Virgo and pisces relationship compatibility

Virgo and Pisces Compatibility: Can Their Relationship Work?

virgo and pisces relationship compatibility

Are your signs compatible? Read your Virgo and Pisces love matcher horoscope by The AstroTwins to learn about your signs in love. The adage 'opposites attract', holds true when you think of the Virgo and Pisces compatibility. These two zodiac signs are as different as. Earth sign Virgo makes an excellent partner for those signs who vibe with its Virgo Relationship Compatibility: The One Best Quality About Every Virgo Relationship . In a Pisces-Virgo relationship, sex is an ultimate bond.

virgo and pisces relationship compatibility

They both know what they want from the relationship, and will give each other the time to settle into the same. Cons of the Pisces Virgo Relationship: The dominating and perfection-seeking personality of the Virgo is too much to handle for the Pisces at times. This makes the Piscean bitter and unable to function at the best level.

Virgo does not express emotions frequently, and that might stir feelings of insecurity in the sentimental Piscean. This might make the Fish feel ignored and under-appreciated in the relationship. Hence, even if they have a disagreement, they can claw their way back to each other and strengthen their bond through the experience.

If both the parties take it upon themselves to understand each other and build an unwavering foundation of trust for their bond to flourish, they will find the perfect romantic partner in each other. They will form a couple that is not only happy, but also peaceful.

Virgo and Pisces Compatibility: Can Their Relationship Work?

Similarly, Virgo's approach of theorizing sex, intrigues Pisces in more than one way. The intangible magic that Pisces adds to the act of sex, leaves Virgo wanting for more! The adventurous and fun loving nature of the Pisces partner completely unwinds the Virgo and makes sex an enjoyable affair for both of them.

The Virgo woman is extremely pampered by her Pisces partner and is often left wondering what to expect next. The Pisces man appreciates the practical viewpoint of his woman to analyze things rationally.

Pisces and Virgo Compatibility In Bed, Love and Marriage Life

This match brings a perfect balance to the relationship. If however, the Pisces man goes overboard with his dreaminess, he is likely to be dumped by his straight forward and brutally practical Virgo partner.

Pisces Woman and Virgo Man This is a 'not-so-happy' alliance. The differences between these two zodiac signs become more pronounced, when the woman is Pisces and the man, Virgo. Virgo man is least likely to understand the emotional requirements of his sentimental partner, which will hurt her often.

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Pisces woman might come to a conclusion that her partner will never be able to satisfy her emotionally. The inability of Virgo man to express his feelings towards his spouse will make her dubious about his love for her.

Pisces and Virgo Compatibility: The Dreamer and the Healer ⋆ Astromatcha

Unfortunately, this relationship is less likely to work, in the long run. Compatibility between Virgo and Pisces is unpredictable and difficult to comprehend. While they do complement each other very well, the evident differences between their characteristics may cause some clashes. If it works out, they'll make the most lovely, happy couple on the earth, but if it doesn't, each will try to hurt the other in every possible way.

virgo and pisces relationship compatibility

On the other hand, Pisces will fear close physical connection with another person, and this will be practically dismissed by Virgo. As they both learn that they cannot hide who they are, they will have no choice but to set themselves free from any fear and shame, giving in to the wonderful sexual experience Venus has to offer. This is a couple that will never have instinctive sex, however passionate they might get.

Virgo will mostly be attracted by the purity of sex with Pisces, who truly approach it as an act of love, free from prejudice and following their inner feeling, wherever it leads.

virgo and pisces relationship compatibility

In order to have a healthy relationship in which they both trust each other, they will both need to be secure and confident enough to be honest. Both of these partners will easily give in to dishonesty, although their convictions are the opposite of their behavior.


It can be torture for both of them if any one of the partners tells a lie. Fortunately, they are both aware that some secrecy might even spark their relationship and give it more passion.

5 Reasons A Pisces-Virgo Pairing Is The Best There Is

This is why they will usually get over small intimacy outbreaks in order to trust each other on a higher level. When they start their relationship, they are bound to realize how similar they actually are, even though they seem so different.

The mutable quality of their signs will allow them to jump from topic to topic, both of them staying interested in the flow and the outcome of their conversations.