Smallville clark and lana relationship timeline

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smallville clark and lana relationship timeline

Clark and Lois · Clark and Lana · Lex and Lana · Clark and Lex · Clark and Chloe · Chloe and Oliver · Clark and Alicia · Clark and Lionel. All items (84). Once Lana recovered, she quickly made a decision to leave Smallville and left Clark a video explaining her decision, as well as ending her relationship with him . Lana Lang is a fictional supporting character appearing in American comic books published by . On Earth-two Lana's father left Smallville and moved to Metropolis as a young man, so Clark did not know Lana in his youth. Lana's relationship with Clark is again altered in 's Superman: Birthright limited series by Mark.

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When Lana returned from Paris, she was in a committed relationship with Jason Teague. Lex was not fond of Jason and was under the impression that he had to protect Lana from him, causing Jason to get fired from his job as Smallville high school's assistant football coach.

Lex had apparently already developed feelings for Lana, which was shown when the evil side of Lex hit on Lana and tried to kiss her after Lex was split in two by Black kryptonite. However, Lana rejected his advances and slapped him. Nevertheless, Lex proved to be a very dependable figure in Lana's life as he helped her cover up the murder of Genevieve Teague after Lana was possessed by Countess Thoreaux.

Lex helping Lana washing off the blood on her hands. Lana trusted Lex until his selfish ways were exposed when he tried to take one of the Stones of Power from her.

Nevertheless, he still cared for her safety and insisted that she leave Smallville in his helicopter before the second meteor shower. Season Five Lex tries to comfort Lana. Lex was the first human Lana came across after the meteor shower brought down the Black Ship with the Disciples of Zod. She relied on Lex's help as she was in a state of shock and trusted him with the information about the spaceship. Lex abused this trust and hid the ship after Lana started to date Clark again.

Lex eventually confided in Lana about his research into the Black Ship and they became partners to discover the truth about it. This brought the two of them closer together. Lex and Lana trapped in a panic room. That Christmasa wounded Lex hallucinated a world where he was married to Lana and had two kids, Alex and Lily. This was Lex's dream life and he was deeply traumatized when Lana died from complications after giving birth to Lily. When Lex returned to consciousness, he continued to be drawn closer to Lana.

They were later trapped in a panic room when two intruders were seeking the whereabouts of the Black Ship. When Lex was shot in the chest, Lana stayed by his side to tend to his wound. Lex then told Lana about his dream and that she was the best part of it. Lex discovers that Lana knows Clark's secret. Desperate to have Lana for himself, Lex arranged for a powerful hypnotist to break Lana and Clark up. Lana immediately relied on Lex to help her through this difficult time in her life and, when she became addicted to the Limbo drugshe began to steal from him to fund her habit.

Upon this discovery, Lex - clearly concerned for Lana's safety - stepped in and tried to stop her from taking it. Lana eventually apologized to Lex and told him that his mother should be proud of the man he has become. As they continued to get closer, Chloe became concerned for Lana, as she didn't trust Lex. In return, Lex started to alienate Lana from her friends and then moved in for a kiss. Initially confused by her new feelings for Lex, Lana quickly left Lex.

Lex and Lana's first real kiss. After this they spent some time apart, which helped Lana to understand the feelings that she was starting to have for Lex and when they saw each other again they both admitted that they missed each other and began a romantic relationship.

Nevertheless, Lex still kept secrets from Lana involving Milton Fine and other business ventures. It was unclear if he did this as he did not completely trust Lana or if he was concerned for her safety, as his involvement with Milton Fine proved to be dangerous when Fine started to prepare Lex to be General Zod 's vessel. Zod and Lana together. During this process, he got Kryptonian powers and immediately confided in Lana about this, shooting himself with a gun to prove it. Lana backed away in horror momentarily, but then came to him as he claimed he couldn't keep anything secret from her.

Finally thinking she had found an honest and committed relationship, Lana agreed to meet him on the roof of LuthorCorp and, despite the Dark Thursday riots, she made it there to prove her committment. However, unbeknownst to her Lex was then possessed by Zod.

Season Six Lana moves in with Lex.

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After discovering Zod had possessed Lex, Lana became his hostage. Sacrificing her love for Lex for the greater good, she planned to kill Zod with the Kryptonian daggerbut was overpowered by him. Nevertheless, he was ultimately defeated by Clark, leaving Lex unharmed. When Lex went to see Lana in the hospital after having been exorcised of Zod, she is understandably skittish towards him but forgave him and moved into the Luthor Mansion. Lex and Lana consummate their relationship.

At first Lana was keen to maintain some barriers in their relationship, sleeping in separate rooms.

smallville clark and lana relationship timeline

She was horrified when she discovered that there were video cameras in her bedroom and insisted that Lex remove them. Nevertheless, shortly afterwards Lex and Lana consummated their relationship and Lana soon discovered that she was pregnant. This concerned Lana, as she was still unsure of her feelings for Lex. However, when Bronson made Lex vanish in front of her, she became concerned for his safety and realized how much he meant to her.

As Lana discovered that Lex was trapped in the library of the mansion on a different reality frequencyLana poured her heart out in case Lex could hear her. She told him that she missed him so much and she didn't want to raise their child alone. Eventually, thanks to JimmyLana and Lex were reunited.

Lex and Lana

Lex told Lana that he was thrilled that she was having his baby. Lex and Lana at the Talon. Soon after, Lex proposed, yet Lana still needed time to think due to the speed that their relationship was going. After days of waiting Lex approached Lana again at the mansion and admitted that he was afraid of her answer. Lana confessed that she would always love both Clark and him, but she was done regretting so she accepted his proposal.

Lex's relationship with Lana served as a direct contrast to his increasingly darker personality. At his own admittance, she unnerved him to the point of spontaneity and a tendency to do anything to keep her happy and by his side. He often wondered aloud what he would do without her. Lex and Lana get married. I don't know where I stand. This is evident in "Nemesis" when Lana manipulates her way into seeing Lionel, only to interrogate him about why he forced her to marry Lex, as well as leaving Lex to die in the underground tunnels.

As Gough explains, by the end of the sixth season, Lana has shown that she can beat Lex at his own games. According to Malkowski, Lana's strong feminist stance, and her request that people should stop protecting her and start telling her the truth, are diluted by her willingness to believe whatever pieces of information she gets, even if they are lies.

Gough and Millar believed that Lana's behavior toward Clark for refusing to reveal his secret made her come across as cold and unsympathetic.

Kreuk believes that Lana truly was in love with Whitney when they first started dating, but by the time the audience first sees her in the pilot she is no longer in that same state of mind.

She believes that with everything that had happened throughout the season between the two characters, it seemed a bit of a stretch for Lana to just quickly fall into Clark's arms. Kreuk believes that Lana cares for Lex as a friend, and that she recognizes the "undertones" that Lex may be placing on their relationship, but that Lana tends to ignore them. Kreuk recognizes that Lex is a big part of Lana's life, and that Lana tries to pay more attention to the good that Lex does and focus less on the darker aspects of his life.

Lana is aware that Chloe still has romantic feelings for Clark, but their friendship suffered the most when Chloe revealed that she had known where Clark had been hiding for months. The feelings of distrust for Chloe remained hidden until "Truth"—where Chloe gained the ability to have others speak the truth no matter what—when Lana finally revealed how much she cannot trust Chloe.

smallville clark and lana relationship timeline

Just as Clark is beginning to realize the truth about Lex and his lies, Lana is starting to trust Lex more. Ultimately, it is Clark's own lack of honesty that forces Lana to leave Smallville and go to Paris at the end of season three.

In the end, Kreuk believes that Clark is Lana's only true friend, as Lex is more focused on bringing his father to justice and she and Chloe have a tense relationship based on their mutual feelings for Clark.

Kreuk believes that Lana did love Jason Teague, but she also still loved Clark at the same time. With Clark, it was the "first love" that she never had the chance to discover, and that lingered with her while she was in Paris during the space between seasons three and four. According to Kreuk, before Lana can experience successful relationships with other people she will need to know what it is like to truly be in a relationship with Clark, because of the "intense connection between [the] two".

She fully loved Clark, Jason, and Whitney. She loved those people. She can care about Lex and want the best for him, but I don't think she could fall blindly in love with him. The return of Clark's powers in "Hidden", as well as the secrets and lies that accompany them, caused stress on their relationship.

In the series' th episode, Clark finally took a chance and told Lana the truth. When it resulted, indirectly, in her death and he was allowed to live the day over again Clark chose not to tell her his secret.

smallville clark and lana relationship timeline

In "Hypnotic", in an effort to stop hurting Lana emotionally, Clark told her that he no longer loved her. This drove Lana into Lex's arms.

Writer Darren Swimmer explains that this was not something that just happened in the series, but something that had been hinted at for many seasons. Swimmer believes that Lana started dating Lex as a way of making Clark mad, but the relationship "turned into much more". Kreuk contends that Lana went to Lex because "she knows she will never really love him.

This need to fill that emptiness was fulfilled in "Void", when Lana took a drug to induce death so that she could see her parents in the afterlife. Upon meeting her parents, Kreuk believes that Lana realized that she no longer needed someone else to fill that hole in her. Kreuk sees this filled void as the reason why Lana would gravitate toward Lex.

Although she did not truly love Lex, Kreuk argues that Lex was not a rebound guy and that Lana did have feelings for him. The only reason Lana was with Lex was because Clark forced her in that direction and she ended up getting in over her head. Dries believes that the progression of the show demonstrates that Lex earned Lana's love.

smallville clark and lana relationship timeline

To answer viewers that hated to see Lana marry Lex, Dries contends that as viewers we are seeing all of Lex, including how evil he truly is, while Lana only sees the portion of Lex that appears good. Action Adventure, [54] and finally in Strange Visitors, published by Aspect.

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In Strange Visitors, Lana attempts to organize a fund raiser for the family of a school mate, Stewart, who was diagnosed with terminal cancer.

Her effort is rendered moot when Lex Luthor and Dr. Donald Jacobi, a con artist that comes to Smallville, pick up Stewart's medical bills after a meteor rock removes all of the malignant cancer cells in his brain.

smallville clark and lana relationship timeline

Dragon, Lana visits an antiques dealer, Mrs. Mayfern, looking for a gift for her boyfriend, Whitney. When she leaves she breaks up with Whitney and starts dating Clark.