Tidus and yuna ending relationship

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tidus and yuna ending relationship

Tidus (Japanese: ティーダ, Hepburn: Tīda) is a fictional video game character in Square Enix's His character development and romantic relationship with Yuna are considered among the best in video games, Nojima said that he cried during the game's ending, when Tidus and Yuna separate and Tidus vanishes. Yuna is to set out on a pilgrimage to put an end to Sin, and by joining Yuna on Tidus confronts his childhood and his relationship with his father when living out . blooms frequently. While some of these relationships were a joy to behold, others were a total bore. 18 Saved: Tidus and Yuna (Final Fantasy X) If players get the perfect ending, Tidus is inexplicably brought back to life.

Along the way, they become tangled in a web of cutthroat Spiran politics, racial cleansing and despotic religious zealotry, which ultimately calls for them to turn their backs on the old, corrupt ways of Spiran society. The game was a critical and financial success, earning a 92 from MetaCritic, selling over 8 million copies to date, and getting the promise of an HD remake for its 10th anniversary.

tidus and yuna ending relationship

It is also the first entry in the Final Fantasy series to spawn a direct sequel—Final Fantasy X-2, set two years after the conclusion of X, highlights new struggles faced by Yuna in a quickly changing Spira with the help of her quickly changing wardrobe.

It is clear from the beginning of X that Yuna has led a carefully-planned life. Emerging from Besaid Temple as a summoner after many years of training, she sets out on a pilgrimage to each of the temples of Yevon to procure their patron Aeons. The journey will ultimately lead her to the ruins of Zanarkand to obtain the Final Aeon, the only creature capable of defeating Sin—an act which will spell her death in the battle between the two.

Even when the leaders of Yevon have turned against her and branded her a traitor, she continues her journey, unwilling to abandon the chance to save Spira from Sin. Just as she is set to start a journey she has always known she would take, Tidus begins an adventure he never expected to have when he arrives, confused and lost, on the beaches of Besaid.

Also they make out. Her meeting with Yunalesca is equally overwhelming, when it is revealed that the Final Summoning will do nothing to destroy Sin.

tidus and yuna ending relationship

However, neither of these things rob her of her purpose. And I will do it without false hope.

tidus and yuna ending relationship

Instead, it is ironically the completion of her ultimate task that brings her down. Having long since accepted that achieving her goal would end in her death, Yuna has no plans for a life after Sin.

Therefore, when Sin is defeated by means other than the Final Summoning and she lives to see a world without either, she is left rudderless, her purpose in life gone. The next place she seems likely to turn for a sense of meaning is her relationship with Tidus. While her goal to defeat Sin may be gone, she no longer has to fear the separation from him that death would bring.

The short feature shows her living a static life which consists primarily of advising members of the populace on petty matters and practicing holding her breath. Given the choice between disappointing those around her by starting a new adventure, or yielding to their expectations at her own expense, Yuna is initially unsure what to do.

In choosing to live for herself and do what she wants—a vast departure from her behavior in X—Yuna looks to her memory of Tidus for guidance on how she should behave.

The Oracle Turret

Some of the changes she adopts are positive, such as valuing her desires and choosing to expand her horizons by traveling the world. While such would be positive if Yuna was unhappy with all aspects of who she was during X, that is decidedly not the case. She still very much enjoys helping others and doing good for the world, which those around her seem to recognize even better than she does.

Having never fully regained a feeling of meaning during the two years she spent in Besaid, seeing the sphere of Tidus gives that back, goading her into becoming a sphere hunter to search for clues to the fate of her lost love. Just as he could have been her purpose before, he suddenly is again, giving her something to strive for.

Then, half-way through the thunder plains, she suddenly changes her mind and Tidus starts to feel jealous. So then we have the grand revelation: Tidus discovers that Yuna will die if she completes the pilgrimage.

This shocks him because Tidus usually just acts according to how he feels. When he realizes he was encouraging Yuna to walk to her death, he has a crisis of faith in himself. For the first time Yuna cannot place her faith in others and all of a sudden, she feels completely lost. Now we get a scene that needs no introduction as Tidus suggests that she abandon her journey.

What follows is a scene as beautiful as it is bittersweet. Our heroes switch places Now Tidus and Yuna are at an impasse. Yuna remains steadfast in her will: Tidus, meanwhile, refuses to accept this outcome and is convinced that he can find some other way of defeating Sin without her having to die. His determination inspires her. Her generosity inspires him.

tidus and yuna ending relationship

This is where things get interesting. At the end of her journey, Yuna discovers that she must sacrifice the life of a guardian just to create the next Sin. This crosses the line, and for the first time Yuna makes an impulsive decision.

Video Game Overanalysis: Love in Gaming: Tidus and Yuna

She refuses to go through with this, and stands her ground before her own namesake, Yunalesca. Yuna now has to believe in herself despite a world in panic mode after she broke the only known way of temporarily stopping Sin. Tidus, meanwhile, makes an ironic discovery.