Sora and kairi relationship quotes

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sora and kairi relationship quotes

Re: The Future of Kairi and Sora's relationship. Quote Originally Posted by Bufferino View Post. Wasn't there already two or three threads like. Read Kairi Quotes from the story Fave Kingdom Hearts Quotes by CrystalAnime ( Crystal or Crys^^) with "Sora, let's take the raft and go- just the two of us!" +. Kairi - Kingdom Hearts (One of my favorite quotes ever. From Kairi's Letter to Sora(: Kingdom Hearts Quotes, Kingdom Hearts 3, Kingdom Relationship.

Yes the east does have a very different way to express friendship, Sora's over that top reaction to Riku in KH2, though somewhat relatable was very unusual for a western fan. So considering that, a lot of the romantic things could be shrugged off as just the eastern way of portraying a friendship, though I honestly do think there are romantic feelings between them.

sora and kairi relationship quotes

I've always defended his reaction because the poor guy had been searching everywhere for Riku. He knew assumed Kairi was safe and sound on Destiny Islands and yet he had no bloody idea where Riku was or what Riku was doing.

On top of that, he made a promise to bring Riku back home. But they did do it in a way that clearly didn't translate as well to the Western audience given everyone's reactions. Yeah, I really can't wait for them to redo that for KH2.

sora and kairi relationship quotes

Yeah it doesn't have to be romantic but usually when you say someone's more important than anything to you, it does have some romantic indication. Yeah, he obviously cares for both of them deeply, but in very different ways. Just sadly only one of those relationships has been fleshed out. If Nomura has intentionally implemented romantic implications which I still doubt he did then I still really hope they aren't touched on.

There are just so many other important things that need to happen in KH3 and romance isn't one of them. Okay, so I guess he does see her as Kairi.

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But I guess that also means something, seeing his ties to Sora are also very strong and yet he sees Kairi instead of Sora. Well Xion is a mirror so people see who they're closest to that is connected to Sora. It makes sense for Riku to see Kairi instead of Sora, as Xion only reflects Sora when she's "almost ready" or "complete".

Friendship is treated as the ultimate form of love because in no way is it lesser then that between a couple. When a friendship reaches its apex it doesn't transition into romance, good friends become better friends.

Nomura seems to have a good grasp on this idea and so most of his games revolve around people building up their friendships, either from the ground up or a preestablished relationship becoming stronger and I find it refreshing.

I like being able to enjoy a story where it's not pressed that in order to achieve real happiness via human interaction one has to find that one twu wuv. But, that's my opinion on the matter.

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There obviously wasn't enough romance in the previous games, but I just think Nomura could do better than having a "stay-at-home girlfriend" for Sora. If Kairi gets her Keyblade and joins the fight, though, I'm gonna shoot myself lol.

I'm going to say a number of things: I actually do tend to swear a bit like a sailor in real life thanks college!

sora and kairi relationship quotes

I've been doing my best to curb it since I've been here, so just a heads up for you. Their age difference makes me cringe. And Aqua was crying and uttering Sora's name because: I bet if it was Riku that Ansem mentioned, Aqua would react in the exact same manner. But since no pairings are really wrong, feel free to keep on shipping.

But I cringe while "following" it because he really doesn't do a good job at it. You also don't seem to be very fond of Kairi.

sora and kairi relationship quotes

I have issues with her as well, but do try to be more objective. While she had numerous amounts of cringe-worthy moments in KH2, Kairi did become aware that Sora and Riku weren't going on a happy joyride adventure across the cosmos of KH, and was starting to get frustrated that she really couldn't do anything to help them. What doesn't help her situation at all is the fact that she got her wish by being "kidnapped" by Axel which is why I facepalm when Kairi says to Riku and Sora, "you didn't come home, so I went looking for you," in TWTNW.

But I guess she was implicitly making the best out of a situation, but way to lampshade the truth Kairi. And no - Sora had to rescue Kairi in KH1 too.