Tim drake and cassie sandsmark relationship test

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tim drake and cassie sandsmark relationship test

Wonder Girl and Robin for Thank you for hiring me Commission 8 . also love these ideas. Cassie Sandsmark and Tim Drake - Young Justice () Cassie Sandsmark, Tim Drake . "Aww, I love their brotherly relationship! I really .. Young Justice League, Bat Boys, Comics Love, Pregnancy Test, Superbat, Nightwing. Tim/Cassie is the het pairing of Tim Drake (Robin III) and Cassandra Sandsmark (Wonder Girl IV) of the Teen Titans and Young Justice. Cassie Sandsmark, is the love interest of both Superboy and Tim Drake/Red after another, Cassie gradually lost her confidence and her relationship with.

She was drafted into the Teen Titans by Red Robin, likely as a way of keeping young super-humans from causing too much damage. She also hates being called Wonder Girl.

Like her best friend Batgirlshe is a very tough girl, she joined the Young Justice crew during the invasion. She and her mentor, Wonder Woman were part of the Delta Squad.

She was also one of the team members, past and present. She joins the team to welcome the Justice League back to Earth. She worked alongside Robin. In the series finale of the show, she and Tim allowed Static to the team and she and Tim became an offical couple. Romances Superboy Cassie developed a crush on Superboy shortly after meeting him. When Superboy died, Cassie's normally fiery personality was eclipsed by depression. She joined a superhero-worshipping cult in the hopes of resurrecting Superboy, only to be talked out of it by a fellow superhero who had lost a loved one.

Cassie continued to become increasingly withdrawn, which caused tension among her fellow Titans. Eventually Superboy was resurrected and after coming to terms with this, Cassie rekindled her relationship with him.

They seem so familiar, yet so different. The girl knows she has seen them before. The only question that remains is where and on who? Certainly she didn't bump into the young billionaire at the super market. She would've remembered that. Could he have pulled a Jasmine? Pretend to be a regular guy for a day and somehow have met Aladdin?

Which in this case was her. Dick will finish the tour for you guys. They entered the kitchen and the girl just sat on tip of the counter. She placed them on her check.

tim drake and cassie sandsmark relationship test

She didn't really feel the slap because of her strength, but for the sake of her human alter ego she had to play along. Something however, she found strange.

How did you know? The thing is Tim Drake is actually Robin. His adoptive brother is Nightwing and you guessed it. Bruce Wayne was Batman. He knew exactly who Cassie was. Unfortunately, since the Bat had forbidden his boys from revealing their secret identities, Cassie knew only that Timothy Drake was the adopted son of billionaire, play-boy Bruce Wayne and was following in his footsteps. Nothing more, nothing less.

He wished he could tell her so badly. It hurts him when he keeps secrets from her. No one can see it behind his mask, but he cares deeply for the daughter of Zeus and couldn't imagine life without her.

His eyes slowly looked down from her face to her lips. Oh how he yearned to feel those lips on his. He had come close once. One day when they were coming back from a mission. The Boy Wonder had been badly hurt and wore cuts and bruises all over his body. While they and Miss Martian were flying back, the Martian had told Cassie to take Robin to the medical room in the ship and start to clean hi wounds.

tim drake and cassie sandsmark relationship test

They arrived at the room and Cassie started to examine him. The Amazons had taught her well in the ways of healing not only herself, but other people.

tim drake and cassie sandsmark relationship test

She came to the conclusion that most cuts were superficial except for one that went straight across his chest. Shyly, she told him to take off the upper part of his uniform. She was shocked to the amount of damage that had really been done to him. The black suit had eliminated the sight of the piece of glass still stuck in his skin. She warned him that it was going to hurt a little. After putting a hand on his shoulder she yanked the piece out and started to clean the wound.

The demi god looked up when she finished her work and noticed that they were a little too close for comfort. He was sitting on the hospital-like-bed and she stood in between his legs, their lips only half an inch away. The young hero brought his hand up to cup her face, but right before their li[s touched they heard the bio-ships door open.

The teammates pulled away as if nothing had happened and never spoke of the subject. The sound of cereal falling into a bowl snapped the teen out of his thoughts. Is that the best excuse you can make?

He seemed so familiar, she just couldn't put her finger on it. The answer was on the tip of her chin and it was killing her for not remembering. Suddenly they started another staring contest, one she was starting to get annoyed by.

Tim Drake/Cassandra Sandsmark

He started to leaning for reasons she didn't know. For some reason though, she didn't smack the life out of him. His eyes kept travelling to her lips before locking with her eyes again. She hated this just as much as the staring contests she would have with Robin.

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That's when she made the connection. How could she have missed it! His lips were only centimeters away from hers and now she was sure that this was going to be good. It wasn't anything heated, they just sat there enjoying the long awaited taste of one another. Eventually, they separated in need for air, resting their foreheads on one another.

They had finally satisfied a hunger that had been haunting them for years, but now a new hunger came. One that wanted to tell the other all his or her secrets. Cassie already knew that Tim was Robin which means he knows that she's Wonder Girl, yet there is some much more she had to tell him.

Tim however, didn't know she had figured out his secret id and it was killing him on the inside.