Slovakia and russia relationship with japan

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slovakia and russia relationship with japan

Nov 3, Thanks to its position and pre-existing infrastructure, Slovakia might offer a new railway connection via Russia, Ukraine, and eastern Slovakia. Oct 11, The prospects for expanding economic and trade cooperation will be discussed next week at the session of the Russian-Slovak. Russia–Slovakia relations (Russian: Российско-словацкие отношения) date back to when diplomatic relations were established upon Slovakia gaining its.

Japan could set example in promoting education -

It has many similarities with the city of Bratislava. What will be the main focus of this cooperation? Slovakia as well as other V4 countries and Japan have been cooperating together in scientific research since in the field of the Advanced Material. It is expected that this cooperation will lead to an innovative development. Scientists and organisations involved in this cooperation will determine the next main focus or field.

The cooperation in the area of scientific research is an important element of the relationship between Slovakia and Japan, and is indispensable when working on common and global social issues through promotion of excellent research to enhance industrial competitiveness. How can Slovakia learn from Japan in these terms? From our humble experience in Japan, education is the most important factor for developing an innovative economy. It is the young generation that creates and develops the high-level innovation.

A comprehensive and sustainable educational system is a must for the development of innovative technology in a country. Japan has a long history of placing importance on education in our society.

This is only an example of our possible future cooperation in the high-tech field.

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Slovak and Japanese people have many similarities. Of course our appearances are different. But both of us are diligent, hard-working, not so ego-centric, and many of us are a bit shy. We could be a good natural partner and have good chemistry, in developing our industrial-innovation cooperation.

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Several investments have come from Japan recently, among them Asahi and beer Topvarand Minebea in eastern Slovakia. Why is Slovakia attractive for Japanese investors?

slovakia and russia relationship with japan

Although Slovakia is losing its advantage in labour costs, we still think it is competitive, especially by diligent and hard-working people. We understand that there are several Japanese companies that are interested in investing in Slovakia and are examining their feasibilities below the surface.

Your embassy has been very active in promoting Japanese culture in Slovakia, many events are taking place, including the Nipponfest, Comics Salon, or a major anime festival. What are the most interesting elements of Japanese culture for Slovaks?

slovakia and russia relationship with japan

I want to make it deeper, broad, comprehensive. Japanese pop culture as TV Manga, comic-strip, TV game, and cosmetic-play Cos-play are also come to be popular among young people. The number of Slovaks learning Japanese is also increasing. There is a major for Japanese studies at Comenius University and around 50 Slovak students study Japanese languages and society. Another nice surprise for me was that many Slovaks are interested in Japanese cuisine.

Gastronomy is definitely a soft power of Japan in this country. In this regard, I am very lucky as Japanese ambassador, since four new Japanese restaurants with Japanese chefs have opened in Bratislava since I came here.

What could be the most attractive part of Slovak culture to be presented in Japan? Classical art like philharmonic orchestra, opera, and ballet could be a charming part of Slovak culture to be presented in Japan. I am very impressed to find that there are many Slovaks who love classical music.

Not only in Bratislava but also in major local cities, there are beautiful concert halls and opera theatres which offer high quality of performances. They visited Japan inandalways with great success. Slovak folklore could be definitely one of the most charming parts of Slovak culture for Japanese people. You have been in your post since June How has your time in Slovakia been so far, what are your impressions of Slovakia?

On May 16, the Czechoslovak-Soviet Treaty of Alliance was signed between the two states [1] as the consequence of Soviet alliance with France which was Czechoslovakia's main ally. At the insistence of the Czechoslovak government, a protocol on the signing of the treaty stipulated that the treaty would go into force only if France gave assistance to the victim of aggression.

slovakia and russia relationship with japan

However, France did not support Czechoslovakia inhaving signed the Munich agreement instead. World War II[ edit ] After the German occupation of Czechoslovakia and the establishment of the pro-German Slovak state in MarchThe Soviet Union quickly recognized the new status quo and terminated diplomatic relations with Czech representatives. Shortly after the Munich Agreementmany Czechoslovak Communists gained asylum in the Soviet Union, however hundreds of non- communist refugees were sent to the labor camps.

Economy and energy dominate agenda in Russian-Slovak relations — Slovak minister

In Decembera new Treaty of Alliance which held for twenty years was signed in Moscow and the Treaty of Military Cooperation was endorsed the following spring. From September to May the Red Army with joined Czechoslovak forces liberated most of the pre-Munich Czechoslovak territory, which culminated in the liberation of its capital, Pragueon May 9.

slovakia and russia relationship with japan

However, the easternmost part of Czechoslovakia, Carpathian Rutheniawas annexed by the USSR shortly after its liberation and ceded officially to Soviet Union in As a result of the synchronous annexation of the eastern parts of Poland and Romaniathe Soviet Union and Czechoslovakia gained a common border - for the first time in their history.

Communist regime[ edit ] After World War II, the Soviet Union enjoyed considerable credit as the Liberator of Czechoslovakia, and had strong influence on Czechoslovak foreign policy and on the rising power of Czechoslovak Communist Party. The non-communist parties in the Czechoslovak government were in an impossible situation; trying to prevent the rise of communism and maintain positive relations with the Soviet Union, which was widely regarded as the only barrier to future German aggression.

With Soviet Union forever!