Tidus and yuna relationship trust

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tidus and yuna relationship trust

Also, their relationship is more than just attraction. She trusts Tidus because he's her guardian. His innocence and obliviousness helps Yuna. While some of these relationships were a joy to behold, others were a total bore. 18 Saved: Tidus and Yuna (Final Fantasy X) .. There is even a moment closer to the game's conclusion that puts this trust to the test. For Final Fantasy X on the PlayStation 2, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Yuna and Tidus' Relationship *SPOILERS*".

Certainly there are issues there. Certainly some summoners are young but there are those who are older, have had families etc. For instance, Braska married and had Yuna before going on the pilgrimage. Is she even strong enough or experienced enough at 17 to do this.

Shouldn't there be some law to prevent KIDS from doing this?? Anyway, it just goes to show that Spira and the whole religion of Yevon is sick, sick, sick. So things are in a sense kinda depressing. He's 17 and grew up in Dream Zanarkand where by definition things are usually pretty idyllic. Aside from a few hiccups like Jecht training for Blitzball too damn far from the city and getting touched by Sin accidentally nothing bad really ever happens.

Tidus shows up and is initially just a typical happy-go-lucky jock. He knows nothing in the beginning of the whole pilgrimage or Sin or the sacrifice. He's happy and cheerful and is really into Yuna. In essence he represents something that is only a dream to her.

tidus and yuna relationship trust

Thus from my point of view, it is perfectly natural for her to fall in love with him. As for why Tidus should fall in love with Yuna? I mean everyone who knows her loves her. I also think the lake scene is a very moving and natural development of their relationship when Yuna realizes how much she has to give up now that she has fallen in love and yet still decides to carry on and Tidus decides to stick by her and respect her decision.

As for Kimahri, well. Sure the dog is there but it isn't really the SAME as having a human being watching. Great story, great characters, great emotion. What really sold it was Jecht giving Auron a hug while calling him "a stiff", yet that's what he liked about him!

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Yuna's Sphere that Tidus finds, which is meant to be her will before summoning the final aeon. In it she thanks Auron for telling Kimahri to stay with her, Wakka and Lulu for acting as sibling figures, and the "star player of the Zanarkand Abes", in whom she sensed something wonderful. Special mention when she talks about meeting Kimahri as a child: Do you remember the first day we met?

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I was only seven. My father had defeated Sin, and all Bevelle was celebrating. Everyone was saying what a hero my father was.

tidus and yuna relationship trust

I was so happy. But when night came, it occurred to me. My father had defeated Sin and now he was dead. Now, I was all alone. I couldn't sleep, so I wandered into the town, away from the celebrating crowds. I stood on the bridge to Bevelle where my father and I had parted.

Standing there, alone, I could see the fields where he had fought Sin. Then, you appeared, Kimahri. You said you were looking for 'the daughter of Braska', remember? At first, I was so scared. Until I realized what a gentle person you are.

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You weren't used to talking to children. When I told you that I was Braska's daughter That it was the wish of a man facing death. You just held me, without saying a word. I cried after we got to Besaid, too. When you tried to go after leaving me in the care of the temple I held onto you, crying, ' Don't go, don't go!

tidus and yuna relationship trust

Thank you so much. And I've always liked your broken horn. While Yuna couldn't have known this, it becocmes apparent that the dying man Kimahri had promised to was Auron, not her father. After being mortally wounded in challenging Lady Yunalesca alone, Auron crawled all the way back to Mount Gagazet before he eventually died.

Some of the last people he ever saw in life were Rin, and Kimahri. He asked Kimahri, a complete stranger, to watch over Yuna, presumably so that Auron as an unsent could fulfill his other promise to Jecht and watch over Tidus.

Kimahri accepted, despite not knowing the man and Auron not having the celebrity that Braska had. Without Kimahri's gesture, Auron couldn't have fulfilled either promise in full. This puts their last interaction in a new light, as well. Kimahri knew the whole time that Auron was an unsent, but stayed silent because they had a mission and people to protect. She doesn't mention Rikku because she recorded it near the Travel Agency of Mi'ihen Highroad, but she gives a great hug and thanks to her Al Bhed cousin at the end of Mount Gagazet.

After finally finding a solution to defeat Sin without the final aeon, Tidus throws the sphere out from the airship, as he knows she won't need to die for nothing. He throws it away. Both nod at each other. I will live with my sorrow, I will live my own life! I will defeat sorrow in his place. I will stand my ground and be strong.

I don't know when it'll be, but someday, I will conquer it. And I'll do it without First, when you talk to Wakka, he personally apologizes to Cid about his hatred of the Al Bhed. It's both heartwarming, and shows exactly how far he's come. Second, before you leave to go fight Sin, Brother stops Tidus as he's leaving the room to say one last thing. Talking to Kimahri at certain points prompts him to say some very touching lines: Yuna never run away.

You keep walking path forward. Kimahri watch the rear.

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Because of you, Yuna still smiles. There is no need for fear. Kimahri will go with you. No matter what Yevon thinks of Yuna, she's still welcome in her hometown. The only summoner who calls a Dark Aeon to emerge alive and unscathed is Dark Yojimbo's. After an epic marathon battle of 5 fights against Dark Yojimbo, the summoner admits defeat, prays for the party, and is allowed to go on his way.

Before Auron gets sent by Yuna, the part where he gives Kimahri, the character he's interacted with the least, a friendly nudge before going is really touching. The fact that his badass theme is playing helps. It becomes more potent if you remember that, ten years ago, a dying Auron told Kimhari to take Yuna to Besaid, so he's pretty much thanking him for fulfilling his promise.

Truly, much of their interaction remained unspoken.

tidus and yuna relationship trust

Kimahri was one of the last people to see Auron alive, knew he was an Unsent, and fulfilled the promise to Braska when Auron delegated it to him. The connection between the two was understood and mutually, maturely, respected.

tidus and yuna relationship trust