Shirou and archer relationship quotes

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shirou and archer relationship quotes

The protagonist has Shirou has some really meaningful quotes in Fate/stay night. Other quotes come from characters like Rin, Saber, and Archer. Vote up the. Archer is one of the 7 servants from the Holy Grail War, serving under Rin Tohsaka. Here are Archer's Best quotes from the Fate Stay Night Anime series!. Shirou quickly develops a rivalry with Archer after their first meeting, and is shown to be jealous of Archer's relationship with Rin in the Unlimited Blade Works.

With all this death, cruelty and sadness, do you still WANT to become a hero? You cannot be me because you gave up on your principles.

Then there's the scene the night before the battle in Unlimited Blade Works. Rin had been acting weird earlier, so Shirou goes to see her. He finds out that Rin was acting weird because the quickest and simplest way for Shirou to access the amount of magical energy he needs to use his Reality Marble is to "connect" to Rin.

Shirou reacts the way you'd expect a year-old with repressed sexual feelings would act, which Rin takes the wrong way and becomes visibly sad. Shirou then tells Rin that having sex with Rin is like a dream come true, but he wanted it to happen naturally in the course of a relationship, as an expression for their mutual love.

Shirou then expects to be slapped Archer's smile at the end of UBW.

shirou and archer relationship quotes

Just like when Kiritsugu pulled Shirou out of the fire ten years prior to the story, it makes you feel like Archer might have found his own salvation in saving Rin and Shirou, and the events of the route generally, after a long existence of pain, betrayal, and bloodshed. I found my answer. Don't worry Tohsaka, I'll do my best from now on too.

If that wasn't heartwarming enough, consider the fact that if you have the voice acting for that scene available in some way, you'll notice that when he says that, his speaking manner has changed back to the way they used to be. If you can tell the difference, it's all the more apparent that Archer is freed, the cold, spiteful demeanor is gone, and he has become Emiya Shirou once again.

A minor one in Unlimited Blade Works: After Saber makes a contract with Rin, having her contract with Shirou forcibly removed by Caster, Archer points out that now she "truly has no connection with Shirou anymore", questioning her reason for protecting Shirou against him.

My oath with Shirou will not go away. An early and small one is Archer giving back Tohsaka's pendant. The clincher comes later: Shirou, not Archer, took the pendant and later on gives it to Tohsaka. This is in effect The Reveal that Archer is a future Shirou, and kept the pendant on his person until he died. Even more heartwarming when you realize that Archer carried the pendant through his entire life, including all of his trials as a counter guardian, presumably without ever knowing it was Rin who saved him until he witnessed it himself as a servant.

Once he realizes he turns his version of the pendant over to Rin without a second thought. His only words on the topic?

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About Kiritsugu He was a troublesome adult. He was usually spaced out and clumsy. He said he's going to enjoy what he likes, and he would play around like a child. You usually couldn't believe him when he called himself a sorcerer.

I can tell that I'm smiling as I tell the story.

Shirou Emiya

The five years between the time of the fire and Kiritsugu's death. Come to think of it, that might have been the best time of my life. So you liked him for who he was.

Tohsaka might get angry if she hears it, but I admired him. He was free and not like a magus at all, but he was a true sorcerer to me. Assassin refusing to attack Saber when she is tending to her master, Shirou. And even stopping Archer from following them.

Rin revealing that she used a command seal to stop Archer from attacking Shirou after she found out Archer attempted to kill Shirou. The fact she's willing to waste a command seal to stop Archer from attacking a future enemy, shows how much Rin cares for Shirou.

Rin planning a date after hearing how Shirou never finds anything fun.

The Best Archer Quotes From Fate Stay Night Anime

This line, "I'm going to avenge Archer. He betrayed me and he was a twisted guy, but he's Shirou. He broke the laws of magic through sheer will, forcing his dead body to stay materialized just so Illya can die peacefully. Shirou and Rin had a horrible day, Archer betrayed them, Caster has three servants now and Shirou's not in great shape due to using projection. Despite the fact Shirou's about to faint, he refuses to stop till he gets to his or Rin's house.

Rin scolds him for being so reckless and ignoring his pain. He simply says, "It's more painful for you right? So let's go home. You can complain once you get home.

Shirou and Rin's conversation in the cemetery, where Rin is depressed over losing Archer and dooming the town to Caster. Shirou says she wasn't wrong, she failed but she wasn't wrong, reassuring that she's strong. Rin then asks why he helped her. He says he didn't want her to die and jumped before he realized.

shirou and archer relationship quotes

Rin being Rin complains he'll create a misunderstanding with those words. Shirou says, "I won't create misunderstandings. I really do like you. To make things worse, she's also a Master in the Holy Grail War and has trouble controlling her incredibly dangerous magic.

After she knocks herself out after inadvertently attacking Shirou, he goes off by himself to a park where he reflects on this new information and starts getting enraged at Zouken, as well as himself for not noticing any of this sooner.

Suddenly, Ilya, the child Master of Berserker, shows up and wants to play with him.

The Best Archer Quotes From Fate Stay Night Anime

In a fit of rage, he pushes her away and immediately regrets it, knowing that he just "pushed aside an honest, pure show of affection.

Aren't you going to get mad? You're about to cry, Shirou. I don't know what happened, but it'd be too bad for you if I hated you. So I'll be your ally no matter what you do. My vision is covered in white. It's just one phrase. But that phrase washes away everything from my head. Ilya's response is really sweet considering that at the beginning she would have killed him or kept him alive as only a head for attempting to drive her away.

Right now Shirou is at his lowest point in this route and perhaps the whole game. His servant Saber is gone, taken by the Shadow, his love interest Sakura runs the risk of killing many people and is currently at odds with Rin who'd been his ally in this route and other routes over whether or not to kill her.

Add to the fact that he lacks the Projection and fighting techniques he had in Fate and UBW making him almost powerless. Really, most of Shirou's and Ilya's interactions in Heaven's Feel could count.

Angelica assaults an unarmed Shirou with the Gate of Babylon, with the the swords only grazing him yet still enough force to throw Shirou off the ground. Angelica stat Shirou standing up against Angelica. Angelica then belittles her opponent, labelling Shirou's power as a "trick".

Angelica quickly retaliates wi Shirou's Unlimited Blade Works. Angelica summons shields from the Gate to guard against her opponent's offense but Shirou smashes through the shields with his own giant sword.

Fate/Stay Night 2015. Archer's monologue. Episode 11

With his foe rendered defenseless Shirou goes in for the kill. Shirou misses, as Angelica defends with Flash Air, and is subsequently teleported high above the ground, echoing what Julian did earlier.

Ea is activated, unleashing Enuma Elish, and the full might of Shirou and Angelica's powers collide. As Tanaka notices that someone has been imprisoned, they first believe it to be Miyu until they heard his voice.

shirou and archer relationship quotes

Upon him questioning how they know Miyu, he is overjoyed to the point of tears after realizing she has made friends. Introducing himself as her older brother, Gilgamesh is excited that he is still being kept alive, although in a bad state, somehow having knowledge of his existence.