Takato and rika relationship goals

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takato and rika relationship goals

Goals. To save save Digital World and Human World In , Rika encounters Tamers Takato Matsuki and Henry Wong and their partners Digimon, Rika has a rough relationship with her mother; Rumiko is bubbly and upbeat, in sharp. Takato is in depression over Rika's so-called relationship with Ryo when he gets a distress call from the Digital World. When he gets there. Takato Matsuki is the first of the Tamers to have Biomerged. He is also unique in that he He is currently in a relationship with Rika. His partner is Guilmon.

Grani's sacrifice is a Tear Jerker to be sure, but it's also heartwarming to hear his final words to Takato and Guilmon, reassuring them this is what he wants, for they are his friends. Do you want to fly? I will give you my wings.

takato and rika relationship goals

I can no longer move on my own, but I can give you the strength remains within me. You can have my wings, Gallantmon. Grani, you really are a Digimon, aren't you? Grani, are you sure? Yes, I am very sure, you are my friends, you talk to me. This is my gift to you. After making up with Renamon, she admits that a weight has been lifted and doesn't feel like making fun of the others about their Digimon relationships anymore. After struggling with their own friendship the last few episodes, Rika finally makes a confident first step in her character development.

Rika praising Renamon's performance and offering her an energy drink.

takato and rika relationship goals

Granted, it wouldn't be out of character in later episodes ; but this was from one of the first ones, so, it is totally heartwarming. Rika, seeing as she would travel to the Digital World for an unknown amount of time and maybe never returning at alldressing a very pink and very girly dress that she hates so much, just to make her mom happy.

Rika and Renamon rushing to take Impmon to the real world even when they had no time to waste as the ship heading there would be out in minutes. Seriously, this could go on forever. Rika, before rushing to the final battle, accepting a new shirt from her mother, with a blue non-broken heart opposite to the blue broken heart she usually wore.

takato and rika relationship goals

What makes it sweeter is that right after, her mother removes her own jacket to reveal her new shirt: Rika's Character Development is completed in the finale, when she cries for Renamon not to leave her, telling her that she loves her.

Also worth noting a moment in episode When IceDevimon is about to kill Kyuubimon, Rika intervenes to stop him to which he berates her for not rejecting her injured "inferior" partner.

takato and rika relationship goals

Rika, who keep in mind up to this point was still very much of the opinion that power was the only thing that mattered in the worldretorts to him "Because She is my friend, You Monster! It then turns into a Crowning Moment of Awesome when, while running in the direction of the battle, Impmon digivolves into Beelzemon, looks at the toy gun and it turns into a functioning arm-mounted BFG.

There are fucking reasons why Beelzemon is this troper's favorite character from that series.

Rika Nonaka

You know, Mako, this might just come in handier than you think! That part is even sweeter. When Mako gave him the toy gun, Impmon was about to tell him it wouldn't help, but stopped himself to save his feelings. Even after 10 years I watch that scene and it brings Manly Tears when he says "I've never felt this kind of power before, and this time I'm fighting for what's right! The fact that he fights so freaking hard to be The Atoner after realizing what he did was wrong is both heartwarming and sad in and of itself.

His voice actor both of them really sell how complete and utterly desperate he is to make up for his wrongdoings.

Takato Matsuki

The apology that Ai and Mako give to Impmon, and Impmon can only look away while holding back tears and saying he forgives them. Takato and Juri's conversation at night about him missing his parents. Takato and Juri, period. The good-luck charm Takato gets from his mother, as well as the note attached to it. It's pretty different in the dub, but both versions are incredibly touching to listen to. Takato's relationship with his parents, period. However, she is initially unimpressed with the two boys, as Takato is an inexperienced Tamer and Henry prefers not to let his Digimon fight.

Rika, who has been fighting Digimon who bio-emerge in the Real World with Renamon and having her load their data, longs for her partner to be the strongest Digimon in the world. Rika is frustrated by Renamon's inability to get stronger and Digivolve, even though she has loaded the data of many Digimon. When Renamon saves Rika from Dokugumon and is injured, Rika is distraught, and her caring for her partner causes Renamon to Digivolve to Kyubimon. However, she still cannot grasp that Digimon aren't just computer data.

It isn't until she is kidnapped and held captive by IceDevimon, who wants to be her partner, that she realizes how cruel she had been to other Digimon. This event startles Rika, and once she is saved by Kyubimon and the other Tamers, she states that she hates Digimon and parts way with her partner. When Rika runs across Renamon fighting and uploading the data of three Flybeemon after their split, Rika becomes convinced that Renamon doesn't need her anymore. However, when a Harpymon bio-emerges and overpowers Renamon, Rika stabs Harpymon in the back to save her partner, as she has left her cards at home.

Rika's actions cause Renamon to evolve and defeat Harpymon, but Kyubimon doesn't absorb her foe's data, no longer needing it to be stronger. Rika and Renamon's partnership resumes, stronger than ever, now that Rika realizes Renamon is not a tool, but a real friend.

From this point on, Rika also becomes closer to Takato and Henry, as she is now able to appreciate their bonds with their Digimon. With Takato, Henry and their partners on vacation in Okinawa, it was up to Rika and Renamon to keep the peace in Shinjuku as Digimon continued to appear at a rapid pace.

When Digimon started appearing all over the world, Omnimon appeared to transport Rika and Kyubimon, along with Henry and Gargomon, to the battle site where Takato and Growlmon were fighting the true enemy: Rika was present when the battle continued into an alternate dimension where the Tamers' Digimon combined their attacks to create the "Trinity Burst" attack to defeat Gulfmon and put a halt to the chaos in the Real World.

Rika has a rough relationship with her mother; Rumiko is bubbly and upbeat, in sharp contrast to the aloof and sarcastic Rika. Rumiko wishes for Rika to be more feminine and sweet, which Rika resents. However, as she grows closer to Renamon and forms bonds with the other Tamers, she begins to realize how much she loves her family. Before the Tamers leave for the Digital World to rescue Calumon, Rika puts on a dress to make her mother happy before she leaves.

She is unable to tell her mother about her upcoming departure, but her grandmother, who discovers Renamon's existence and dubs her Rika's "guardian angel", promises Rika that she will keep her departure to the Digital World secret from Rika's mother. Shortly after arriving in the Digital World, Rika, Renamon, Kazu and Kenta are separated from the others when they are sucked into a data stream.

takato and rika relationship goals

They stay with a friendly Jijimon and Babamon for a while, then leave to find their friends. When they get sucked into another data stream and arrive at a strange location, they have to fend against an attacking Megadramon until Ryo Akiyama and his partner Cyberdramon arrive and save them.

Kazu and Kenta are excited to meet the famous "Digimon King", and Rika becomes bitter about his presence. After being reminded that she was just Ryo's runner-up, she and Renamon part with the boys and go their separate way. Later, Rika and Renamon find Calumon, and they reunite with the others. However, the canine Deva Caturamon captures Calumon and another data stream separates Takato, Henry and Terriermon from them until their fight with Beelzemon.

Rika and Renamon climb down the crevice to the D-Reaper's dwelling alone, with Ryo and Cyberdramon at their heel. After retrieving Calumon, Rika and Renamon unite to stop the D-Reaper's bubbles from escaping, Biomerging into Sakuyamon in a display of true companionship and trust.

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Later, Janyu Wong sends the Tamers an Ark that will take the children home. However, Renamon picks up Impmon's scent, and Rika and Renamon go out to search for him. They find him, worn and beaten, and bring him with them to the Ark, arriving in the nick of time.

Before she leaves to fight it, Rika's mother gives her daughter her blessings, and presents her with a gift: From this point on, Rika wears this new T-shirt, a symbol of her mended relationship with her mother.