Tohsaka and shirou relationship

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tohsaka and shirou relationship

I saw in the wiki that nasu has gone on record stating that shirou and rin relationship won't last in unlimited blade works. I just want to. Rin Tohsaka (遠坂 凛, Tōsaka Rin) is one of the three main heroines of Fate/stay Rin was very supportive of Shirou's relationship with Saber in the Fate route. Shirou Emiya is a fictional character and the main protagonist of the visual novel Fate/stay Urobuchi thinks the true heroine of Fate/stay night is Rin Tohsaka. He asserted that Shirou's relationship with Rin was the more realistic.

Shirou comes home to find Rin waiting for him.

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She asks if he accepted the invitation to join the Mages Association, but as she expected, he turned them down. Rin agrees, but says that this time, he might go further down that path.

I loved how Shirou and Rin are living together in a small, London apartment and attending college together. Apparently, they are a happy couple. With that in mind, is it any wonder that Rin stole this episode?

For once, she was not tsundere at all, but instead acted like a normal girl who loves her man dearly, enough to follow him all over the world. The only odd thing about their relationship is that they still address each other by their family names…well, mostly.

tohsaka and shirou relationship

I hate to say it, but when Rin took Shirou to Glastonbury, I was kinda hoping that Saber would show up, even if just in a form only Shirou could see. Anyway, during the flashback to where we could see Rin and Shirou a month after the Holy Grail War, I laughed at how Rin let Issei know that she and Shirou were dating.

tohsaka and shirou relationship

Also in the flashback, we got to see Sakura visiting that bastard, Shinji. I did like that dirty look she gave him when he initially gave her attitude about being fed cutely cut apple pieces. We already have an ending where Shitou and Saber get to live in this world even without that: Rin was very nice when she resurrected her to give her to him as mana is not needed this time as the game explains.

The answer is YES as you're referring to the Fate route's true ending as it is its canon epilogue.

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In this case, regarding the rest of the timelines the answer is Maybe, sort of. Because of how Nasu made it, it can also happen in the rest of the timelines.

tohsaka and shirou relationship

Last episode Unlimited Blade Works good ending: In the VN if Shirou appoints love points to Saber the good ending will happen and Saber will says she stays for him. Shirou gets Saber as his servant and they live happily. The reason is that it is done as an epilogue for such ending it actually says epilogue.

tohsaka and shirou relationship

Nasu has made epilogues for all 3 true endings. In the original game he did Heaven's Feel true ending epilogue. After some time he did Fate's true ending epilogue "last episode" and recently he's made UBW's true ending epilogue an 11 page script that was handed to Ufotable in order to make the epilogue episode.

It isn't questioned but I'm gonna address a few doubts the OP may have. You may think that even though it's the canon epilogue written by Nasu, it is also fanservice because of how happy it is.

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Actually, reality is that all happy endings if you reach the end of the game are strongly criticised by the VN community as fanservice. Last episode makes a lot of sense as Fate's true ending epilogue as Nasu has created it because: When asked if Archer comes from the fate route in interviews he has denied it.

It makes perfect sense for Shirou to look for Saber and for Saber, who loves him deeply, to suffer waiting for him risking suffering for all eternity.

tohsaka and shirou relationship

After that they reach their happily ever after.