Sodapop and sandy relationship problems

The Ballad of Soda and Sandy Chapter 2: Life Goes On, an outsiders fanfic | FanFiction

sodapop and sandy relationship problems

Sodapop Patrick Curtis, nicknamed "Pepsi-Cola," by his deceased father, is the Relationships He kicked other horses and was always getting into trouble. He loves to fix cars. Sodapop is a Greaser. In mature; Doesn't drink; Only Smokes a cigarette when he has problems going on; Responsible. Sandy Gang Greasers Born Late 's Family Members Father Mother Relationships Sodapop Curtis (ex-boyfriend) Portrayed By Lynne Hatheway ( Anthony).

Winters reviews For Alex Winchester, normal has never been in the equation. Mute since the nursery fire, she grew up on the road chasing ghosts with her brothers and father. When her voice is inexplicably restored and the angel Castiel appears claiming to be her guardian, both of their lives change forever in ways that Heaven and Earth never expected. Rachel decides to try and reconnect with her mother.

Will Shelby finally get her baby back and see that she can be there for Rachel? Will Rachel finally get Shelby as her mother? Not that he knows it. Stiles also has Potential Mates. He doesn't know that either. What Stiles does know is that something is up with Jackson. Stiles is going to get to the bottom of this. Teen Wolf - Rated: Adrianna tries to deny his bad boy charm for the sake of her sister What will the gang do with her once they found out she has been sleeping with enemy Set during Season 3, follows story line but not exactly!

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She informs them of her death, but says she'll help. Dean and Bonnie have a spark but will their inner witch, inner hunter, a vampire and a curse stand in the way? Story better than summary Harry Potter - Rated: Seven years later and she's living a normal life in Toronto that's about to ripped away from her with one little bite. Becoming Alpha by criesbloodredtears reviews Stiles knew that his answer would change everything, that Derek may never forgive him.

Sodapop Curtis

Stiles weighed his options and decided it was worth the risk. His eyes met Dimitri's red eyes and nodded. The Alpha smiled and sunk sharp teeth into his flesh and Stiles screamed at the pain.

Sterek and Stackson end game.

sodapop and sandy relationship problems

M for language and violence. The Gang is Family by thewolfgurlgleek reviews Ponyboy and Steve have always had their differences without Soda knowing. But when something happens to expose those differences, whose side will Soda take? Will Ponyboy start to push away from the gang and find his own path? How will the gang take it all? A story of betrayal, family, and forgiveness. Read to find out!

D Outsiders - Rated: Having yo up hold promises to both her parents, Jade had learned how to survive. But what if they had pushed her too far deep into a hidden world no one understands? What if she loses control of the shadows around her? What will happen to her when they finally take over? She moves back to England after leaving her ex-husband in America.

She is friends with Slytherins and Harry, but Ron figures out her secret. What will everyone else say when it comes out? Will it work out? M - English - Romance - Chapters: Now she's back in town with her daughter. What is the real reason behind her coming back to mystic falls after all these years? What is she hiding?

And how will she be mixed up in the supernatural? That opens Stiles to new things about his mom's family. And to new dangers as well. Damon has left, leaving Bonnie and Kai with only each other for company. Can she forgive him? Can he trust her? Can Damon find a way to bring them back and will it be too late when he does? She is hard and tough and can hang with the best of them.

sodapop and sandy relationship problems

But what happens to her when the world goes to hell and she has to learn a new type of survival and deal with things she never thought she would have to? Walking Dead - Rated: Will Santana finally come out or hide her feelings?

sodapop and sandy relationship problems

Mostly Santana and Rachel but Minor Brittana. Who is Sebastian Smythe? It has gotten too far, and he decided he needed a break. A series of unfortunate events lead him to Westerville Ohio. And a new name and a new life.

Will this help him heal, or will he become someone he's not. Flash and Glee Crossover. Here are a few glimpses of Natalie Winchester's life fighting off boredom and Uncle Sammy's stinky feet! K - English - Family - Chapters: Back To Hogwarts by Jade Wildcat reviews The golden trio is going back to Hogwarts to repeat their seventh year now that the war is over.

Hermione is Head girl. Better than it sounds and hopefully a bit original. Shelby gets pregnant and doesn't want the baby. Damon loves the baby and decides to raise her. Bob kidnapped Ponyboy and decides he's going to have a little fun with the little Greaser! Will the Gang save him or will he be forever Bob Sheldon's playmate? Also does Ponyboy even want to escape? Contains Kidnapping, Rape, and Stockholm syndrome.

Rated M Outsiders - Rated: The Winchester brothers kind of adopt Stiles as a little brother and help look after him. Stiles is used as bait to lure them out. When things go south and it looks like the end, Stiles is saved by a mysterious woman. Claudia Stilinski is back and so are the secrets that she took to the grave. We ought to be able to stick together against everything. I blacken the name of our fair city. I beat up people.

I rob gas station. I am a menace to society. Man, do I have fun! But I never believe me". This character has a lot of self confidence in himself because he is attractive and a lot of girls like him so it boosts his confidence.

Also he is very strong and has a good amount of muscle tone so that will give him a fair share of confidence also. When Soda is faced with challenges in the story he gets pretty emotional and acts strongly on how he feels. I feel like Soda is the most caring out of the Curtis brothers and has a soft side but doesn't show it often because the other greasers would make fun of him for it.

Soda Pop gets along with more people than he would around others. He likes people that have the same interests and traits.

Soda stands highly in the greaser world because his looks and attitude. He has many friends and a had a girlfriend Sandy.