Tvd 6x03 elena and stefan relationship

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tvd 6x03 elena and stefan relationship

Jul 8, stelena 5x21 elena said her relationship with damon is toxic. delena TVD 6x13 Damon and Elena Vampire Diaries Seasons, Vampire Diaries Cast, Vampire Diaries The I love that Bonnie saves Damon in 6xbut in 6x Nina Dobrev returned to choose between Stefan and Damon once and for all - so did she?. Just let them be happy on the sidelines and have Elena and Damon be a .. in 6x03 because she comforted Caroline after she watched Stefan.

Caroline later gets kidnapped and taken by Enzo who was following orders from Stefan and Damon's mother Lily. Stefan makes an attempt to save her but fails due to the fact that Damon bailed at the last minute. Stefan then confronts Damon angrily. Valerie casts a spell on Caroline which turns her skin to vervain making it hard for vampires to harm her. Caroline then discovers from Nora after she gives Caroline Stefan's old journal that Stefan was romantically involved with Valerie, a Heretic.

Caroline gets released by Lily but still had "vervain skin". A few days later, Stefan and Caroline still cannot make physical contact and try to convince two of the heretics, Mary Louise and Nora, to siphon the spell off of Caroline. They decide to attend The "Heaven and Hell" ball where they force Nora to siphon the spell off of Caroline after threatening Mary Louise's life.

Stefan and Caroline then kiss and have sex for the for the second time. After being apart for three years however, their relationship is tested being Stefan has been on the run with Valerie Tulle for three years.

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After going on the run together when Bonnie Bennett turns into the next Supernatural Huntress, Caroline and Stefan bond and maintain a new friendship. Caroline and Stefan talk, sharing a kiss together. Currently, Stefan and Caroline are dating once again. Shortly after this, Stefan proposes to Caroline and she accepts his wedding proposal; they are currently engaged as of Season Eight. During the eighth season, they struggle once again both as a couple and to save their friends from Sybil.

Caroline is separated from Stefan once again and he is forced to find victims with Damon for Cade to put into his hellish dimension. However, Bonnie forced her hand, after Stefan kills Enzo and tries to kill an unconscious Elena, by forcing the cure to vampirism into Stefan. The Cure turns Stefan human and back to himself, with humanity. This renders Stefan useless to Cade, but Stefan makes efforts to apologize for his actions, which Caroline eventually accepts and their plans for marriage are back on despite Stefan being human again.

Caroline and Stefan stage a public wedding, partly for themselves as well, to draw Katherine out. While they do marry successfully, the most Katherine does is give Caroline her old necklace for the wedding.

Caroline is currently widowed due to Stefan being permanently deceased. The friendship and romantic pairing is known as "Steroline" by the fans. Contents [ show ] Throughout The Vampire Diaries Series On the first day of school, Caroline expressed interest in Stefan who was the new and mysterious student.

She invited him to a back to school party, and he accepted because Elena was going. At the party, Caroline tried to get his attention but he rejected her and went to spend time with Elena, offending Caroline who felt that every boy she liked would always like Elena.

However, she met DamonStefan's brother and got over Stefan. Stefan disapproved Damon's involvement with Caroline and how he fed on her and played with her like she was a puppet. Damon ignored him and Stefan worked with his nephew Zach Salvatore to stop Damon, spiking Caroline's drink with vervain.

After Damon's disappearance, Caroline was disappointed to learn from Stefan that Damon wasn't coming back. Damon compelled Caroline to free him from his prison and killed Zach, much to Stefan's horror.

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He told Damon to leave Caroline alone when she planned a party at the Mystic Grill. Stefan later kisses Elena and tells her they'll talk later. Elena later calls Damon after hearing that Klaus died, and tells him that she's choosing Stefan to say goodbye to, both because she loves him and he's closer to Caroline and Tyler.

Elena and Stefan, Pictures of You 4x19 Elena and Damon, Graduation 4X23 Following Elena's transformation into a vampireshe resumes a relationship with Stefan, at the same time growing closer to Damon. When she has troubles drinking blood, she calls Damon and he supports her in her newfound vampirism. He pushes her to embrace her new lifestyle while Stefan becomes determined to "fix" her and make her human again.

Stefan realises Elena is in love with Damon and breaks up with her. Elena then moves in with Damon to avoid Jeremy and admits she's upset that no one wants to accept her for who she is now instead of who she was. Damon then says he's never seen her more alive and they sleep together, beginning a relationship.

tvd 6x03 elena and stefan relationship

When Caroline informs Stefan of this, he's distraught. Rebekah later compels Stefan, Caroline, and Elena to tell the truth. Stefan and Caroline realise that her feelings may have something to do with the fact that she's sired to Damon.

Damon struggles to come to terms with this and begins to doubt her feelings for him.

tvd 6x03 elena and stefan relationship

She later tells him that her love for him is the most real thing she's ever felt. Elena later becomes friends with Stefan and begs Damon to become human with her, but he refuses her.

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When Jeremy dies, Damon tells Elena to turn her emotions off, breaking the sire bond but also destroying all the love she had for him. Stefan tried to seduce her, but she made him care more than she did. She later tortured herself to prove Damon and Stefan wrong that they could make her afraid, and she teased Damon, saying she would go back to Stefan since the sire bond was over.

Damon had killed Mattwhich got her emotions back. Stefan confessed to Lexi that Elena was the love of his life and possibly "the one" but she confessed her love for Damon and it was real, choosing him.

Stefan then told Damon that he was happy for him. He's ready to deliver the fatal blow when Bonnie shows up. Kai calls her the "useless one" and asks if she's going to "fail" at him, since he knows she's been trying to do magic for months. He's embarrassed for her.

Turns out, she just needed proper inspiration. The candle lights, and Kai knows he's in trouble: Bonnie tells smiling Damon to run, and she sets the spilled alcohol on fire.

I'm embarrassed for you," she says. Damon knocks Kai out and pays her a compliment. I hadn't met him yet. Speaking of friends, Matt learns Jay was a vampire hunter when Enzo dumps the body in the back of Matt's truck.

Stefan and Caroline

Caroline catches up to Stefan in the woods and tries to tell him that killing Enzo won't bring Ivy back and that if any part of him came back to check on Elena—or more importantly to check on her—he should stay. She begins to cry, and Elena's there. The girls hug it out. Even if Elena isn't willing to deal with her own grief, she'll be there for Caroline. When the random girl Caroline compelled to go get ice returns without it, shirtless Jeremy informs Caroline that her compulsion fades in Mystic Falls.

Why didn't we think of that? So Sarah knows what Elena is, and who she is. Kai claims he was never going to kill Damon—it was a setup to give Bonnie the motivation to get her magic back. He too knows it's the key to getting them out of there. Matt wasn't knowingly training to be a dick. He really thought Tripp was just concerned about keeping old ladies safe. Matty Blue Eyes takes his tears elsewhere when Liv shows up to pick up her kegs. She uses magic to keep one away from Tyler, who pushes her up against her Jeep and asks if this is what she wants YES!

She tells him it's easier for her if he's a dick so she doesn't have to worry about falling for him. Are they going to do it right there in the headlights? She leaves without a kiss. It's the only real sexual tension on the show at the moment—gotta keep it alive. Jeremy returns to Salvatore Mansion and finds that Sarah trashed it before she bolted.

Caroline realizes living on the border of Mystic Falls if there are vampire hunters in town isn't a great idea, so she's going to move back in with Elena. They have a heart-to-heart, and Caroline sees that Elena, who keeps a piece of Bonnie's clothing, hasn't moved on from everything. And now that Elena isn't using her brain to focus on just her own love life, she asks Caroline if she has feelings for Stefan: Off they go to look for Sarah while we all cheer and wish balloons would fall from the ceiling.

Who expected Caroline to actually admit it?