Takato and rika relationship poems

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takato and rika relationship poems

After the fight, Takato never left Rika's side as she slowly recovered. . The relationship between the mates was different. It was rare for two. Well, after Rika wore a shirt with a unbroken heart, Takato felt that he liked her Their relationship has never been confirmed, but based on the way they act with . personal information, including your religious or political views, health, racial background, country of origin, sexual identity and/or personal relationships.

She rarely calls him by his name and when she does, it's because she actually screaming for him. You know when he's in trouble or she's in trouble. I don't remember what episode she starts doing this. All I remember is that she always calls him this nickname. In other words she was his "dream girl". The first words out of Takato's mouth when he saw her was, "I saw you in my dreams.

Merely she just glared at him and then ordered Renamon to fight Guilmon again. That was the end of the dream scene. But it was brought back in episode seven Now You See It! Takato had a talk with Rika about Digimon going back to the Digital World for no good reason. Rika replied that it was a possibility. Shortly after she walked him out of her house and Takato was smiling at her. He waved at her casually and then said with mirth, "Well, thanks Rika. It's not everyday you get to meet your dreamgirl.

Sorry, I just couldn't resist, bye. It was brought up again in the same episode, but it was pretty minor. Reflective Movies So in the whole season of Digimon Tamers, we know there are at least two movies. Each one portrayed a main character and a little bit more background on their life. In this case, the two movies seem to focus more on the character development of both Rika and Takato. It is important to note, that while Henry is a main character, he does not have any movies that heavily portray him, even though he is in both.

This is just my theory, but anywho let's examine it. In the beginning, Rika is seen talking to the phone to Takato arguing about her supposed "surprise" birthday party, that was just recently found out. Then a train comes speeding in, which turned out to be a Digimon called Locomon. Rika and Takato head on board separately. As they were trying to stop the train, a Digimon called Parasimon, controlled Rika's mind.

We see a her as child with her father. It is also revealed that Rika likes to sing. Rika is snapped out of this trance once Guilmon destroys it. The group fight Parasimon and destroys it. The "surprise" birthday party is celebrated, but it ends abruptly when Rika was asked to sing.

Takato begins to look for her, but Renamon stops him. We see Rika looking out at the sunset and humming a tune. The Tuskmon slowly started to fumble around and gave one last cry before falling to it's right side, motionless. Guilmon slowly appeared from the fallen Tuskmon and made his way to Renamon who was relieved he was alright.

He turned to see the Tuskmon and asked, "Is it dead? Guilmon closed his eyes and waited for the beam to hit him, but it didn't come. He slowly opened them to see a sight that froze his body ice cold. He saw Renamon in front of him, arms wide open. He then watched, like it was in slow motion, as Renamon fell on her back. Guilmon looked at her with horror, she had dive in and taken the blow full force, causing her chest to blacken and bleed as well as multiple burn scars all over her body.

He felt his eyes water with tears as he looked at the woman he loved near death. Guilt entered him for letting this happen as she held her tight, crying his eyes out. He then growled…and rage slowly engulfed him. His eyes went totally red as he gently placed her down and looked at the Tuskmon who was struggling to stay on its feet. There was a voice that roared in his head like a dragon in the skies and need for one thing and one thing only….

All went red after that. With only the roars of a dragon and the anguish cries of a Tuskmon that could be heard over the foggy park. It only last for 6 minutes, but if anybody passing by heard the noises… …they could have sworn they were hearing a monster tear the limbs off of a pour defenseless creature.

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After the night had ended and morning had come, many people would be horrified by the image that would appear before them from the slaughter… A field of pure blood. Nonaka residence It was never a good thing to piss off Rika. Especially when she was trying to go to sleep. She slowly got out of her bed and grumbled at the constant knocking that was bound wake up everybody else in the house if she didn't stop it.

A part of her wondered where Renamon was, she always answered the gate if nobody was around, but she hadn't heard or seen her since dinner. When she got to the gate she opened it and saw Guilmon, covered in blood, holding her partner who was slowly dying in his arms.

Her anger was soon long gone. Later Rika immediately ran into the house and got her mother and grandmother up to tell them the emergency.

As soon as they were up, they took Renamon and placed her on Rika's room while her Grandmother got her emergency first aid kit and started healing her as best she could while also healing Guilmon as well. Her mother went to the phone and called Yamaki, who was in charge of all things Digital related now, to tell him what had happened.

Rika grilled Guilmon for questions to which he answered too while watching over Renamon at all times.

takato and rika relationship poems

After learning from what happened, she called Takato at once and told her what happened. Takato was at the house 10 minutes later with everyone in the gang arriving 15 minutes later after Rika called them.

Takato + Jeri

Takato was relieved that Guilmon was alive, but he, like everyone else was horrified at Renamon's condition and every one of the Tamers, even Ali and Mako, started handing Rika Digi-Modify cards that would help heal Renamon. The cards managed to help a lot, but she was still unconscious and her breathing was still too close to call. Ryo came to the conclusion that the damage was more severe than they thought and Renamon was still in danger. This only made things worse. Yamaki had finally arrived soon afterwards, near dawn, with an entire special team of medics led by Henry's dad to check up on Renamon.

Three hours later the team declared that Renamon was slowly recovering however, the damage she received was causing some internal pain and that Renamon would have to slowly recover on her own with rest. There was a chance that Renamon could die still, but the team was confident that she would be fine.

Yet nobody, not even Terriermon, was high up in hopes. Everybody stayed for as long as they could, but eventually they had to leave with Renamon still in her semi-coma. When Takato asked Guilmon to come along, to everyone's surprise he refused and said he would stay here until Renamon woke up. Knowing his partners feelings, Takato agreed. And so Guilmon stayed in the same position, resting and eating in the same room, only leaving to go to the bathroom.

For a whole week Renamon never changed her condition and Guilmon never changed his position. He kept watching her and sometimes cried when he could; feeling that all this was his fault and that she was possibly dying because of his mistake. Rika was not too far off from his condition. She was always worried about Renamon and would often stay in the same room with Guilmon to check up on her partner. But because of school life she had to leave and attend classes where her friends tried to cheer her up, especially Jeri who knew the pain of losing a partner was like.

Sometimes they would visit to see Renamon as well, but nobody did any laughs or jokes, it was all silence, even Terriermon couldn't say anything.

It was in the eighth night that Renamon was still unconscious and she was starting to struggle in her sleep, like she was having a bad nightmare or was in pain.

Guilmon's heart hurt more than ever having to watch the one he loved suffer and be useless about it. Takato watched from the doorway, his partner was looking worse than that time he ate bad bread that had been sitting between the couch for three days. It hurt him to see his partner like this, but he couldn't do anything to help fix it either which was even worse.

All he could do was watch. Takato sighed, he had come over quickly to see if Renamon's condition had changed at all, but it looked like nothing had happened. He started to make his way out when he heard somebody crying. He went outside into the backyard to see, to his surprise, Rika Nonaka crying over her small pond. This was a complete surprise to Takato, not because Rika was crying because she was human and could, but seeing it was a different matter.

He slowly sat beside her and asked, "You okay? Takato touched her hair and said, "Rika…you can talk to me about anything…. Takato held on to her and gently rubbed the back of her head as she let all her emotions out on him. I don't want…to-o…l-l-lose her…. She noticed she gotten him all wet with her crying and started blushing with embarrassment, "Sorry…. I bet you think I'm a total baby now…huh? It's alright to cry…. Not to say your are not emotional I mean you are…I…I….

takato and rika relationship poems

I'm rambling again aren't I? Rika shook her head with a small giggle and mumbled, "Gogglehead" under her breath.

takato and rika relationship poems

I've got to take a speech class or a class that says "How to not act like an idiot especially in front of the girl you like!

The two were silent for awhile till Rika asked, "How's Guilmon? I guess it's not a surprise considering how much she means to him.

Well, maybe she didn't notice…. Dinoboy has a crush on Renamon? He thought Rika would yell at him saying things like "Keep that red butted bread eating dimwit away from my partner!

Takato looked at her with confusion, giggling was something he was not expecting. Unless the shock just made her turn silly or something. After calming down Rika smirked and said, "Well guess what…. Renamon's in love with Guilmon too…" Takato felt his mouth fall down in shock. Wow…this all feels like some sort of a drama thing only without the evil twins. Rika looked sad for a moment before smirking and said, "Yeah…it's going to be really funny.

I'm going to try and convince Guilmon to take a real nap instead of just taking one sitting up. Rika never let go of his hand as they stared at each other getting closer and closer.

Till their lips connected. Both were freaked out by what they were doing, but soon took pleasure in it and started to open their mouths to one another in a deep kiss. Rika couldn't believe that Takato had the guts to do this; Takato was thinking the same thing. They then separated as Rika whispered, "Takato…" He smiled at her and said, "Do you…want to…go out sometime? Rika sighed as she mumbled, "Not bad Gogglehead…. There were times when he would doze off and then wake up minutes later even more tired than before.

He knew that he had to get sleep, but he couldn't rest for too long…not until Renamon woke up…. His human partner sighed as he said, "Guilmon…you gotta get some sleep…you're going to make yourself sick if you keep this up…" "But…I have to stay awake…. I need to watch over her…it's my entire fault she's like this…" Said Guilmon. It's nobody's…it just happened…you have to let it go.

Takato hugged him and said, "I know your scared…everyone is…but do you think Renamon would want you to be like this…she would be worried about you too…we all are…just please rest for awhile Guilmon…get some sleep…go out…don't keep punishing yourself for something that's not your fault.

He was beating himself up and it was hurting his friends at the same time. Although he wanted to be with Renamon so much…he had to make sure that he was alright at the same time… "Okay…just let me stay up for one more hour at least? Takato nodded and said, "I'm going home now…I'll be back tomorrow with bread.

takato and rika relationship poems

In Renamon's mind It was dark…nothing could really be seen. Renamon walked around, trying to find some form of light that could guide her out of this darkness…but she couldn't find anything… "…. Renamon…" Her ears suddenly picked up something… a voice… "…. Renamon…" It sounded like…. She thought as she ran forward to the sound of the voice…the sound got louder and louder yet at the same time the pitch was getting weaker and weaker.

She finally saw something that made her gasp. He looked at her weakly and said, "Renamon…is it you? Sweat covered her entire body as she took soft deep breaths and slowly started to calm herself down.

She then heard the sound of running footsteps coming towards the door and soon it opened showing Rika, in her blue nightgown, wide awake and alert. She stood there for a long time, staring at her partner till she rushed in and hugged her as tight as she could.

Renamon was surprised, but hugged none the less. Renamon closed her eyes, "I'm sorry…. Renamon then remembered her dream and quickly asked, "Where's Guilmon!? Renamon was shocked that Guilmon had not only defeated the Tuskmon and carried her all the way back to her home despite being hurt, he also stayed by her side every night except right now when Takato had finally convinced him to get a good long rest after 7 days. Renamon touched her heart and smiled, he was protecting her yet again and she made him worry.

Now she knew, in her heart she loved him more than anything. In Guilmon's mind He slowly opened his eyes and started at the grey field of grass that spread all over the large field. Guilmon, confused, got up and wondered where he was…was he dreaming? He slowly walked towards as it started to pour harder and harder from the sky. As he got closer to it, a sudden fear gripped him. It was a coffin…an opened one…and from what he saw…somebody was in it… A dark thought came into Guilmon's mind as to who it was…and when he arrived that thought came true.

She was calm and peaceful looking with her face showing no life and her eyes closed. Her hands folded around her waist while holding on to a few flowers…her body was still…like a door nail. Guilmon looked in horror at the creature He then rushed into Renamon's room…what if the dream was an omen! To his complete shock Renamon woke up from her sleep and look startled. The two of them stared at each other from across the room, both too shocked to say anything.

The two of them hugged and held each other tight in the darkness with only the full moon from the windows showing any light. They stayed this way for a good long while till Guilmon started crying and whispered, "I…thought I lost you…" Renamon made him face her as she wiped the tears from his eyes and said, "I'm sorry I worried you…" Guilmon then cried out, "Why!?

Why sacrifice yourself for me!? You could have been killed! It was just a reaction…I'm sorry. The virus digimon then took his hand and felt her check, making her blush. She was warm and full of life…not unlike the nightmare… "Renamon…I love you. Her eyes widen…did she just hear what he had said? I love you too. Guilmon on the other hand, while shocked, felt his heart do back flips in rapid succession. Renamon loved him too. The two of them then passionately held each other and dived for a kiss.

Renamon couldn't believe she was doing this; this was only their second kiss, yet it felt like their first true one. Guilmon loved the flavor he was getting, this was better than Guilmon Bread! They then went all the way in with their tongue in each other's mouth. They had been going on it for a long time till they finally separated for some air. Both Guilmon and Renamon grinned, the experience was wonderful. Renamon then made up her mind…she wanted Guilmon…forever… She slowly started kissing her loves neck and went up to his ears, nibbling at them as Guilmon smirked from the touches and started giggling.

She then whispered something in his ear that made him gasp. He stared at her, "Do you really…? Rika then slowly opened the door, she was going to ask Renamon what was wrong…but after a few seconds of seeing what was happening…. She made a mental note to burn her sheet the next morning. Morning Renamon slowly woke up from the sounds of the birds chirping. She yawned and smiled…last night was amazing…she never had anything like it.

She turned to her mate, who was sleeping like a baby. The fox digimon kissed him on the nose and whispered, "Good morning…love. They kept their mouths interlocked for a minute before Guilmon broke it off and said, "Renamon…" "Relena.

Were mates now, you can use my real name. She thought about it, this was going to lead to some complications. They would have to tell everybody they were mates now, not to mention how were they going to live and what future "plans" were there in store for them. We can always change it around and make it look like a home…gets some furniture…besides it's not far from Takatomon or Rika's house as well as their school. She gave it some thought before the name came to here.

End Read and Review. The author would like to thank you for your continued support. Your review has been posted. Takato looked darker and more serious than usual, like a part of his spirit was missing.

Heart of the Dreamer, a digimon fanfic | FanFiction

Not even in class was he his normal self and it showed. At first, Jeri wanted to scold Rika for making her friend so sad. Henry advised against it, saying that this was something that they had to work out on their own. Anyway, you should get over to the park right away. There's a problem in the Digital World. Ryo said he couldn't make it and so did Jeri, Kazu, and Kenta.

Susie's at home with my mom. He told his parents that he was going to visit a friend and left quickly out of the bakery. Later, at the park, Takato was told about the emergency. As he walked to Guilmon's cave, he noticed Rika and Renamon standing off to the side. His eyes became a little softer when he looked at her.

When Rika noticed him, he swiftly repressed it and went over to Henry and Terriermon. Renamon noticed the somewhat concerned look on her partner's face. Now, he won't even talk to me. Usually, I'm the one who shuts people out. But I'm not even sure if Takato would understand. I feel something for both him and that jerk Ryo but I don't know what to do about this, Renamon. This is way too confusing. According to the data, it's the same configuration that Grani was.

Somehow, the remains of the D-Reaper program have mutated into some sort of new form. It's bypassed the Digital World and headed straight for the Net. Someone has to go there and check it out. The D-Reaper data must not gain control of it. I'll stay here and monitor you from this computer.

He held it up to the computer screen and was bathed in a white light. When it faded, he and Guilmon were gone. When Takato and Guilmon looked around, they found themselves in what looked like an empty white void. There were no trees, ground, or sky anywhere for as far as the eye could see. Suddenly, an evil-sounding laugh emerged from the void.

takato and rika relationship poems

It seemed to come from all directions. Just then, the environment grew darker and a shape emerged from the void. It was a sickeningly black cocoon etched with complex-looking circuit patterns. As it opened, the cocoon revealed itself as the metallic wings of a shadowy figure with long red claws.

He glared at the Tamer and Digimon with an evil look.


At last, I shall have my revenge for my counterpart's defeat. Back in the real world, Henry was going over all of the data from the laptop. Rika and the Digimon were also watching with interest. My guess is that he's the result of the D-Reaper's data mutating on the Net into an actual Digimon. Takato, you have to make sure that he doesn't gain control of the server at any costs.

He then whipped out a Modify Card as Guilmon went into his battle mode. I am the strongest of any Digimon you could ever face. You have no hope of defeating me. Growlmon, matrix digivolve to He glared at Takato with evil intent in his eyes. Now you are alone. The Ultimate Digimon tried to keep them away with the blades on his arms. When the smoke cleared, the Digimon was still standing, totally unfazed by the attack. The attack did severe damage to him and Takato, who was knocked to the ground.

WarGrowlmon slammed down to the ground hard. He managed to cut through the Digimon, exposing the red, lava-like matter under his black body armor. Suddenly, the armor fused back together, leaving D-Reaper without a scratch!

It was so bad that he de-digivolved back to Rookie instantly. He glared up at the D-Reaper, who was laughing maniacally. You cannot defeat me! Suddenly, Takato and Guilmon started glowing with a golden light. The digital knight glared at the Digimon with unwavering bravery. Inside his data sphere, Takato winced as he felt every slash on his own body. He wasn't going to give up, despite the pain. Shield of the Just! It took all of the Mega Digimon's strength to break them.

His armor and shield was cracked and broken and he could barely stand. Inside his sphere of data, Takato felt weaker than he had ever been. He knew that he was running out of time. Takato looked over and, to his astonishment, saw Rika riding in on Kyuubimon's back. He was barely conscious and his goggles were cracked. She then turned to Kyuubimon, who was having a hard time holding off the D-Reaper.

Still, after the attack, he was still standing with barely a scratch. Inside her data sphere, Rika winced from the pain going through her. We've got to use everything we have to stop him. It was so great that she de-digivolved to Rika and Renamon.