Walden and alan relationship quotes

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walden and alan relationship quotes

(Gay marriage is legal in California, where Two and a Half Men takes place.) "Of course Walden and Alan are going to get legally married. Walden gives Alan a wish because he was such a good friend in helping him adopt Quotes. Alan: I'm about to have breakfast with my lover, my ex-lover and ny husband. I've been in a lot of relationships Oh, three of whom are at this table. As we all knew, Charlie Harper was dead, and Ashton Kutcher was playing Walden Alan: I know this is a sad day for all of us Rose: Sure, our relationship had its ups and downs, and the occasional restraining order.

Jones became an evangelical and quit the show to attend college, and Ashton Kutcher and Amber Tamblyn swooped in the save the day for a period of four years. Only one character in Two and a Half Men history ever appeared in all episodes. Which one was it? Question 6 What is the name of the six-year-old adopted by Walden? Timmy Louis Billy In the twelfth season of Two and a Half Men, Alan and Walden cook up a scheme whereby Walden will be able to adopt the child he wants to complete his life.

He can't get one unless he's married, so Alan agrees to a same sex marriage and he elopes with Walden. He gets the kid and ends up divorcing Alan to date his social worker, which crosses pretty much every ethical boundary in the book. But what is the name of the six-year-old adopted by Walden?

Question 7 What kind of doctor is Alan? Plastic surgeon Podiatrist Physiotherapist Pretty much everyone in the show, from Charlie to Jake to Evelyn to Berta to Rose to Walden, has at some point throughout the twelve season run of Two and a Half Men made fun of Alan for his profession, claiming that he is not a real doctor, despite the fact that he went to medical school for many years to get qualified to do what he does and he has "Dr.

So, what kind of doctor is he that warrants this kind of mockery? But which of these four actors did NOT guest star on the show? Question 9 Which crime show did a crossover with Two and a Half Men? Hawaii Five-O Law and Order: The death seemed like a strange turn for the usually light hearted show, but it did open the door for a crossover episode with another CBS show — a crime drama. Question 10 Which rock band did Charlie hallucinate when he was high?

He smokes it with Berta and reacts poorly to it. He sees visions of his ex-girlfriends all taking him to task, and he hallucinates a rock band pointing him in different directions.

Which band was it? What exactly does she sacrifice? Why is he supposed to be the only one who has to prove is sincerity? She admits herself that she doesn't need sex right now, so that doesn't count. And 2 What was her chain of argumentation anyway? I don't want to be another trophy, so he has to wait and let me see that he wants a relationship.

Wouldn't them eventually having sex not make her an even bigger trophy for Charlie? If she wanted the truth, she should have slept with him. Not on the first date, mind you, but they'd already dated for a while when that point came up. If he'd still been interested in her even after he got into her pants - that would have been proof. Mia never made a lot of sense, wanting to see if Charlie's willing to commit to the relationship is a valid idea, but the way she went about it was just ridiculous.

When he finally got her to relent to going out with him, it may have been part of the deal that he would have to make major changes to himself in order for her to get involved.

Charlie being Charliethose plans eventually came up short, and the relationship failed. We saw the story from his point of viewbut it is entirely possible that he bit off more than he could chew getting involved with a girl like Mia. There's a two part episode or at least I think it's in two parts where Judith is getting married. In this one, Charlie seems to have a thing Dr.

Herb's sister, Myra and they initially start dating. Then Judith starts complaining about this and tries to break them up. What bugs me is why should Judith care if Charlie and Myra are dating? I understand she's eventually going to be her sister-in-law and Charlie is well Charlie but why should she give a damn?

Doesn't she hate Myra? All they seemed to do is just bicker and argue at one another. Plus the only reason they seem to fight with one another is because Myra stands up for her brother and won't allow him to be a doormat. She's proven to be manipulative, psychotic, and clingy. Yet when Charlie's dating a woman and Rose comes into town, all the characters lament that Rose was the only woman who ever loved Charlie and now she's gone, making Charlie break up with his current date to run off with his stalker.

Do they seriously believe pairing a man with his stalker's a good idea, or are they such jerkasses that they would suggest the idea just to screw with him? To be fair, he deserves that for being such a jerk to Alan and most of the women he's dated.

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You might want to think that over. Ashton Kutcher will replace Charlie?

walden and alan relationship quotes

Did I see a shark jump there? I thought the Shark had already been jumped long ago To be fair they've actually gone out of their way to make sure Walden Schmidt is nothing like Charlie, including treating Alan like a human being instead of acting like he'd be happy if Alan moved to a toxic waste dump as long as he was out of the house. Honestly, I was hoping for The Other Darrin.

Nice to Meet You, Walden Schmidt

That would have been hilarious. When Charlie slept with Alan's divorce lawyer, why the hell didn't Alan sue the divorce lawyer for malpractice and then get the entire divorce agreement torn into shreds and set on fire? Because he's dirt poor and didn't want any more money problems; it costs money to sue people, right? He wasn't dirt poor at this point, he only became that way because of his crippling alimony and child support payments, so he could have sued, since he also hired another lawyer plus, how do you think he paid for her in the first place.

He should have reported her to the Bar Association of California and taken her to the cleaners. Although, she's shown to be an Amoral Attorney earlier in the episode when she gets Alan to get Charlie to agree perjure himself by lying under oath to back up Alan's claim of buying his book collection before he met Judith he didn'tthough this does say more about him than her.

That whole episode was nonsensical. The biggest one being that someone would get bored having sex with Heather Locklear. Actually Alan says something like that at the end, that he now has to hire another lawyer, make the agreement invalid, etc. So will Charlie's death drive an already a little schitzy Rose completely off the brink? Especially since it may be her fault, if he dies while they are on their romantic getaway.

walden and alan relationship quotes

She might go all Miss Havisham, walk around the beach house in a dirty, torn wedding dress It's implied that she killed him. Rose seems to have already moved on, given that she's dated Walden. Of all the hate and bile they throw at Charlie because of how much the producers hate Charlie Sheen, this was what bothered me the most. You do realize that Rose is incredibly unstable and Charlie, knowing how cuckoo she is not only proposed to her, but then cheated on her afterwords, and was stupid enough to let her take him where she could throw him in front a of a train, presumably secluded, and given how he probably was thinking he was about to have sex knowing his character, it's not out of character at all.

But Rose was never a murderess, and I highly doubt Charlie would cheat on her. The entire episode reeked of bitterness to Charlie's actor.

walden and alan relationship quotes

Imagine you're a staff writer for a hit TV series, you've got the last four scripts in the can, and you're ready to call it quits for the summer break. Then the lead actor who had troubles to begin with gets tanked on coke, makes a very public ass of himself, and gets fired. You're told they have to cut the season short Rose is cracked, and Charlie's not too bright. They worked well with what they were given. Now I wonder if Evelyn will pursue the matter further, or is she too afraid her own cupboard of skeletons might get to rattling?

Does anyone really buy the "fish in a drawer" story completely? No matter what the writers feel about Sheen, they have the duty to write in a professional manner that not only make sense, is coherent with the characters and the continuity of the series.

I may be behind on something here, but why isn't this the first thing CBS airs on Monday nights? Charlie's already the World's Biggest Jerk Assand it's been shown repeatedly that Alan is no longer unable to financially support himself, he's just sponging off Charlie. He's told him to leave before. It didn't work, and Charlie is the sort of drunk who, if he discovers after the fact that Alan ignored his order to leave, will the vast majority of times worry about enforcing it "later".

Charlie secretly loved having Alan and Jake there, but he'd never admit it. Didn't Cinnamon's Buns star someone other than Lindsey during the Charlie series, when the focal point of an episode was a character having been discovered to have once starred in it? The previous time it came up was when Lindsey was living at Charlie's after Alan burned down her house.

Walden's wife could very well be older than him, if they had met at MIT, and she didn't skip any grades. Because they first met when they would have been in High School; or they were high school sweethearts to her? This has probably been addressed somewhere else, but I got to ask: How come neither Molly Ringwald or James Spader have ever guest starred on the show?

How come Judy Greerwho already played Myra in season 6, was cast again as Bridget? Nobody noticed the two unrelated women look extremely alike? The actress playing Chelsea had already appeared twice before, both times as a different woman. Kandi was "Bubbles" and "Kimber". Apparently we're just not expected to notice.

Don't Give a Monkey a Gun

But, did her name ever get mentioned? Because she seemed just as dumb as Kandi she couldn't turn off the shower because it had to many knobs, and wouldn't let Alan move her car so it wouldn't block their neighbor's driveway because she doesn't let strange men drive her car and "Bubbles" was a joke by Alan; Charlies said "I'm blowing bubbles" and Alan, overhearing this, says "I don't care what her name is".

I don't think they actually say the name Kimber in that episode. I think April Bowbly is just billed that way in the credits.

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So, since she dated Charlie before meeting Alan, "Kimber" could be Kandi. It's probably just cheaper and less time consuming to reuse actors and actresses then hiring new ones. It's probably not, actually. An actor is not paid less just because they've appeared on a show before, especially if they appeared in a different role. If anything, they're paid more, or the same.

And it would be less time-consuming for the show to just rehire former actors instead of holding auditions for new ones Contacting a celebrity and contacting a former guest star is pretty much the same amount of effort. So why does Alan make such a big deal about Jake having two girls in his room who he might have slept with but denied it to Charlie, Alan and Berta?

Because Alan's never had a threesome and if he can't have one, he doesn't think Jake should have one. Zoe's daughter, Ava, has an English accent in season 9. She has an American accent in season Children tend to lose their natural accent quicker than their parents, like how children also tend to pick up another language if they move to another country more easily than their parents.

I know an American-British family where the parents have kept their accents but their children have an English accent with an American twinge.