Shirou and archer relationship quiz

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shirou and archer relationship quiz

Shirou's and Archer's incredibly "mature" argument during Archer's and is out sick and their World History class is cancelled in favor of an English pop quiz. . Issei as not only had they decided to keep their relationship secret until after their . Shirou quickly develops a rivalry with Archer after their first meeting, and is shown to be jealous of Archer's relationship with Rin in the Unlimited Blade Works. Like Emiya Shirou, she resides in Fuyuki and attends Homurahara High School, . I also found Rin and Archer's teetering relationship throughout Hollow.

Shirou and Rin's argument about how to deal with Lancer turns into a personal argument about their personalities that causes them to forget all about Lancer. Even he is amused by this. During this scene Rin, arms still in her stance to start firing spells, points her arm from him to Shirou and proceeds to argue with him at what is essentially the magus equivalent of having someone at gunpoint.

shirou and archer relationship quiz

Shirou telling Lancer that the only way that they'll work together is if he stops flirting with Rin. Rin, being Rinis turned into a blushing mess while Lancer laughs his ass off before telling Shirou that he's earned his respect for such a condition.

shirou and archer relationship quiz

Lancer then teases Rin mercilessly about their relationship, which she desperately tries to deny, only to be made even more of a blushing mess when Shirou won't back her up during her "we're just working together" routine.

All she can do is make herself as small as possible and cover her face in embarrassment. When Shirou and the new ally discuss how hard it is to deal with tsunderes, Rin gets so mad that she declares that she'll beat Caster by herself. Lancer's smirk — as seen in the picture at the top of the page — when Rin tries to deny the claims about her and Shirou being a couple is just too priceless. Episode 19 Lancer appearing out of nowhere and sucker punching Shinji hard enough for him to fly into the wall.

In slow motion, no less! He also says sorry for smacking him from the side without telling him. Aww, really sorry about that. I meant to say stop, but I punched you instead. Episode 20 After Lancer manages to kill Kirei, how does he scare Shinji away? Just a shallow poke in the shoulder with Gae Bolg. His pathetic scream afterwards just sells it.

shirou and archer relationship quiz

There's also a moment a second before where Lancer just picks Shinji up by the head and throws him off to one side like a rag doll. The look on Shinji's face is priceless!

Episode 22 Rin tells Shirou not to get any funny ideas when she plans to transfer her mana to him. Of course, meta-wise, this gets funnier considering this WAS supposed to be a sex scene from the original visual novel. Rin's extremely embarrassed that Shirou saw her memories, and also gets mad when she realizes that Shirou doesn't remember their first encounter back in jr.

He even manages to insult himself inadvertently. Yeah, there was this guy who kept trying to do a high jump over and over again. He looked like a real idiot.

shirou and archer relationship quiz

Then, she goes full on Tsundere and starts smacking him with the pillows. Shirou seems more worried about her damaging the pillows than the fact they just had an intimate moment.

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In Episode 24, Shirou declare he'd rather cut his arm off than let Gilgamesh escape from the Grail's wormhole. Archer tells him to go right ahead but first, if he wouldn't mind stepping to the right As the story further went the fight with Caster appeared Shiro for that fight projected Kanshou and Bakuya.

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So then she probably thought, Shiro is Archer. Things that has relation with Shiro being Archer: The problem is that he hasn't saw Archer fighting, only gap of fight with Lancer. That is why I explained about catalyst. The catalyst this time is that jewel Shiro kept him with him even in his darkest times of his life, when he became Hero of Justice.

Rin was only using it as backup if she would lack mana so the summoning would be perfect, that is why she could summon only Heroic Spirit Emiya.

He wasn't happy that he became Hero of Justice He was going berserk, killing thousand people to save one So good thing happened to him. He became Heroic Spirit and he was summoned in the same time where his young self was living. So he made his mind up, that he will try doing anything to stop present Emiya Shiro becoming Hero of Justice.

That is why he was arrogant and negative about Shiros ideal and his way of thinking. He was having doubts in whole anime if he should just kill himself, but he was wounded by Saber and was weak so he didn't try doing something stupid that could end up getting himself killed by Saber, so he in truce remained calm and watched Shiro from distance and tried to make him realise throw words.

That is why he when he saw Shiro how he cared about Saber's life only, his beloved girl, but mostly because he wanted that his dear Rin lives.

shirou and archer relationship quiz

So he couldn't care less by being bait. The people were provoked and they rise up and revolted. They feared of having their right to live taken away overcame their fear of dying in battle. Amongst them was Shirou Tokisada Amakusa, a young boy at the time.

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Nobody knew whether his presence there was a coincidence or the will of God, but before anyone realized it he was leading them. All they had left was the power to rise up. Shirou brought forth a miracle, he utilized the power of the Counter Force in order for the possibility of victory that should have been impossible. Shirou led the defense of Hara Castle, and defeated the strongest of the Shogunate attackers in a series of coordinated defensive surges.

Unfortunately, Shirou attained victory. Everyone went wild and became excited over the victory. They clung to Shirou, who had won a battle where victory should have been impossible. That foolish purity of theirs troubled the boy. Winning was not an option. After his rebellion ultimately failed, Shirou was sentenced to execution by decapitation. Before his death, Shirou felt he was naive and he witnessed a scene like hell as his comrades were slowly killed off. The decapitated heads of the elderly, men butchered up like experimental animals, babies pierced by spears, girls raped then thrown away afterwards.