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When we last checked in with telepathic waitress Sookie Stackhouse (Anna Paquin), she had discovered that she was part faerie and had been. The True Blood star gives us the dish on her Sapphic character's Season 5 happenings. Dating · Advice · Fashion Kristin Bauer on Pam's conquests, flirting with Sookie and her relationship with Tara Eric and Pam are the most unapologetic vampires so to see it and tell that and now for everyone to. I just spent the week with Sookie Stackhouse in Bon Temps, Louisiana. I had never seen an episode of True Blood until six days ago when I.

I bet Pam was a good saver. She probably had a lot of money in the bank. Like we saw last year, she never just gives up, ever. So, the big question: Well, Rutina and I, of course, saw the equation and have been wondering the same thing. I wondered this with Sookie as well. So, is that kind of a yes that we may see them get a little closer or, I know you have to be a little vague but — KB: Well, in typical True Blood fashion, things might get worse before they get better.

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I know and I see these incredible women at the table reads and I always want to work with all of them and I do get to work with some of them. Do you ever see that happening on the show? Featuring a strong, sassy Fairy Sookie and a sweet, infatuated Eric. Rated M for mature language and themes.

Begins shortly before the events in Dead Until Dark. Chapter 24 - Hadley makes a will and thinks about the past. Will Sookie be able to save Godric from death? Will she accept that the Viking is better than Compton? Join the group on a little trip as Godric, Eric and Sookie try to navigate a new life together.

Filled with twists and turns. What lies in their future? This story takes place shortly after the revelation and predates Vampire Bill trying to procure the telepath for QSA.

Sookie is his neighbor and Godric lives with him in his Dallas penthouse. Change one thing, change everything, and some love stories find their own way to happen no matter the odds.

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This is an Eric and Sookie story. Meeting Lorena certainly wouldn't help. Luckily Godric and Eric are there to help Sookie as she leaves Bill and figures out what she needs.

If Sookie can save Godric from himself that is. Dont like dont read. All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. When subterfuge and reality seem to collide nothing can be returned as it once was and the consequences resonate beyond the scope of expectation.

She was sent to spy on the vampires of Louisiana. She's recently discovered that the Viking is an innocent in the queen's schemes; and the telepath is also another innocent victim in Compton's attentions and in the queen's web of bullshit. What will she do to help them? He then picked a hobby that would change everything for him Rated M for possible M occurrences, not sure yet.

As if her life weren't complicated enough, Sookie has to dance through the perils of dating while she also walks the line between the human and supernatural communities of Northern Louisiana. Set after bk 5: Dead as a Doornail. Well, at least he doesn't walk into her bedroom when she's naked!

Can Sookie and Eric get past their tough exteriors to give themselves a chance together? Sookie thinks so and has a plan to get to Eric's real self- beyond the mask. And now introducing AmnesiaPam! Sookie is whisked away to another world to fulfill a destiny that was predetermined so very many years ago.

Can she truly save them all from what is to come? Sookie lands a part in a play and is besotted with her leading man. Eric Northman is the perfect Dracula, but there is something about him that Sookie can't put her finger on. When a stranger named Vlad enters the scene and threatens Eric, Sookie is thrust into a world she never knew existed. After seeking the help of her great grandfather Sookies life is turned upside down. Can she handle all the changes brought on by the CD.

Will she be able to find her way back to Eric. I hated the way the last book ended so I'm redoing the story my way. I never could reconcile that Eric would have let Bill get away with what he did to Sookie. Things go very different in this story when Eric serves up his brand of justice and puts his best skills to the test to win the love of the telepath.

She had come to terms with her life now, with the tragedies that had occurred in her tiny little town. She was ready to move on. Until a certain Viking came calling one night, that is. In the series finale, he turned to her to put him out of his Hep-V misery. He thought that if she used her fairy light to do it, they'd each get something they wanted. His pain would be over and she could live a normal life. By that point, they weren't exactly relationship goals. It's hard to remember a couple's moments together fondly after one's covered in the other's remains in a grave.

Pam and Eric were by each other's side through a lot. They even ended the series together, having started New Blood, a synthesized cure. Neither had much luck when it came to romantic, lasting relationships, but they did have each other. Theirs was a relationship that fans were happy to see still going strong in the flash forwards in the finale. There was the fact that it started as an affair, even though Sarah and Steve's marriage was never going to last.

There was the fact that the Newlins wanted Jason to be part of their anti-vampire church army. In addition, there was Sarah reappearing in his life and telling him they should be together because god wanted it. He actually fell for that before falling back into bed with her.

Their relationship was never about them. Instead, it was about other characters. First, it was about Steve, and later, it was about Jessica.

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It was just a complete mess of a relationship. However, by then, fans had been itching to see the series take advantage of their chemistry for years. It was just too bad that their relationship started when he didn't have his memories.

With Sookie's feelings for Bill pretty much always a factor, they sadly didn't stand a chance to last any longer than they did.

Kristin Bauer on Pam’s conquests, flirting with Sookie and her relationship with Tara

Even after their relationship ended, he still looked out for her. He went to see her when he expected his life to end.

Even as the series came to an end, he was still her protector. This happened while he was dating and then engaged to Arlene, who deserved so much better. True, Arlene's relationship with Rene resulted in a baby, Mikey. However, because of Rene's violent past, Arlene was worried about their child taking after his father.

She even lied and told Terry that the baby was his for a while before admitting the truth. Lying about paternity is never a good storyline for a show. This only happened because of her relationship with Rene.