Track and field meet checklist for camping

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track and field meet checklist for camping

Meet Timer & Printer. Competitor Numbers TRACK & FIELD GEAR. Shorts. Cleats LET OUR PROS CHECK OFF EACH ITEM ON YOUR LIST! Looking for a quick and simple camping checklist? We use this field to detect spam bots. (And you'll finally have a reliable way to keep track of that darn bag !) a temporary bench (for the new friends you meet!), or even a way to keep non -groceries cool (like sunscreen on a hot day – how refreshing. The Nike Track & Field Camp of Champions at Stanford University offers . in U.S. history at (m) and capturing third at the U.S. Championships . if you must, please do so early so that those on the waiting list can be notified.

Stuff it full of clothing and wrap it in a sweatshirt for a multi-purpose way to use your gear. Firewood The heart and soul of any good camping trip is gathering around the fire. Make sure to bring some cash to buy some cords of wood on site when you register at your campsite. Buy firewood where you are going to burn it. Transporting firewood has the potential to kill trees eek! Read more about how you can help conserve our forests here! Water Jug One of the most essential pieces on your camping checklist is a water storage container!

Not only will you use water for drinking, but for cooking, cleaning, and everything in between. We suggest packing a refillable water carrier like this one so you can use it over and over again.

If you want to be extra prepared, try calling the local gas stations or state parks on your way, and see if they have stations to fill up your water. Cooler A good cooler is an integral part of a great camping experience.

track and field meet checklist for camping

This is because lightweight fabrics that are also strong will tend to be pricier. Backpacking tents will be one or two-man and usually of the low-profile, outer-and-inner-pitched-together design with two or three colour-coded foldable poles and a bag of lightweight pegs.

Two wild camping tents to recommend are: Weighing in at an ultra-light 1. Its unique pole configuration results in maximum comfort with ample head and elbow room.

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It is classed as a three-season tent so will work well in the UK spring, summer and autumn and at lower altitudes in winter. Vango Helix The Helix is a very easy to pitch lightweight two-pole tent that also packs down small. Its quality PowerLite T6 alloy poles utilise a simple colour coding system that results in a tent that is straight forward to pitch with increased stability for all weathers. The value for money that this 1. Bivvy bag If you want to lighten your wild camping rucksack, even more, a bivvy bag is a neat solution.

It offers a low-hassle, quick-to-set-up alternative to pitching a tent. Essentially, a bivvy bag is a sleeping bag that is also waterproof and windproof. It is easy to erect you just place your sleeping bag inside your bivvy bagwithout the need for pegs or poles.

Some bivvy bags have a small pole to keep the fabric away from your head, while many others do not. A bivvy bag can take a bit of getting used to, but if you are looking for an adventurous night, sleeping beneath the stars, it's an excellent choice. Sleeping Bag A sleeping bag that suits the seasons and conditions is vital.

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Again you will tend to pay more for lighter-weight bags. In all but the warmest situations, a three-season sleeping bag is going to be more of a belt-and-braces option for keeping you warm while wild camping in the UK. While down bags offer the greatest warmth, a synthetic fill is usually lighter and keeps you warmer when damp. Some brands have now launched hydrophobic down sleeping bags so these could be worth a look if you have more money to spend. A self-inflating mattress or foam roll will help to keep the cold and damp from your sleeping bag and you and also offer comfort on the hard ground.

Choose a mattress that quickly deflates and rolls up into a small bag for ease of carrying. A pillow can be created by stuffing the clothes you wear in the day inside a dry or stuff bag. To keep weight down, wild campers might choose to eat a one-pot meal from the pot or put their meal in the mug that they can then use for coffee or tea. Taking dehydrated camping food is one option or pack lightweight foodstuffs such as couscous, pasta or flavoured rice, which only require water for cooking, and perhaps a ready made tomato-based sauce.

Some teams have Easy-Ups but if it is a hot day the kids pack under them and there is no room. Most stadiums do not allow them anywhere except the highest steps. Some people bring umbrellas, super large umbrellas or beach shades. But those block the view from others and get caught by the wind and blow into other people. So if you bring one, it is only allowed at the very front of the seats, or on the ground, on the sides of the stadium.

You will need to anchor it some how so it does not blow away. Most people bring blankets to put inside or lounge chairs.

track and field meet checklist for camping

Do not forget sunscreen! For yourself and your athletes. You will be in the sun, a lot!

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Best way to avoid becoming a lobster is to get a good sunhat and apply lots of sunscreen. The athletes will be in the sun during staging, warm-ups and while they are competing. Get some type of seat cushion if you are sitting in the bleachers.