entertain thoughts of avenging himself upon Hindley, as he tells Nelly Dean that he would love to "paint the housefront with Hindley's blood! He rapidly begins to curse, gamble, and declare mad, coarse ravings.

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He even comes close to killing his own son, Hareton, although Heathcliff accidentally saves the infant child. Hindley later regrets this action, and decides to fire Heathcliff as opposed to continue to beat him.

After Heathcliff mysteriously disappears for three years, he returns to see Hindley worse than ever, and sees it as a chance to take revenge on his lifelong enemy. It becomes apparent that Hindley gambles away every bit of money he has to Heathcliff, and that the mortgage of Wuthering Heights goes entirely to Heathcliff, thus enabling him to become the owner of the house that had always belonged to the Earnshaw family, dating back to the year as stated in the beginning of the novel.

Although Hindley descends into a life of alcoholic madness, Catherine dies before him.

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Earnshaw who brings him home and makes him a member of the family, inspite of his wife's opposition and Hindley's. There is speculation that Heathcliff may, in fact, have been Mr. Earnshaw's illegitimate son and possibly wasn't found in far-off Liverpool as Mr. Earnshaw claimed but maybe much closer to home. If so, this would explain the shared personality traits between Hindley and Heathcliff. Hindley takes revenge on Heathcliff by physically assaulting him with blows and leaving his arm black and blue right up to the shoulder.

Later on, as master at the Heights, Hindley ensures that Heathcliff is deprived of instruction from the curate and he does everything in his power to humiliate him and bring him low.

He continues his physical assaults and sees to it that Heathcliff is flogged repeatedly. Hindley never accepts or views Heathcliff as a brother. Heathcliff vows to get revenge on Hindley and when he returns to the Heights, sets out to destroy him financially and wrest Wuthering Heights from him.

Both Hindley and Heathcliff are forces to be reckoned with and they don't hesitate to use physical violence when it suits them. This plays out as the story unfolds in how they treat others.

wuthering heights hindley and frances relationship

Hindley makes Heathcliff his prime target and as early as chapter four, we learn that Hindley has murderous intent. He throws a heavy iron weight at Heathcliff's chest and then pushes Heathcliff under a horse's hooves, hoping the horse will break Heathcliff's neck and kick out his brains.

Hindley also is a violent drunk and crams Doctor Kenneth head down in Blackhorse Marsh, torments his son, Hareton, by terrorizing him, threatens Nelly with a carving knife and threatens to shoot members of the household.

wuthering heights hindley and frances relationship

Heathcliff makes it his life's mission to make those who have wronged him pay. He sets out to destroy Hindley and he taunts Edgar Linton, who has married Heathcliff's love, Catherine.

Similarities Between Hindley and Heathcliff—Two Archenemies in Wuthering Heights

Heathcliff marries Edgar's sister Isabella and treats her abominably, insulting her and at times physically assaulting her, he maltreats his son Linton, and mistreats Hareton and young Cathy. Both men are ruthless and are uncaring of the suffering they cause others, blinded by their bitterness and their disdain and hatred for others. In chapter six, we learn Hindley is sent off to college and that after an absence of three years, after his father dies, he returns home and becomes master at the Heights.

In a similar fashion, Heathcliff leaves and is gone for three years and then returns. Both, upon their return, have altered considerably, each speaking and dressing quite differently. They appear to be gentlemen but their behavior shows otherwise.

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Hindley shows every appearance of loving his wife Francis and tries to make her comfortable and happy at Wuthering Heights and seems genuinely taken with her. He cries when he knows she is dying.

wuthering heights hindley and frances relationship

Heathcliff's love for Catherine is intense and unwavering. No matter what happens between them, his love for her never alters, and after she dies, he never stops hoping they will be together in spirit. He sheds tears when he feels her ghost has visited the Heights. He sees to it that their graves are placed in close proximity. Heathcliff has a son, Linton, from his marriage to Isabella.

Neither Hindley nor Heathcliff handles the loss of the women they love, and they each start to slide down into despair and madness. Hindley drinks and gambles and sinks into dissipation, while Heathcliff is bent on taking revenge on those he views as his enemies.

After Catherine's death, he continues to hope that Catherine's ghost will visit him. He looks and looks for her and implores her to haunt him and is consumed by her for the rest of his life. Be with me always. Drive me mad, but don't leave me in the abyss, where I cannot find you.