Utterson and jekyll relationship

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utterson and jekyll relationship

yon, and the other from Henry Jekyll himself.9 In this regard, Utterson is less like his . reader, is a rather misleading narrative of his relationship with Hyde. The biggest relationship in this novel is between Dr. Jekyll, a well known The story begins with Mr. Utterson recalling the story to Mr. Enfield. "But it is more than ten years since Henry Jekyll became too fanciful for me. to their friendship in contrast to the strength of Lanyon and Utterson's relationship.

Utterson sets up an opportunity to have a private, close moment with his friend Jekyll. He refuses to explain what is going on. Active Themes Utterson brings Dr. Jekyll back to the matter at hand and says he now has even more cause to worry and starts to tell him about Mr.

At the mention of this name, Dr. Jekyll shuts down the conversation.

utterson and jekyll relationship

He assures Utterson that he does not understand the full story and that it will not do any good to talk about it. Jekyll says he is in a very difficult position. Utterson tries to persuade Dr. Jekyll to trust him with the secret.

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Jekyll thanks him heartily and promises that he does trust Utterson, but he also assures him that he can choose to be rid of Mr. Hyde at any time.

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He hopes that Utterson will now let the matter rest. This mirrors the occasion when Utterson mentioned Dr. Hyde and he reacted with a sudden snarl. The effect of each name on the other suggests a relationship deeper than the financial blackmail situation that Utterson has entertained so far.

Jekyll lastly tries to explain to Mr. Utterson that he actually finds Mr. Hyde is suspected of the murder, but he has disappeared. Jekyll swears that he has not seen Hyde and has broken with him forever. The case remains unsolved and Jekyll becomes more sociable than he had been.

Suddenly, though, he locks himself into his laboratory, yelling to the servants through the door, directing them to gather chemicals for him.

Mr. Utterson in Stevenson’s The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

The servants recognize a change in his voice and think that their master has been murdered; another man has taken his place in the lab. They call Utterson who breaks down the door.

utterson and jekyll relationship

On the floor lies Hyde, who has killed himself with poison. He does find, however, a letter in which Jekyll explains his relationship to Hyde. Jekyll had sometimes indulged in debauches which, if discovered, could have ruined his reputation and of which he is ashamed. Pondering this split in his personality, he decides to find a way to separate his two beings. Jekyll creates a potion that releases his evil side, Mr.

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Hyde is shorter and smaller than Jekyll, having not had as much exercise. For a while Jekyll enjoys his two bodies; he can do whatever he likes without fear of discovery. His pleasure is stunted when Hyde kills Carew in a nonsensical fit, and he resolves never to take the potion again.