The high priestess tarot relationship outcome

The High Priestess Tarot Card and its Meaning for Love and Money

the high priestess tarot relationship outcome

The High Priestess loves to be intellectually stimulated. This card represents a person who needs and craves stimulating conversations, books. Detailed Tarot card meaning for the High Priestess including upright and reversed card meanings. Access the Biddy Tarot Card Meanings database - an. The High Priestess, sitting on her seat, looks fierce and formidable, as she should be. What could this tarot symbolize about in your life?.

the high priestess tarot relationship outcome

Behind the High Priestess a tapestry hangs, keeping ordinary bystanders away, allowing only the initiated inside. The pomegranates symbolize duty, and the blue robe knowledge. The crown of Isis represents the Triple Goddess, and the solar cross that she wears upon her breast represents the balance between males and females.

High Priestess Tarot Card Meaning Love

This symbolizes higher knowledge. Her feet rest on top of the moon, signifying her power over pure intuition.

the high priestess tarot relationship outcome

She knows all the goings on both in nature and the spiritual plane. She is the protector of the unconscious and the only one who has the power to access the realms. The High Priestess represents spiritual enlightenment, deep understanding of the universe, inner illumination, and infinite wisdom. It would be impossible to learn all the secrets and mysteries that she holds, but the High Priestess continues to guide each of us to discover the true power of our minds.

the high priestess tarot relationship outcome

Your actions and attitudes towards love will be tested and this may be a make or break in a true love situation — The high Priestess is asking you to move from a space of love and union and not from fear and lack. Remember this person is safe and offering love, it is a chance to become the love that you seek. Spiritually this card wants you to trust your intuition. To journal your dreams, synchronicity.

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There is a huge awakening unfolding and it is possible that although pearls are to be discovered and great growth is assured, some shadow parts of the self may arise. The High Priestess wants you to know that you are protected and that your journey is one that is necessary and to not fear, stay grounded and allow your inner voice to speak.

The High Priestess tarot card meanings in love

It may be suggesting that is time to seek a spiritual teacher, but one that leads by guidance not instruction. If this is sincerely not the case, then it points to you, it suggests that you are your best teacher. The wisdom you uphold is to be integrated and trusted implicitly.

the high priestess tarot relationship outcome

In business and projects this card is suggesting that you have support of the higher realms, so long as you stay true to your inner knowledge. Some divine interference will be granted and although not tangible in the physical sense this card wants you to be alert and aware to these clues and intuitions, like a test of your trust in your connection to truth. It may be highlighting a need to let go of negative subconscious thoughts that have been holding you back from arriving at successful outcomes.

High Priestess- Love outcome multiple times

You are asked to wait for the divine moment when you get a thumbs up from your higher-self to make the right decision! The Element of Water: The High Priestess is associated with the Moon the keeper of secrets, hidden wisdom and intuitive powers. The Keeper of Secrets is related to the ephemeral ruler of the ocean's tides and connected to your emotions, which change and fluctuate as the Moon goes through its phases. During the changing phases of the Moon, you may receive mixed messages between your heart and your head - The Red Flag alerting you that something is wrong!

Each of us has a gut instinct, though all too often we pay it no heed, only to later reflect ruefully, "I knew I shouldn't have gone with my heart!

Card Meaning of The High Priestess @ Lotus Tarot

I just knew my head was telling me it wouldn't work out. You trust your intuitive guide and will wait patiently until you receive a message from your intuition, hunches, visions, dreams, meditations and prayers. You will not take a risk or put your plans into action.

the high priestess tarot relationship outcome