When you meet someone and click

'Click': That Magical Instant Connection Explained : NPR

when you meet someone and click

When you meet someone snd you just click Cute Quotes, Words Quotes, Wise Sometimes you meet a person and you just click - you're comfortable with them. Why friends and romantic partners click. Posted Aug 21 Why do we foster instant connections with some people? I initially I don't know. I do know that when I first meet someone and experience that feeling, it puts me into the flow of life. At its most basic level, any relationship is built on some kind of common ground. When you meet someone, try to find something that connects.

But all he got were blank stares. Only after the meeting ended and the rest of the people filed out of the room did Nadia walk up to Paul. There have been so many advances in society since then.

Ever Meet Someone & The Two of You Just Undeniably Click

How can you make such a comment? I'd like to discuss this with you. Twelve hours later, they were sitting by the pool. They had told themselves that they intended to use the time not just to resolve the argument but also to delve into some important issues regarding work.

Work, however, never came up during their conversation together. Toward the end of the evening, the intensity of their interaction was difficult to ignore. It was clear to her from the beginning that there was something between them. What we valued in life was very much the same, as were the things we thought were trivial. Who's outrageous enough to even bring up Plato and Aristotle in the middle of a strategy session?

I mean, what does anybody who's in there know about Plato and the Greeks, or care about them? He had that courage to be different. And then it happened. Paul, seemingly without any forethought, looked at Nadia and asked, "What would you say if I told you that I loved you and wanted to marry you? First, it's important to note that Paul and Nadia weren't teenagers driven by hyperactive hormones.

The ‘click’ factor

They were seasoned business executives. Like most of us, when they met a new person, they usually spent their first moments searching for something to talk about.

when you meet someone and click

Where are you from? What kind of work do you do?

  • 'Click': That Magical Instant Connection Explained

Occasionally, though, an interaction with another person is more intense and intimate from the get-go. Maybe we share the same sense of humor, or we admire the other individual's personality or passion, or we immediately sense that we can just be ourselves around the other person. Things feel right; we hit it off.

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There is an immediate sense of familiarity, and conversation flows easily, without embarrassing pauses or self-consciousness. In essence, we click.

when you meet someone and click

Keep the focus on the other person. As a bonus, this prevents your being dragged into gossip. Show up with enthusiasm. People who live with passion find it easier to connect with others. Knowing what you really care about and why lets you tap into your own enthusiasm. Upbeat people are inherently likable, and those who radiate enthusiasm tend to click with others. Make others feel important.

Use your words and attitude to create a spotlight. Let the person you're speaking with know he or she is important, and important to you, by the way you talk. Let the sound of your voice be energized. All of these invitations tell the person, "I find you important. Be generous with others; look for points of agreement and places where you can affirm or reinforce what they're saying.

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Speak patiently and with care, and those around you will feel heard and appreciated. Treat others as you want to be treated. As often as we've heard this, it's still easy to forget to do it from time to time. Don't overthink or complicate it: The power is in the simplicity.

Connecting with others does not take much.

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It is truly simple. Just be mindful, thoughtful, and genuinely interested. Offer an honest compliment or your authentic appreciation. There's always something to appreciate about almost anyone.

Maybe it's nothing more than being genuine, as simple as being a leader--or a person--who cares, because when you care, you'll instantly click with everyone you meet.