Takashi and rei relationship goals

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takashi and rei relationship goals

Explore Shuujin's board "Komuro Takashi" on Pinterest. Anime Highschool Of The Dead Takashi Komuro Rei Miyamoto Fondo de . Social / Relationships. Rei is in a relationship with Hisashi and has seemingly given up on hopes of being with Takashi. When the zombie apocalypse breaks out, she escapes to the . Rei is upset that Takashi kills Hisashi after he becomes a zombie, but when Takashi .. to Rei but continued his investigation with the goal of arresting the Shidos. and the "solid give-and-take relationship" between Takashi Komuro and Rei.

He showed his leadership to the survivors when he rallies them to kill the zombies in order to save Japanese society from collapsing, and publicly kills his zombified subordinate. Later he entrusts Saeko with a katana made with military-grade steel at an industrial weapons factory. When the zombies breach the estate, he and his troops fight them off. While the Takagis and the rest of the estate survivors fight against the horde, Soichiro comments that they are proud of their daughter and the friends she has made.

The Takagi family fortune rose significantly due to her business connections. When the zombies breach the estate, she gives Saya her Luger P08 pistoland then proceeds to assist her husband in fighting the horde. When Yamada questions Shido, Yuuki suggests they kick him off the bus. She refers to herself in the third-person.

She develops a liking for Kohta after he subdues a guy named Shimada who wanted to sexually assault Shizuka Marikawa. Asami later accompanies Takashi to help obtain blood plasma for a sick survivor and is forced to mercy kill one of the mall survivors, Tamaru, when he gets bitten by "them". Asami's superior officer is Matsushima, who leaves for the police station before Takashi and the group arrive. Asami is shocked to find Matsushima who is walking as a zombie. She dejectedly runs to the mall's rooftop but is encouraged by Kohta to go with him and his friends.

Shortly after breaking out of the mall with the group, she attempts to save a frightened student trapped on top of a truck in the parking lot.

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She and Shimada distract the zombies long enough for the student to escape, however Asami herself becomes trapped without any more bullets.

Asami shouts that she hates Kohta, although Takashi immediately recognizes and tells Kohta that she is just yelling to attract the zombies so that they can escape.

She shouts out one final request for Kohta not to allow her to become a zombie, and Kohta sadly aims his rifle at her head as she salutes goodbye. Previously, only his voice was heard on Rei's cellphone in a bad one-way connection. When he learned that his daughter Rei was held back a year because of his actions he apologized to Rei but continued his investigation with the goal of arresting the Shidos.

Rei breaks down, and Takashi thinks to himself that there is no solution to what's happening, and the world they knew is gone. Hisashi's condition begins to worsen, and he is soon coughing out blood. He knows he will soon die and change into one of "them," so asks Takashi to help him commit suicide so he could die as a human. He is quickly stopped by a crying Rei, who begs him to stay with her.

takashi and rei relationship goals

He responds by stepping down from the barricade and hugging her. He admits to himself that her words were comforting, but he also feels helpless because he doesn't know what they will do now. A short time later, Rei and Takashi sit on the observatory casually chatting with each other. Takashi makes a joke about "them" having issues, and the two share a laugh.

Rei stands up and asks to use Takashi's phone again. He reminds her that the emergency line isn't working, but she says she's going to call her father's cell phone.

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Tadashi, her father, answers, but he can't hear Rei and thinks he is talking to Takashi. He tries to tell Takashi something important, but there is a bad connection, and the call eventually cuts off. Rei is distraught that he didn't realize it was her. Takashi foreshadows something bad happening that ended the call rather than the phone dieing. Thirty minutes pass, during which Takashi and Rei devise a plan to escape from the observatory using the fire hose.

Takashi holds the hose in front of the barricade while Rei turns the water on.

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After gaining control of the hose, Takashi uses it to blast "them" down the stairs along with the barricade. While "they" are stunned from the hose, Takashi and Rei seize the opportunity to make it back inside the school. They fight back one of "them" along the way. As they make their way down the stairs from the roof, Rei asks Takashi where they will go. He fakes a positive attitude as he tells her they can join with other survivors from the school and go to their homes.

Rei has hope when she realizes that she knows her father is safe, and she tells Takashi he should call his parents. He tells her his father is on a business trip and his mother is at an elementary school, so he can't call them. He pretends not to be worried and makes a joke about how they probably wouldn't shut up if he called; however, he thinks to himself that he is actually really worried.

He wonders if the situation at his mother's school is similar to that at his own school. They suddenly hear a noise like a gunshot coming from the direction of the faculty room and hurry to investigate it. When Takashi and Rei reach the area outside of the faculty room, they find Saya and Kohta surrounded by "them.

They decide to take a break and formulate an escape plan. Takashi asks Shizuka if she has her car keys, but they realize her car wouldn't be big enough for all of them. Kohta points out the minibus in the parking lot, and Takashi decides that they can take the bus to their houses to make sure their families are okay, and then find somewhere safe.

Takashi notices that Rei, who is watching a news program on the television, is worried, and they turn the volume up to see what it is. The reporter on the program begins to talk about the government declaring a state of emergency but is cut off when corpses behind her become "them" and attack. The program cuts to the news studio. After seeing reports of the same situation all over the world, Saya concludes that it is a pandemic. Since they have no way of knowing how long the pandemic will last, they decide to focus on finding their families.

Takashi tells the others they can go through the front entrance to the parking lot and leads the way out of the faculty room. On their way to the front entrance, the group encounters Takuzo and his group, which includes his girlfriend Naomi and Kawamotoand help them fight off a group of "them. They are forced to stop when they find a group of "them" blocking their way. Saya claims that "they" can't see and only respond to sound, and Takashi volunteers to test Saya's theory.

Despite Rei and Saeko wanting to go with him, he insists on going alone. He proves her theory and throws a shoe to clear "them" away from the front entrance. The two groups flee the building together and have no problems until one of the other boys in Takuzo's group accidentally hits the metal door frame with his weapon, creating a loud noise.

takashi and rei relationship goals

Takashi yells to the others to run and leads the way across the parking lot to the bus, losing Naomi and Takuzo along the way. Takashi holds "them" off with Saeko as the others make it onto the bus.

Takashi is the last to enter, and, before he closes the door, he hears someone yell and looks up to see Koichi Shido and his students, including Tsunoda and Yuuki Mikuapproaching them. Takashi orders Shizuka to wait for them. Despite Rei pleading with him to leave Shido behind, he makes sure Shido's group makes it on before they leave.

As they leave the school behind, Rei warns Takashi that he will regret saving Shido. As the group makes their way from the school into the city on the bus, Tsunoda complains about having to travel with Takashi and his group.

Shizuka, who is having trouble coping with their situation, stops the bus to tell Tsunoda to be quiet, but his temper only escalates. He angrily advances on Takashi and begins to show signs of aggression, saying he hates him. Takashi asks why he hates him and points out that he did nothing wrong. Before Tsunoda reaches Takashi, Rei jumps up and thrusts her mop handle into his abdomen, causing him to fall to the floor in pain.

Shido uses this moment of disorder to give a speech about needing a leader and nominates himself. Other than Takashi and his group, all of the students on the bus vote for Shido to become their leader. Rei promptly leaves the bus, and, when Shido implies they should leave her behind, Takashi quickly follows her.

He tries to get her to go back, but she only says she told him he would regret saving Shido. Takashi's response is cut short when another bus comes barreling towards them on the street. The people inside are being attacked by "them" and have lost control. Takashi protects Rei as he approaching bus hits a car, topples over, and bursts into flames, preventing Takashi and Rei from returning to the bus.

Saeko leaves the bus to make sure Takashi and Rei are okay, and Takashi makes plans to meet at the East Police Station either at 5: They are forced to flee when the fire grows more violent and the wrecked bus begins to explode. As Takashi pulls Rei away, one of "them" wearing a motorcycle helmet pins him to the ground. It rams him in the head with its helmet, and he struggles to keep its face away from his.

Rei saves Takashi by bashing it in the back of the head and helps him to his feet. They prepare to walk to the police station, but Takashi realizes that the guy they just fought had a helmet.

takashi and rei relationship goals

He finds a motorcycle nearby and climbs on. Rei looks worried as she asks if he has a license. Takashi tells her that driving without a license is a high school student's right. As the two drive away, Takashi thinks to himself that he still didn't realize the world had already ended. In the house, Takashi locates a stockpile of weapons and ammunition with Kohta. After watching a television broadcast that was taking place on a nearby bridge, Takashi is hugged by a drunk Shizuka from the back.

Shizuka attempts to grab Takashi's crotch but is stopped when Takashi pushes her away by grabbing her breasts. Later, after Kohta gets kissed and Shizuka falls asleep on Takashi, Takashi attempts to take her downstairs to let her lie down.

On his way to the stairs, Shizuka almost falls up and Takashi grabs her bottom, trying to hold her up. Shizuka later flirts with Takashi, saying he is a "naughty boy" and falls asleep. Takashi mumbles how he would be very happy if he touched them for those purposes. As he is mumbling, Rei comes up the stairs and confronts him and gets angry at his statement, but suddenly says "Wow there are 3 Takashis!

After remembering what happened in the first few days, Rei breaks down in tears. Takashi angrily leaves her and drops Shizuka off onto the floor and covers her up with a blanket Later, Takashi goes to the fridge looking for a drink and hears Saeko talking to him.

Takashi looks up and sees Saeko almost nude in an apron with a thong. After an embarrassing conversation, Rei calls for Takashi to come up to talk with her. After he goes up, Rei makes comparisons with him and Hisashi. Takashi snaps in the middle of the conversation and tells her that he is not Hisashi and he killed him with his own hands and tells her to get back to reality.

Rei, on the verge of crying, leans in to kiss Takashi who also leans in, and they share a kiss. Later Takashi pulls back from Rei and tells her they should stop and not go further.

Takashi said he was going to get an erection in the anime, while in the manga she pointed out that he was already getting one when they were getting too close.

Soon after, a dog outside was barking and "they" started to hoard around a young man shooting a shotgun who eventually died. After that, a man and his daughter, Alice, would try to see refuge in a house with lights on.

Upon the opening of the door, a resident of the house stabbed Alice's father. Takashi goes to save the little girl and the dog, Zeke. Alice is now part of the group, but has no weapon as she is only seven years old.

After rescuing Alice, the gang travels to the other side of the river in the Humvee. On the journey, Rei wakes up to find Takashi sleeping. Thinking it was really cute, Rei notices Saeko drooling on Takashi's crotch. Rei pinches Takashi on the face to wake him up and tells Saeko that she is drooling, much to her dismay. Once they reach the other side, the girls get dressed. Later Rei and Takashi ride on the back of the Humvee on their way to Takagi's house, only to find the road to be infested with "them".

Later the car occurs in a minor accident and Rei falls off the Humvee's back, leading to Takashi saving her and trying to protect her from zombies as other gang members try to protect them as well. After what appears to be the end for the gang, a group of firefighters blasts away the group of "them" that is approaching.

The gang climbs through the barbed wire fence to be greeted by Saya's mother. Takashi and the group are taken to the Takagi Estatewhere they decide to stay for a short time.

After settling in for a day, Takashi helps Shizuka apply ointment to the injuries on Rei's back. He holds her down while Shizuka rubs the ointment on her back. Rei, who is in pain during the procedure, tells Takashi to leave the room because he was responsible for her breasts hurting when he fired the gun that was strapped around her.

As he exits the room, Takashi meets up with Saya after hearing her loudly arguing with her mother on the second floor. He encounters her as she storms down the stairs. He tries to calm her down, but she only gets mad at him because he still does not call her by her first name.

Takashi is approached by Yuriko who asks him if he has ever seen this side of Saya as they have been friends since kindergarten. Takashi says yes and the two engage in light conversation about the Takagi Estate. Changing the subject, Yuriko tells him that Tokonosu is getting its water and electricity from the dam at Okunako.

She tells him that, since everywhere is filling up with "them", the workers will have to abandon the water and power plants, and without maintenance, the plants will stop running, and she reveals her and her husband's plans to take a bus to the plant with anyone who has the will to survive and take full responsibility of water and electricity for the city.

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She tells Takashi that he and the others all have a great will to survive, and they have done well to survive this long. Before Takashi leaves, he agrees to do a favor for Yuriko by persuading Saya to trust her parents. After his conversation with Yuriko, Takashi wanders through the house and finds two men moving something heavy.

takashi and rei relationship goals

When he attempts to help them, they mock him for being a kid.