Tekken jun and kazuya relationship test

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tekken jun and kazuya relationship test

Kazuya didn't express any concern over Jun's well-being at all in his Tekken Tag Tournament 2 ending (a stark contrast to Jn's ending). In their. Rated: Fiction T - English - Romance/Mystery - Jun K., Kazuya M. - Chapters: 27 Anyway, I wrote this story because I absolutely love the Tekken .. to develop this particular strand of Kevlar KM2, and according to test results. Jin Kazama (風間 仁 Kazama Jin) is one of the main characters of the Tekken Jun's intimate relationship with Kazuya grew and she became pregnant with Jin. . Instead, he told Jin that he wanted to test his abilities and determine whether.

Jun was supposed to have arrested Kazuya and yet she didn? What was stopping her? She took Devil out of the equation, several days past and the next challenger came. In that time, Jun could have gotten backup and taken care of business, but alas, she didn? Her love for Kazuya, and the hurt that followed, drove her away from her job and society.

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After she left Kazuya I'm sure since he didn't just leave with her that he wouldn't abandon his evil ways. Thus leads me to believe that she may have had feelings for him but could never ultimately love him completely.

This is most likely the hurt she felt and the reason why she left. Though she saved him, he was unchanged. The Kazuya she loved had become corrupted with evil and power. She still loved him, but couldn? And who's to say she defended devil for their child, was kaz there, no she defended her child. Jin may be Kaz's offspring but I'm sure he never did anything to imply he wanted to be a father to him. Why would she want to even consider protecting jin for the both of them when she was protecting jin from kaz influence thus devil.

Because the story tells us she went on to raise Kazuya? She fought to protect the little life beating inside her, again, the story tells us these things. Snippet of Tekken 3?

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It could be coincidence, but why did she name Jin after Kazuya? The Chinese characters are the same, minus the one that is also used for Heihachi? Taking off his trademark vest outfit, he slipped into a pair of long, white karate pants, which had also come to be closely associated with him. With a purple flame design on one leg and a red flame design on the other, these pants gave off a look of immense power and immeasurable honor.

He also tied on two red foot guards that did little to actually protect his feet, but nonetheless were an essential part of his outfit. Finally he walked over to a nearby desk and sat down. On the desk there was a single wooden box, ornately carved and intricately designed. It was a very simple-looking box, like something a wood craftsman would make. It had one keyhole on its front side, which was very unique in itself.

That single keyhole, while appearing to be a simple metal protection device, was actually a deceptive trap. If any kind of key or foreign object should ever enter through it, then several tiny electronic sensors would be set off, immediately alerting Kazuya of the intrusion via his cellphone. Not only did it let Kazuya know whenever his special box was being broken into, but it also gave off a watt discharge as soon as the motion sensors registered a key being inserted. This electricity was designed to travel out of the box, through the metallic key, and directly into the hand of the person trying to break in, causing instant death.

Such brilliant and devious devices as this could be found everywhere throughout Kazuya's tower, due to the fact that he always demanded the best.


No simple lock or security system ever pleased him. He needed the best. After pondering his special electrical defense system for a little while longer, Kazuya finally picked up his arms and brought them around to either side of the box.

Placing both of his index fingers on opposite sides of the carved box, he inhaled and then exhaled deeply. Immediately, two small high-tech sensors turned on, and began reading his fingerprints. After confirming the identity of the man holding the box, it gave off a slight clicking noise, then unlocked.

Kazuya released his grip, and slowly opened the lid. There, lying perfectly in the center of the box, were two red gloves. These gloves were Kazuya's most prized possession. He wore them when he first defeated his father in the original Tekken tournament, and had subsequently carried them to each tournament since. Countless bones had been crushed at the mercy of these two simple gloves.

Even more blood had been spilt by them as well. Kazuya was a man that believed souvenirs or nostalgic artifacts were a stupid idea, but for some reason, these two simple gloves were the exception. Suits have come and gone, pants had come and gone, foot guards had come and gone, buildings had come and gone, engineers had come and gone, women had come and gone… but never the gloves. They were the closest thing he had to friends, and he treasured them immensely.

He carefully picked them up and inserted his hands. They slid on quickly, locking into place just before his wrists, as they had done a million times before. They felt comfortable on his hands, giving him a sense of familiarity.

Flexing his fingers one more time, Kazuya exhaled, and stood up from the desk. Turning around and walking straight out of his bedroom, he reentered the office. The phone on his desk blinked with a dull red light, indicating that he had one missed call. Kazuya glanced at the dot once, then continued walking, choosing to completely ignore whoever was on the other end.

Whoever it is, they will wait for me. Not giving his phone another thought, Kazuya walked to his front door and calmly watched as it slid open automatically. Placing one foot out of the office, he exited the room and made his way down a long hallway. Countless doors littered the otherwise perfectly whitewashed hallway, making the entire area appear like it was some high-tech hospital.

However this corridor was anything but. It was actually the corridor that led to Kazuya's training room, and to his workout room below. Kazuya reached the end of the hallway, and stood in front of another whitewashed door.

A small pad was attached to the side of the door, upon which Kazuya placed his hand. It used electric pulses to analyze his fingerprints, then glowed green as it recognized the familiar pattern. The door slid open abruptly, and Kazuya stepped inside.

tekken jun and kazuya relationship test

Clapping once, Kazuya turned on every light in the workout room, and was greeted with an intimidating sight. Intimidating, that is, to anyone but me. The room was a perfect square, approximately feet across, with one large circular imprint on the ground in the middle.

The entire room was colored white, except for this circle, which was pitch black. Kazuya stepped into the center of the circle and crossed his arms. They had better not be late. Just then, a PA system blared to life. A timid voice appeared over the intercom, addressing Kazuya directly. I see you are ready for your daily training routine. Kazuya did not move, but simply stood still with his arms folded across his chest and his eyes focused on the large observation platform jutting out from the wall across the room.

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He knew that behind those tainted black windows, a full team of combat specialists and robotic engineers were eagerly seated at computer stations, each awaiting the begin of the session.

Picking up on Kazuya's silence, the voice continued. Mishima, I have designed a potential remedy to the uh… problem… we have been running into recently.

Kazuya still did not move. As usual, you will be sparring against several combat volunteers today, but the difference this time is that they will be outfitted in a way to help them-" "Don't give it away. The man on the end of the PA system coughed nervously. He knew that Kazuya preferred to not have any advantages when he practiced, as to strengthen his abilities. Telling him what adjustments have been made would give the man an unfair advantage over his sparring partners, thus lessening the potentially beneficial repercussions of his entire fight.

I assure you that you'll enjoy today's training session, as well as the new technology being employed. As I do not wish to ruin your session or delay it any further, I will thus begin your training regimen and send in the first three fighters. Do you wish for me to proceed? The man quietly waited, then perceived this as a yes, which it was. He carefully turned off the PA system and turned to his fellow workers. Send in the new fighters, and make sure they are the right ones!

We're looking for group A1, with the mark-8 combat armor! Or else Kazuya will start getting mad! Directly below the observation platform, a large sliding door opened, and three men stepped out. The door shut loudly behind them, and immediately the room grew quiet.

All lights in the room were turned off except for one that shone directly on the black circle, illuminating only Kazuya and his three opponents. The three men looked like any other fighters, except they appeared to be wearing armor.

Kazuya looked the men over thoroughly, and tried to discern what alleged advantage they now held. Clearly, he reasoned, the body armor is what I'm supposed to be impressed by. Kazuya eyed the men closely, taking in every detail. Their armor was a dull tan color, covering their torsos, arms, shoulders, legs, kneecaps, hands, and neck.

tekken jun and kazuya relationship test

They also wore large, bulking helmets apparently designed out of the same material that left so little skin exposed; the men had to squint to see out of a tiny eye slit so they could see. Kazuya took note of the fact that the armor appeared specifically heavy around the neck area, and around the shoulders. Makes sense, since those are two of the most commonly hit areas.

The three men took fighting stances, then slowly approached Kazuya. He did not unfold his arms, but continued to observe them as they made their way across the arena. They can't just be bulletproof. He wouldn't be stupid enough to come up with bulletproof vests. He knows that I wouldn't be impressed by something so unoriginal.

I've fought plenty of fighters wrapped in bulletproof armor, and they were no match for me. If these stupid trainees truly are wearing standard issue vests, then we are going to have a problem. Kazuya noticed that the men moved much more fluidly that he expected them too. Usually body armor was very large and hard to move around in, but for some reason, the men appeared to have no trouble doing so.

They walked carefully closer, coming dangerous close, but Kazuya did not care. He knew that if any of them tried to strike him from so far away, he would simply dodge out of the way. Not even unfolding his arms, Kazuya continued to observe. Tan coloring, light material, designed to reduce impact from hard combative blows. Clearly the substance cannot be any kind of metal or steel. Such a proposition would be ridiculous. No… It must be something else… Finally, one of the men broke into a run.

He yelled loudly as he charged, but thanks to the armor he was wearing, very little sound penetrated. He threw back his arm and geared up to throw a punch right at Kazuya's face, who somehow still remained calm.

tekken jun and kazuya relationship test

Well, he thought, I suppose I'll just have to find out what they're made of the old fashioned way. Fine by me… The punch came whizzing along, dangerously close to Kazuya's head, but it ended up missing within mere inches. Kazuya had sidestepped, and the blow had missed completely. Not missing a beat, he unfolded his arms and slugged the man in the gut as hard as he would allow. His speed was astounding, and the loud thud made upon contact confirmed his hit's power.

The man buckled over in pain, and leaned forward sharply. Kazuya took the opportunity and karate chopped the back of his neck, creating another loud thump, and sending the man crashing to the ground. This man is pathetic. But his armor is interesting… I must figure out what it is made of… The second man approached from Kazuya's left, taking a much more cautious approach.

His fighting stance was very typical, and Kazuya was able to read him like a book. Stance indicates a basic understanding of martial arts.