Tales of the abyss luke and tear relationship goals

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tales of the abyss luke and tear relationship goals

A page for describing Heartwarming: Tales of the Abyss. Luke and Tear's relationship post Important Haircut, she doesn't give up even if he is an idiot. A page for describing Tearjerker: Tales of the Abyss. If you think that the guy who came back was Asch, then Tear's tears at the end can totally be . Author has written 14 stories for Tales of the Abyss. often), Luke/Noelle, Frings/ Cecille, Peony/Nephry, and now have fallen in love with Jade/Tear. Readers will be happy, I made my goal of , words in November this year. . in the game, Luke feels confined and his relationship with Tear is suffering because of it .

On nights when you've killed bandits or Oracle Soldiers That part of you is something I lack. I've learned a lot of things by watching you. I'm glad I traveled with you, Jade.

About the relationship between Luke and Tear... (spoilers)

Thanks to you, I've learned what I need to do. It's not the same as Master Van but I don't take apprentices. I don't impart knowledge. I'll just steal it on my own. There is also the scene after the destruction of Akzeriuth when Luke was looking for reassurance that what happened was not completely his fault but every one condemned him and abandoned him except Mieu who said that he also accidentally killed a lot of people and knew how Luke felt.

tales of the abyss luke and tear relationship goals

While his wording might not have been the best the Cheagle's heart was in the right place. Luke is not playable for a short while after the first duel with Asch in Yulia City. Mieu fervently stays at Luke's side, even if it means depriving the party of the Sorcerer's Ring - Mieu will NOT abandon his master, no matter what. In fact, even if you find Mieu annoying there is something very touching about his unbreakable faith in Luke.

Maybe he's stupid or naive to hold on to believing in Luke being a good person despite the amount of time Luke spends kicking him, but he does. The only one who matches him in faith is Ion. He's right to believe in Luke. Luke and Tear on the Albiore in the water before the final battle. After defeating Nebilim's replica, the party reassures Luke in particular Jade that he shouldn't be so hard on himself.

Jade, in his own roundabout waythanks them for helping him finally come to terms with his personal demons. The version in the manga spinoff Reminiscences of Jade is arguably more heartwarming considering the events there.

Luke leaping to Jade's defence holds some Fridge Brilliance to it as well: Luke is thinking of that and immediately doesn't want that to happen to Jade. From how Jade reacts, it suggests he knows that is why in part Luke is doing that. Double the heartwarming with that in mind. Four very simple words in the ending that's heartwarming and mixed with Tear Jerker at the same time: In the English version, the last three do not have a text box.

They are meant only for Luke. Breaking the Fourth wall has never hurt so sweet. Asch comforting Natalia and reciting his promise to her before he was kidnapped and explaining that it doesn't matter if she's a princess or not. Talking to Natalia later, she admits she knows that Luke was listening. And then asks him to please recite the promise Asch said to her. It's a sweet note, implying that Natalia is really listening to her heart now, likely even seeing Luke and Asch as completely separate people for the first time.

Hearing the promise being spoken by Luke makes her admit that she has 'realized something'. Luke and Tear's relationship post Important Haircutshe doesn't give up even if he is an idiot. Jade briefly vanishes from the party after Arietta attacks Anise's mother in Daath. Where does he go? To the chapel with Guy, who's just remembered something extremely traumatic from his past.

I've been frail since birth A little less tropey once it's revealed that those three 'Aerith' examples are all from the same now-destroyed nation. People can change, not only on an individual level e. Lukebut the ultimate conflict between the heroes and the Big Bad is over whether society can adapt to a world without the score or whether it is doomed to fall back into its previous ways. Ain't Too Proud to Beg: Done interestingly near the start of the game, when Jade, an older and far more experienced character, kneels down before Luke, who technically outranks him socially, in order to ask for help with accomplishing his mission to reach the king of Kimlasca.

Luke's immaturity in even asking this of him, and Jade's graceful acquiescence, is what allows Jade to keep his dignity in this situation, and the fact that he's willing to go so far underscores just how important their mission really is. The Score, which predicts everything from national histories to what an individual person is going to do that day. The Liger Queen you kill in the beginning of the game. Only because of the required cute creature in your party burning part of the forest down do you even have a reason for killing her.

She's also Arietta's "mother" You Bastard!

tales of the abyss luke and tear relationship goals

What makes her death especially tragic is how All the other God Generals the party kills are at least able to give a moving Final Speech before succumbing to their wounds. Arietta, however, barely even has time to form a single sentence before dying. She's also the first human boss you actually kill, not counting battles that end with someone falling to their "deaths" only to turn up alive later.

And she's a little girl. And her desire for revenge is completely justified by this point. He dies after discovering his daughter is still alive, but is in fact an enemy princess. All Love Is Unrequited: Subverted; Luke thinks this is the case with Tear. All of the Other Reindeer: The older girls in the Order, who did their best to make Anise's life miserable, mocked her parentage, and insisted she was incapable of being a good Fon Master guardian.

Happens to Van and Tear while they are watchers in the Qliphoth. The other soldiers were jealous of them because they came from the Outer Lands and are descendants of Yulia. All Your Powers Combined: She has the best Strike and Fonic Artes in the entire game. Guy is afraid of women, to be specific, although that doesn't stop him from hitting on them and then running the hell away. It's also suggested that he doesn't entirely know that he's turning women on, as seen when he compliments Tear on her appearance.

The Qliphoth; a bleak sea of miasma located far below the Outer Lands, with the only notable landmarks being Yulia City and the island that houses the Tower of Rem. But as the story progresses, some of the Outer Lands will end up down in the Qliphoth and remain there until post-Absorption Gate, where the two world maps will re-emerge into one. When Tear starts to sing the Grand Fonic Hymn, the final boss's battlefield turns into this.

Is it Luke or Asch in the final cutscene or both? There are hints, but it's impossible to be sure. Anime of the Game has substantially higher graphical quality than ingame anime cutscenes. It was even recycled for the animated adaptation.

Tear Grants

A few parts, the plot demands you to go to a town that's half way across the map. The game gives you an option to immediately warp there if you want to. During the stealth section, you have to sneak the party past a large regiment of guards.

If you get caught enough times, the game will give you the option of just brute-forcing your way through by fighting the guards in normal battles. You get a fast travel ability right as the plot starts taking you to various known locations at a rapid pace.

Luke fon Fabre considering that the Score ultimately reveals the destruction of Akzeriuth was supposed to set in motion a series of events that would result in The End of the World as We Know It. The Big Bad deciding to make it happen on his terms and creating his own Apocalypse Maiden in the form of The Hero to do so is what kicks off the plot. You only fight with four characters, while you have a total of six; complete with Hand Wave as to what the other characters are doing while your main party is fighting, with the exception of the final battle, where a skit right before it says that 2 of the 6 party members will be in charge of finding and maintaining a safe escape route as the other 4 take out Van and free Lorelei.

Everything seems to come in sevens: The AI can actually use items themselves.

  • Luke fon Fabre

Natalia is often seen as wasteful, but her AI does seem to know never to touch the expensive or rare items. Guy has an ability called "Center" that heals him a good amount. His AI almost never uses it if he needs it - even if he's the only one taking damage or has a chance.

Luke, after he realizes what a complete ass he's been and gets an Important Haircut.

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Anise, after Ion's death. Spinoza, after the death of his colleagues due to his betrayal. His friends from Class I also offer their lives to delay Van in order to atone for his betrayal. Mieu is also an atoner since he's been exiled from his village because of his actions. He is just a small child, but his playing around lead to a horrible fire that killed several of his kind and started a war with another species that is now dominating and terrorizing his people.

They are a pain in the ass to learn how to useand either require a particularly unfavorable HP level to activate or have a high cost associated with themgald for Anise.

Also, Luke and Anise's only be used once per battle. This means Jade and Tear cannot use their Mystic Artes until someone else uses one with no extension, and nobody can cast a fonic arte.

There is also a risk that Anise's can lock up the game if there are no sound effects for Dying Moon, your game will freeze. Both can only be used once, however. Fortune's Arc also has an extension, which deals extra damage and gives status buffers. Essentially all of the Character Development for Guy and Jade comes from their past.

tales of the abyss luke and tear relationship goals

Most of Guy's Back Story is right there in the open during the plot. To get most of Jade's, you have to go looking for it. Everyone but Spinoza in classes I and M, all the way. Culminates in four Heroic Sacrifices. Aside from the usual ridiculously large inventory space, both Guy and Luke somehow manage to put the various BFS into hilts far too small to hold them. Jade has a literal bag of holding that he uses to pull out his spears whenever he needs them, Hand Waved as a Fonic Art.

Sync fights with only his hands. Anise's Strike Artes fit this mold also. Luke, in a rare male example of this trope, always has his cloak showing off his abs.

The Keterburg Hotel Spa. Complete with Fanservice outfits for everyone! It can even be addressed in skits if you take the characters into battle wearing their spa costumes. Lampshaded by Anise in a skit. Because Destiny Says So: Holy crap, does it ever.

Why don't the people of Auldrant do anything when something bad happens? Because the Score predicted it, so there's no point meddling. Why does Grand Maestro Mohs want to start a war between the two major superpowers of the world?