Tywin and cersei relationship quizzes

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tywin and cersei relationship quizzes

QuizzesVideosAnimalsCelebrity Episode: Season 1, Episode 3Why it's badass: Cersei is Tap to play GIF . Number of fucks given: 2, if only because she hates it when other people know about her sex life. 9. That time when Cersei kidnaps Tyrion's whore and beats her, just because she can. The sibling relationship is one of the closest and intimate relationship a person has Cersei and Tyrion were born into a monogamous family. The two have had a sexual relationship since childhood, and Since early childhood, her father, Tywin, had told Cersei that she would one.

Tyrion's intellectual curiosity makes his a more intriguing character, his openness to experience as well as his sympathetic and considerate nature.

In Jaime's absence, she takes Lancel to bed.

tywin and cersei relationship quizzes

Yes, humans are not made of wood; but why did she take another family member, why couldn't it be some random high born from another family? Tyrion's relationship with Shae was a positive influence. He remained faithful to her. Although he still kept on drinking. During his wedding night with his wife, Sansa; he didn't force his way like some men would have, given the opportunity. He gave her space.

They are hardly concern themselves with religious or moral commitments. The Rhythm of their Relationship Prince Oberyn's tale of how Cersei pinched Tyrion's cock has some elements of psychopathy on Cersei's side. How would a girl that age know about cocks? When her mum was alive, a servant caught her and Jaime engaging in some form of sexual activity.

How would an infant know about sex? Perhaps she has witnessed two people have sex before. Besides, why would she try it with her brother, except she knew that her parents are cousins and in her mind that makes her relationship with Jaime justifiable. In general, they certainly dislike each other; but not to unbearable lengths.

tywin and cersei relationship quizzes

They sort of bonded in their own dysfunctional way, during the time of Jaime's capture. They talked very often; they had the emotional flow going on, even as they plotted to undermine each other.

Tywin had been their role model all through their lives and now he is dead, Cersei has become the replacement. Tycho Nestoris did say she is her father's daughter. Whether Tyrion realizes it or not, he admires her strength and how she can still inspire a high of fear and intimidation, in spite of everything she has been through.

All through the dragon pit meeting, Tyrion was totally impressed by her behavior; from her composure in the face of a dragon, to her asking Euron to shut up about his dwarf talk, to the way she talked down Daenerys; he is proud of her, I dear say.

He constantly refers to her as "my sister" rather than her name "Cersei". Cersei is bad yes, but she is quite good at being bad. So far, she has made all the right political calls while Tyrion is unintentionally sabotaging Dany's military and political plans in other to save his family.

All his bad decisions he made in season seven is because he loves his family and that includes Cersei. They've both had numerous chances to kill each other but they didn't. What is stopping them? Cersei has done some pretty bad things, but I somehow hope she can still do something noble.


She is a victim of parental neglect. Perhaps in a plot twist she saves Westeros or at least dies saving Westeros. In that moment, she will be remembered as a hero who did one good for the realm, but it's unlikely that the show with go down this path.

When Tyrion was traveling with his family, he was seen with one particular prostitute before his brother brought in a group of women to further keep him occupied. Who was the name of the first prostitute Tyrion Lannister was seen with in Game of Thrones? Question 4 What are the words for House Lannister? The words are just as important as the House sigil and helps to give insight into each Noble House.

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Yet, the words of House Lannister are often obscured by the common phrase associated with the House. Only a true Game of Thrones fan can accurately know what the exact words are of House Lannister. What are the words for House Lannister?

He had learned the secret of Cersei and Jaime's incestuous relationship and Cersei was worried that he had told someone before he died.

tywin and cersei relationship quizzes

Yet, Jon Arryn didn't see it firsthand. Instead, he learned about it through reading up on the Baratheon lineage and deducing the different physical characteristics amongst the children Robert had outside of his marriage. Question 6 What is the name of the King that Jaime Lannister was sworn to protect? Once the Lannister forces were allowed into King's Landing, The Mad King ordered Jaime to kill his own father and also planned to burn and kill innocent men, women, and children.

What is the name of the King that Jaime Lannister was sworn to protect? Question 7 What were the last words Jaime Lannister said to Bran before he pushed him out of the window? Yet, in the very first episode of Game of Thrones, Bran was not only able to walk but he was quite an adventurous climber.

He was the one to witness Jaime and Cersei Lannister engaging in sex in the tower, which caused Jaime to push him out of the window. What were the last words Jaime Lannister said to Bran before he pushed him out of the window?

Tyrion and Cersei - This war you started is coming to our doorstep

Question 8 Who was the character that tried to caution Tyrion about Joffrey remembering his treatment of him?

Jaime Lannister Cersei Lannister Jon Snow In the very first episode of Game of Thrones, the audience was still trying to understand all of the different characters within the series. Joffrey didn't seem like the best prince, especially since he didn't seem to care about offering his respects to the Stark family after Bran's fall from the tower, but he wasn't the full-on monster that he became later on in the series.

When Tyrion tried to bring it to Joffrey's attention that his absence had been noticed, he had to slap him around a little to get him to comply.

Who was the character that tried to caution Tyrion about Joffrey remembering his treatment of him? They seemed completely foreign in the North and none of them looked particularly pleased to be dining with the Starks.

With there no telling when they would be that far North again, it would only be reasonable to think that they would want to visit The Wall. The Lancasters and the Yorks. Unlike the Starks and the Lannisters, both of those English houses came from the same familial ancestral line. Question 12 "Explain to me why it is more noble to kill ten thousand men in battle than a dozen at dinner. Martin has no problems with killing off popular characters or characters that are central to the story. Supposedly, he was influenced by the comic Wonder Man who was introduced and killed in his first story.

He says, "He's a brand-new character, he's introduced, and he dies. It was very heart-wrenching. He was a tragic, doomed character.


I guess I've responded to tragic doomed characters ever since. That's also why there are such large gaps between seasons with this one between Season 6 and Season 7 being the longest of them all. Question 14 "Everyone who isn't us is an enemy. The words most often associated with the Lannisters is "The Lannisters always pay their debts. It basically just means they don't go back on their word. But what they also use it to promise that they'll pay back their blood debts - that they'll get revenge for wrongs perpetrated against them.

Question 15 "People have been swinging at me for years, they always seem to miss. Or, at least, have members with characteristics and personality traits similar to your own. While there are many negatives associated with the Lannisters, they're also loyal, protective of their own, fiercely ambitious, proud, cunning and powerful. Does that mean the Starks are Gryffindor?

Question 16 "You can't talk to me like that!

tywin and cersei relationship quizzes

The king can do as he likes. One of the houses sworn to the Lannisters - House Reyne - refused to pay a debt they owed oops, big mistake so Tywin Lannister, who was a teenager at the time, decided to teach them a lesson. He took some armed forces to the Reyne castle and rerouted their water supply so that it drowned everyone in the castle. This story is where the Rains of Castamere song comes from.

Question 17 "The King shits, and the Hand wipes. Cersei was queen at 18, Tywin was the youngest Hand of the King in Westeros history and Jaime, at 15 years old, was the youngest knight appointed to the Kingsguard.

Tyrion, the Lannister treated with the least respect and affection by Tywin, is widely considered one of the smartest men in the kingdom. They can be cruel, but no one can accuse them of being lazy. Question 18 "The only way to keep your people loyal is to make certain they fear you more than they do the enemy. He was also Tywin's father.

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Unlike most of the Lannisters, he was kind hearted and looked for the good in everyone he encountered. While this made him a decent person, it also made him a weak-willed king who people laughed at and constantly took advantage of.

Tywin spent a lot of his time trying to restore the fear that the Lannister name inspired prior to his father's time as head of the family. Question 19 "I think it passing odd that I am loved by one for a kindness I never did, and reviled by so many for my finest act.

When his father died, he went back to Casterly Rock and forced his father's mistress to walk the Lannisport streets naked while confessing all her sins. That walk in the streets of King's Landing that Cersei had to endure after losing her beautiful, long golden hair will forever alter the way we use the word 'shame.

And they're not the only ones: Question 21 "My life has left me uniquely unfit for constraint. They founded House Clegane. Tytos Lannister once came upon a lioness and her prey and tried to come between the two. He lost a leg and some of his dogs in the fight but in return for saving his life, Tytos gave the kennel master lands and a tower house then took his son on as a squire. This created House Clegane. Martin 15 years to write the first five books in A Song of Ice and Fire.