Tamsin and bo relationship advice

Mid-Season 5 Review — Episode 94 – Drinks at The Dal – A Lost Girl Podcast

tamsin and bo relationship advice

personal information, including your religious or political views, health, racial background, country of origin, sexual identity and/or personal relationships. Lucky for us, she took time out of her busy schedule to chat about the upcoming Lost Girl finale, about Tamsin's relationship with Bo, and about. Bo & Tamsin Bathtub Scene "Lost Girl" | Lesbian Media. Lesbian Advice: 10 Signs the Person You're Dating Loves You: She Calls You All the Time.

The season has been OK so far but not great.

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I wish there was more time spent on character growth. The Ancients plot has grown on me, but I think time has been spent developing that plot to the disservice of our characters.

I thought it would build more quickly than it has. And I really miss Kenzi. I really want that character back.

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If they are going to make Tamsin suffer unrequited love, then there had better be a good reason, such as Tamsin getting back at Bo later. The way the storyline of Bo and Tamsin sleeping together was executed ultimately made everyone look bad.

tamsin and bo relationship advice

Annie thinks having Bo and Tamsin sleep together felt like fan service rather than a necessary piece of the storytelling. Rachel Skarsten has nailed it. Her face and body language reflect the emotions her character is going through so well. It throws into sharp relief how Tamsin was raised versus how Kenzi and to some extent Bo raised her on her last life and informs a lot of her behavior.

tamsin and bo relationship advice

Bo What happened to Bo? Where was Bo for the middle part of this season? She has felt more like a plot device than a character. She has been primarily driving the A plots.

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It has primarily involved finding happiness and freedom in her professional life. Another confrontation between her and Evony seems imminent.

How long can she blackmail her? Evony surely has more tricks up her sleeve. Will the serum come into play? People are worried about her safety because of it. It seems like developing a serum to make Fae into humans is a specific process, rather than a generic one.

tamsin and bo relationship advice

The serum she made for Evony is Evony-specific. It looked pretty OK to us. It was hilarious that when Dyson made that comment, Lauren smelled herself.

Bo & Tamsin ✯ Valkubus ✯ Lay Me Down

But it bothers her that it bothers her. Annie was also struck by how young Mark was. Are the writers going somewhere with these subsequently awkward hook-ups? We were unhappy that they chose to show Tad looking scared as Bo approached him for sex. Kris and Stephanie just generally found her enjoyable. Seeing Bo and Tamsin negotiate their working relationship was great, especially the scene in the alley in which they try to talk about their feelings.

After the nice moment between Tamsin and Lauren in the last episode, we were disappointed that she was so territorial about Bo around Lauren in this episode.

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But in this episode, Stephanie thought that it seemed like Bo wanted to get back together with Lauren. She saw Bo as being both aloof and a little flirty with Lauren. Stephanie allows that what she saw as hopefulness about getting back together might have been Bo reacting to the awkwardness of Lauren seeing her kiss another woman.

We all liked the scene in which Lauren talks Dyson out of shooting Vex. Stephanie really liked that when Dyson is holding Mark back from going after the hunter that he looks to Lauren for understanding and support. It was great to see Bo offer her friend support and see Dyson kindly assert his needs. But what was going on with his face? Was that all dried blood?

tamsin and bo relationship advice

Vex Why did Vex show up? Where did he get that information? Why did he bring it to Trick? Did Dyson Open a Window? Not much from the mysterious blonde woman this week, but we did see something interesting happen when Dyson lined up the photographs.

Jess points out that the symbol resembles a triskelion, which is a motif that consists of three interlocked spirals, bent human legs, or curved lines extending from the center of the symbol.

The three curves can also represent sky, land, and sea.

tamsin and bo relationship advice

Jess wonders if the symbol could represent three deities associated with the sky, land, and sea, such as Odin maybe Rainer really was Odin? Maybe this symbol calls them together? She was surprised that she still had a secret weapon like that to use.