Soma and erina relationship questions

De Facto kind of Relationship, a shokugeki no soma/食戟のソーマ fanfic | FanFiction

soma and erina relationship questions

It's because Joichiro is like an influence to Erina and he is really dear to her and also he agreed to taste her cooking when she becomes a good. In the latest chapter , Erina was talking to Soma like whatever, like the respecting him or treating him better like a turn of relationship???. Nakiri Erina yawned a few times in her soft bed in one of the VIPs rooms Okay, two questions: why she was naked and since when? . were what distanced their relationship more and more of something like a friendship.

Both laughed as Hisako tries to be funny, Soma felt happy that Erina is feeling better instead of being mad of what Hisako posted on line and on their Academy page. Soma sitting on the floor while Erina slumped on her bed not minding their heads bumping a little, "You don't mind? They browsed more from Soma's account, "Make me one! As her now boyfriend complied he quickly made her an account and asked her few personal questions for the account to be complete, "We still need a picture of you for your profile" said Soma.

They both shared the night not minding they have an important orientation tomorrow regarding the new Director and professors to be assigned.

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Immediately, they opened their phones to add her but instead she already sent request to them. Back to Erina's room, she's now using her phone since Soma taught her how to use the app and memorized her email and password. As it was getting late Soma fell asleep in Erina's room. The next morning, Soma woke up with a stiff neck as he was sleeping seated on the floor, legs spread wide the bead side supporting the back of his head, to his surprise, Erina's head is beside his she was sleeping horizontally on the bed crouching her body to fit the weightiness of the bed.

As he checks his phone for the time, he woke Erina who almost had another fit as he slept on her room but remembered she had fun last night with him, as Soma calmly stood and yawn, Erina panicked since she woke up late and she forgot about the fact they had an orientation because of the new management that would run the school.

Fumio offered to make them some breakfast since she understood why they were late since the others had told the Dorm lady about the post and Soma cheering her up until dawn. A quick full pack sandwiches was made and put to Erina's bag, Soma fixed her helmet and covered her with his jacket again, Erina held on his abdomen tightly as he speeds away for them to arrive quick, she has to bite her lower lip feeling the toned bumps forming to the lad's abdomen, she feels like she wanted to rund her hands but she kept it to herself.

She pouted when the ride ended and they have to get off. All eyes on them as they entered the hall, she sighed in relief when her father nor other professors wasn't there yet, she took her place by the Polar Star section, when one guy was about to sit beside her, she immediately blocked it and muttered, "Someone's seated there" again all eyes on her as she blushed and looked away showing her usual strict and scary demeanor.

Erina pulled out her handkerchief and dabbed it slightly on to her lips, seeing Soma as a messy eater, she groaned and wiped his face clean, the Polar Star girls blinked at what she did.

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Another minute and the Director arrived, as he started his speech Erina gritted her teeth, fist forming and glaring at her father, Hisako worried she was about to put her hand to her friend's but Soma beat her to it, wrapping his arm around her shoulder and tugging her slightly Erina might hate the touch but appreciates the comfort he gives.

Days later after Soma declared war against the Central, and one by one he started defeating the Elite Ten one by one, climbing himself from ninth until fifth, attaining that he kept the Polar Star Dorm safe, he gave shelter to Erina which she thanked him for, Central kept their end of the bargain not to touch the Dorm anymore and it was off limits. Erina can sleep calmly when Soma would be around.

Presently, they were all on a break, students are all home for a month vacation Soma stayed since his father flew off to another country while his brother headed back to Cross Academy, leaving him to stay with his girlfriend since Polar Star dorm is the only safe place for her.

Soma who's having an interview with his number one fan from the journalist club Mitsuro, "You see… my relationship to Erina is De Facto, or in layman's terms in effect as it was legal or she had agreed as you guys had seen after I asked her out.

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Although the flow of our relationship at the moment is a bit of a rocky road for me, I'm working my way to her cold heart but I hope I can make her fall for me like I did to her from the first time I laid my eyes on her" Soma sheepishly chuckled. Soma preparing the motorbike. Erina who's wearing cute summer dress secretly took a quick picture of Soma preparing, she giggled and uploaded tagging Alice, Hisako, Ikumi, Megumi and other Polar Star girls who immediately commented as she captioned it, "Off to Somewhere" After they left, Erina enjoyed the ride since she gets to feel Soma's washboard abdomen.

Pulling over a single building, she blinked, "Welcome to my family's diner" he greeted her as he opened the door for her, she's remained silent and thought, this is where Juichiro-sama was practicing and this is where her boyfriend or the man who defeated her grew up and trained to cook, it wasn't like those high end restaurants but the look of the place was rustic and classic Japanese diner, she did not complain. She sat by the counter and he made her some of their food from the menu.

When he served her the dish she ate it quietly, Soma did not dare to ask how it was, he just let her eat it in peace, eating half of it, she looked at Soma who's smiling at her, she took a piece of meat and brought it up to Soma's mouth to feed him, when he was about to bite, "Well… well… well…" said by the Urban Life Planer lady.

After she left with her goons, "What was that all about" Erina looked pissed. After sharing the dish, Erina feeding him, Soma taught her how to arrange the place, after that he taught her some few dish she could help him later when the customers goes in. To her surprise the place was shortly flooded by people, now she knew how Soma train and move fast just like that training camp where he had thirty minutes time remaining yet he had finished serving over two hundred servings.

She took the chance that it was a great training to work on her cooking speed. After finishing with the shop, both sat by the counter Soma smiling, "So how's your first time? After her bath Soma took his and got changed in to something comfortable, a pair of gym shorts and cotton shirt.

soma and erina relationship questions

Both told their goodnight and slept. Morning later Erina Nakiri woke up facing her boyfriend who comfortable slept cradling her head with his arm, Erina felt that the irritating guy may not be so bad after all.

Taking a quick picture of sleeping Soma who she remembers supposed to be wearing a cotton shirt, now half naked cuddled with her earlier. She posted it and again tagged her friends who later on replied on comments blowing her up with questions especially her cousin who's jelous since she gets to stay with her boyfriend while Alice and Ryo are away from each other.

Waking Soma up, she ended up being wrestled back to bed and cuddled, pinching Soma by the rib he winced, "Sorry" said Erina. Opening his mother's closet, "Look for anything that can fit you or to your liking" said Soma. Thank you" and she started looking for some clothes, she found another plain floral dress, a sleeveless one which looked like a summer dress yet it was simple. Wearing the dress after they tidied up, Soma matched the dress when Erina insisted to take over his wardrobe and looked for something that would match her dress, with a pair of white shorts and gray shirt that has the Yukihara logo by the chest, she finds it okay since he doesn't own any multi colored shirts at all, Soma found it amusing that Erina likes to match, he reminded himself to get more stuff that would match her casuals.

Heading to the market they stumbled upon some few people that knew Soma well, Soma introduced Erina to them and they happily accepted her, "Soma-kun! Please meet my girlfriend Erina" Erina internally cheering to herself as the girl looked devastated after knowing Soma's already taken. Heading back, Soma gave her a pink helmet, "I asked a friend to customize that, do you like it? Taking the helmet and wearing them, like the usual Soma would fic it for her and settle her first before speeding off.

An hour and half they arrived back to Totsuki, Fumio greeted them, "We'll just grab some few things and be heading back to the diner" said Soma and Erina nodded thanking Fumio. After they left, "Just like Joichiro" she snorted remembering how sweet he is to his wife.

Arriving back to the diner, they settled Erina's things first as he gave space from his closet for her. Because of the similar personalities of Alice and her mother, Erina finds her aunt a bit annoying at times. However, like her grandfather, Erina does hold respect towards Leonora and her abilities.

Unfortunately for her, her attempts at intimidation were ineffective against the happy-go-lucky Soma who either ignored her insults or, due to his denseness, misunderstood what she's trying to say, further infuriating Erina.

At first, she was in disbelief but realized it was true after seeing the two next to each other in a recent photo. She became greatly shocked after realizing that she had been hostile towards the son of the chef she always admired. She tends to talk more personal things with Soma when they're alone and she no longer gets angry when she sees him or when someone mentions his name. She even laughed at some of his antics.

While the two can function as a team, they also tend to clash and butt-heads whenever one or the other will battle their opponents.

soma and erina relationship questions

While he compliments her smile, referring to her happy self as pretty, Erina became shocked and flustered while trying to maintain her focus on the task at hand.

Megumi Tadokoro Erina did not directly interact with Megumi until they were partnered at the French restaurant Excellent for the Stagiaire event. However, Erina told Megumi, she knew about her since she survived until the main tournament for the Autumn Election. Despite Erina's initial hostile warning to Megumi, she was impressed with her suggestion to let the customers choose the amount of sauce to pour on their dish, moreover, how she was able to have reached that conclusion from just washing dishes.

By the end of their assignment, the two were on friendly terms. After Megumi lost to Momo, Erina incorporated elements of Megumi's dish into her own.

She even partly named her own dish after her friend, leaving Megumi crying in gratitude. Here, Erina also states her confidence in Megumi's fighting style, praising Megumi's willingness to go to new lengths in cooking by sacrificing the chance at a safe perfect point score to aim for a point score.

The two became close friends during their 2nd year as the two would speak to each other about certain topics. After Erina begins to contemplate romance due to the situation with Asahi, she then asks Megumi if there is someone she likes, only for her stutter in reply that she was unsure.

Erina then explains her idea of her ideal man; "Someone earnest towards his cooking. Someone that never forgets his goal of forging ahead.