Shiroe and konami relationship counseling

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shiroe and konami relationship counseling

And really, I just don't think Shiroe's relationship with Kanami is that simple. . Shiroe's advice to the newbie group not to use telepathy unless. —Kanami, Log Horizon: The Beginning of a Different World chapter 4 husband, the Italian-German Raffaello Balzo, she married him in a lightning marriage. This is the character sheet for the light novel and anime Log Horizon. Whenever possible, the entries below use the spellings used in the books, rather than the.

It's during this time that her insecurities deepen even further; having never been in a raiding party, she felt lonely and unwanted, believing Shiroe left her behind because he thought she'd just be a burden.

However, after taking part in the Akiba Raid Partyduring which she learned an Overskill and defeated Enbart NellesAkatsuki regains her confidence back, and starts to view her short stature as an asset rather than a hindrance. Synopsis Prior to the Catastrophe Akatsuki in the real world.

Akatsuki was always smaller than normal and often mistaken for being much younger than she really was. She was so short that her younger sister, Hibikireferred to her as the younger sister. At one point, a middle school boy in her neighborhood thought that she was his age she was in college and confessed to her, an incident that left her bedridden for several days out of despair, and it is implied that pedophiles have also targeted her in the past.

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To make up for her height, Akatsuki took up kendo to gain more self-confidence. She also raised a dog named Myojo. When Akatsuki was entering college, Hibiki's advice was to become a pet groomer, since she's bad at talking and works better with her hands. She was usually a solo player who would only party up for specific quests. It was during these times that she became acquainted with Shiroe, who never suspected that she was a girl. The Catastrophe arc Akatsuki's appearance after using the potion After being trapped in the world of Theldesia, she quickly realizes that her male avatar was only going to be a hindrance.

However, unwilling to expose herself as a female player out of fear of harassment, she instead bode her time in an abandoned building while trying to figure out what to do. Around five days after the Catastropheshe sees Shiroe pass by and remembers that he owned an Appearance Reset Potion.

The City of Akihabara

After hailing him and Naotsugu down, she finally musters the courage to ask for the potion, shocking both of the men. After she takes the potion, the three of them discuss the situation after the Catastrophe. For the convenience of all three of them, Shiroe proposes that Akatsuki join them, which she agrees to—on the basis that she treats him as her Lord. To steel themselves for fighting, the trio regularly visit the Archive Tower Foresta map filled with monsters that attack on sight.

Although fighting the monsters face-to-face was difficult at first, they are able to adjust to it. While Naotsugu and Shiroe took on the four members that confronted them, Akatsuki went into the depths of the forest to scout for any hidden members. She finds two Mages and kills them both, preventing them from backing up the main group when her companions end up victorious. Naotsugu, who already killed their Samuraikills their second Swashbucklerand Akatsuki kills the leader.

After fighting through the Depths of Palmthey arrive in the city and quickly take note of the city's atmosphere. While Shiroe went to the designated meeting spot with Naotsugu guarding the entrance, Akatsuki is ordered to keep an eye on the city.

She reports that Brigandia's men were on the lookout for them, causing Shiroe and Serara's guardian, Nyantato decide to face the guild in a one-on-one match. During this time, Akatsuki remains hidden, biding her time until the enemy dropped their guard so she could take out their healers.

However, witnessing Nyanta, Shiroe, and Naotsugu's cohesive teamwork, without even having to speak to each other, causes Akatsuki to doubt her own abilities. Round Table Alliance arc Upon the group's return to Akiba, Shiroe finds the resolve to throw away his history with guilds so that he could start his own, which he calls Log Horizon.

Akatsuki, Naotsugu, and Nyanta are its first three members, and they launch their "campaign" to revitalize Akiba in conjunction with the Crescent Moon Alliance. For the most part, Akatsuki spends her time in reconnaissance, keeping tabs on the Hamelin members and capturing their names so that Shiroe could later blacklist them on the day of the Round Table Conference. On the day of the conference itself, Akatsuki is kept on guard to make sure that the kids in Hamelin were successfully retrieved.

However, she misses Shredderso he is able to access the main guild hall while the rest of his compatriots could not. When Minori and Tohya are attacked by the furious man, Akatsuki comes to their rescue, gracefully kneeing the man and freeing Tohya.

When he grabs her by the collar and demands to know where she is, she simply calls Shiroe and asks him to blacklist him, adding insult to injury by saying that Shredder's face matched his name. With that, he is kicked out of the building and lands outside, where Naotsugu and several other companions were waiting for him. Summer Training arc Akatsuki is present when Maryelle throws a fit over going to the beach.

After Shiroe finds a resolution, she is seen cowering from Henrietta inside Log Horizon's guild house, as the latter had prepared a summer dress for her to wear. When Serara talks to Nyanta, both she and Naotsugu listen intently for Serara's reaction. When a messenger from Eastal arrives, however, and Shiroe is selected as one of the representatives to go to the Ancient Palace of Eternal IceAkatsuki decides to accompany him there. Much to both of their distaste, Henrietta tags along to "observe, "definitely not" to force Akatsuki into the aforementioned dress.

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Akatsuki ends up wearing said dress at the ball held by the Lander nobles, and shyly asks Shiroe if she looked strange. Much to her shock, she learns from guild master Tatara that the sword which she wanted, on top of being too expensive for her, was already sold to someone else.

Yeah, I'm having that problem, too. Toya says they were totally not talking about how to address Tetora, big Broster!

While Toya gets all flustered about the proper pronoun to use, Rudy just flat out says they're stuck in a moral conundrum on how to address her. Luckily, she has the answer for them. In a fiery, evil glow, she says that they only need to address her as Tetora-baby! Right, despite some things that can be cooked by everybody, not all dishes can be cooked by just anybody. Nyan-ta appears and comments on the sight of the failed attempt, as well as Isuzu being in the kitchen for a first time in a while.

Looks like she bought a bunch of Coconia and has been trying to make a dessert with them. Nyan-ta comments on how many there are, with Isuzu commenting that she isn't trying anything crazy. She just wanted to make a little something special that Rudy might like. That's all Nyan-ta needs to know to see where this is going, for he is wise in the matters of the heart.

Luckily, Nyan-ta is there and will help out the Bard to see if they can make something edible this time. Though she has basically given up at this point, but in the Kingdom of this Kitchen, Nyan-ta is the absolute ruler. But he is a fair ruler and has just the item for Isuzu to use. As for why Nyan-ta has it, it's because a Master Chef always has a spare. Isuzu is all gun hoe about this, though I can't help but think of the implications of the name for the apron. Isuzu has already put the apron on and is confident of all the amazing desserts she can make with it.

Nyan-ta comments on how good she looks in it. Which leads to Isuzu asking why he was walking around with this apron dress thingy. It was an item drop on a quest. And that totally makes sense to me. With no more said, Nyan-ta tells Isuzu that, if she's feeling just a bit rusty in the kitchen, he's got an easy pastry recipe that she can do quickly. Now, it's time to listen to Master Nyan-ta as he instructs his students in the ways of making desserts.

Then you cut it into half-circles and put them into boiling water. Once you can get a skewer into them nice and easy, you go ahead and transfer them into a bowl.

Then you crush them with a wooden spatula. Like a plastic spatula or a steel spatula, but a wooden spatula. Nyan-ta has this artistic flair for his cooking. You do this while they're still hot and gooey. Then you strain it and they'll have that velvety texture everyone just dies for. It's why they outlawed the Cult of Coconia. Once it cools down, roll the dough between your palms to shape the pastries.

Then you brush some more egg yolk over them to get them shiny, and place them in the Salamander-Preheated Oven, trademarked. Once they're baked to a golden brown, you'll have mock sweet potato coconia pastries.

And this is me resisting the urge to claw at the screen again. With the cooking lesson completed, Isuzu takes a bag filled with the pastries so she can find Rudy and give it to him. And quickly, for they are quickly cooling down.

After thanking Nyan-ta for being awesome, which is something he knows, he's certain that his day isn't quite over yet. He goes to clean the kitchen for the next girl, because he knows he'll have a few more visitors looking for help from the Lord God King of the Kitchen, Nyan-ta. Though she would be embarrassed if he took it the wrong way, though. Still, she resolves to get him something or it'd be really weird. She needs to show him her appreciation today, right? And just because it's Valentine's Day is totally a coincidence.

She recalls Tetora's words from before, regarding Shiroe and Kanami's potential relationship. She goes back to washing the clothes but it's clear that she's quite bothered by that.

She continues with the wash, but resolves to get Shiroe the best gift an Apprentice and give her Master. It groans, which is actually said in the captions, as Akatsuki sits on the roof with it. She appears to also be irritated by Tetora's words but tries to shake them off. Sadly, the Pop Idol Magical Girl shows up, and she has information for the tiny ninja.

shiroe and konami relationship counseling

Perhaps she would like to know more about Kanami? Akatsuki tries to brush her off but Tetora has this thing about taking no for an answer. Besides, she claims to have dirt on Kanami and knows that the ninja wants to know it.

But she's totally not interested in that That's when Tetora presents her with the Coconia fruit. TEtora doesn't know, but Akatsuki can just look at the flavor text to find out.

You know, the stuff that does strange things to items like make them be possessed by a raid ghost and cause weapons to try to kill their owner. Oh, what fun stuff will this fruit have? It says, "Coconia Fruit: The plant is native to the south. It can be used in a wide variety of dishes, from food to drinks. On Valentine's Day, feeding this to someone may reveal what's truly in their heart.

Also, that sounds more ominous than the actual legend. Best to play this safe and not to feed this to people, lest you get some information you really don't want to know. The Pop Idol Magical Girl reminds the Tiny Ninja on how the flavor text is influencing how things work, so think about it for a minute. With this fruit, she can find out who Shiroe is in love with! Hey, can you imagine if Shiroe was actually in love with that girl who was part of that PK group that Smash is in?

shiroe and konami relationship counseling

How crazy would that be? As she does, we see Minori isn't far away, overhearing the whole thing. You know, if Tetora isn't a spy, she's certainly doing a good job of messing things up for Log Horizon.

And man, that is a stare of pure evil on Minori. It's rather scary, to be honest. And then we pop into the kitchen where we find Maryelle busy here. Apparently she's either moving really fast or found a way to clone herself as she appears to be everywhere at once. Henrietta is with her and comments that, while she understands the apron is helping out, she's never seen her guild leader this ambitious in the kitchen before.

Maryelle comments that this is the day every girl steps up and does her best for her man. And no stupid little Pop Idol Magical Girl is going to take away her man from her! In the hallway, Shoryu, our poor, lovable scamp who we haven't seen in ages, sees Maryelle busy in the kitchen and wonders who she's baking for. One day, Shoryu, your day will come. Issac mentions that it's been a month since the Magic Circle was disabled, and things have been surprisingly calm.

So much for the never ending horde of monsters at their gates. Shiroe mentions that Akihabara always seems to attract high-level Adventurers, so any monsters with decent intelligence will stay away from them.

For any monster that chooses otherwise, their patrols deal with them by giving them fines.

shiroe and konami relationship counseling

First offense is death, with repeat offenses adding a monetary fine to them. There have been no reports of player killing, either. Issac mentions how Eins was very worried about another rash of murders was going to happen, but so far, everything's been going pretty well.

Shiroe comments that they'll still have to keep an eye out for the People of the Land. While the Adventurers are immortal, they are not, so their safety is very important to them.

But Issac is already on the case, saying that their best raid guilds are rotating through guard duty. By the way, which guild is on duty today? Why, it's the West Wind Brigade, of course. Did nobody honestly look at the calendar to see what day it was? Issac comments that he hasn't seen the WWB out there, but Shiroe, having used them as a weapon, suspects that the genre conventions took over for this particular day. The universe has to screw over somebody somehow, might as well be the guy who basically is in a harem story.

And Soujiro is some sort of sex god, as at the WWB guild hall there is a line about a mile long, with all the admirers waiting their turn. Nazna, worried about this day, asks them all to stay calm and stay in line.

She looks over to Soujiro, who thanks a girl for her gift and promises to savor every bite. Poor Soujiro, I think this is the last we'll see of him. Also, another way to think of this is that he's basically Santa Claus, only he is available on Valentine's Day. Dolce, who's acting as security, keeps the line moving. You know, if Nazna is annoyed about the attention, I can't imagine how the rest of the guild feels about this, though I imagine more than a few of them are also in line.

Will she be giving out a gift? Well, if she was, it'd probably be to the guy who she calls a monster. Except Krusty is still missing in action. Though she suspects that he may be having fun, wherever he is, but she suspects that, if he feels like it, he'll just waltz through the door as if nothing happened. That does sound like something Krusty would do.

Elissa, the head maid, comments that her princess is still milling around in those baggy old pajamas. It sure is late in the day for something like that. Turns out, this is the Princess' day off, so she's going to enjoy it for all it's worth.

shiroe and konami relationship counseling

And given how much Raynesia likes to be in pajamas, the frame of mind is "lazy". Moving on from that, Elissa tells her that the vendors were sold out of Coconia, so she used a little replacement, and she suspects the Princess will like it instead. Well, Raynesia is willing to give anything a try once. While she has a piece of her pie, her mind remains fixated on Krusty, wondering if he's taking his oath of knighthood seriously.

When did you knight him? Was it back when they first came to Maihama? But she is distracted by such things after having a bite of the pie and loves it. Elissa spoils her princess so easily. They're dealing with Misa's issue of a lack of an army by giving her a robot arm. Now she can cosplay as Luke Skywalker! Anyway, she's making due with it, but it's clearly a prototype, so Roderick is going to do what he can to find materials that won't put as much strain on her body.

So, here's a question that'll likely get answered later, but didn't Misa try maybe getting herself revived at the Cathedral to reset the template, or did whatever happen with her weapon actually do something to her arm that basically disconnected it from the rest of her body, meaning that even if she died and was revived, she'd still be missing an arm?

I'd suspect that it'd be the latter, but I'd like to know if they tried that, at least. He's certain they'll work this out and not accidentally cause a robot apocalypse. Just make sure they're three laws compliant, okay? Misa is thankful for all the help, but she still wonders what happened to her arm after getting caught in the vortex. She asks for their opinion, and my question from before gets answered. Akaneya says that, normally, there are healing spells that would have regenerated her arm, so he can only figure that whatever happened to her and Krusty was not part of the original programming for the game.

Basically, whoever summoned that dark god before really should had made sure the expansion pack didn't come with any bugs that were going to require another patch that wouldn't be coming. I'm guessing he found himself on the Moon somehow. He then tells them that he bought the guild hall, where players have to go to form, join, or leave a guild, and it's also where the bank is located.

As it is the only guaranteed safe place to store items and large amounts of money, he can blacklist anyone he wants to prevent them from accessing their stuff. While his intentions are noble, other players can't help but see how shady and underhanded his plan is, and some even outright state it's Blackmail. He's not above using completely unheroic tactics to accomplish good things, as seen when he tricks three guild masters into giving him a huge pile of gold to buy him the entire guild hall so he can force people to go along with decisions made by himself or his newly-formed council.

Even though all he really wants is just to clean up the anarchic state of the city, there's a reason everyone calls him the "Villain in Glasses". Even those who can spot Shiroe's good intentions are in sheer awe of the extent he is willing to go to in order to carry out his goals.

Developed one ever since his days within the Debauchery Tea Party. Even after the Tea Party was effectively disbanded, as a veteran player he felt obliged to assist and guide beginner players whenever he could.

Black-Hearted Shiroe and Villain in Glasses. Sometime in the future, he will be known as the Chronicler of the East. Shiroe's overskill allows him to create contracts that overwrite the laws governing the world of Elder Tale. He first uses this ability to save Rudy by having him sign a contract granting him the abilities of an Adventurer as a subclass. Next, Shiroe arranges a contract between himself and the Kunie clan that gave him all the gold he needed to buy up all the lands and properties in Yamato and then he returned them, absolving him and the Round Table Council of responsibility for paying the ruinously-high upkeep costs of the Guild Meeting Hall without allowing their enemies to have it either.

The result was a fundamental change in "gameplay" as it were. According to Ri Gan, the occurrence of such feats, known as "Sekaikyuu Mahou" or "world-class magic", is incredibly rare and is by far the most powerful form of magic in existence. Just ask Maryelle or the person who dubbed him "Villain in Glasses".

Minori definitely thinks this way. She even thinks the way he adjusts his glasses is cute. He's the brains behind Log Horizon; a genius strategist, map maker, and master of exposition, with a real-life degree in civil engineering. When he had a flashback to his DTP days, Kanami straight up told him that "your job is to think". Smart People Wear Glasses: Shiroe, the mage-strategist and resident Enchanter, wears glasses, and he fiddles with them incessantly.

Enchanters are formidable buffers, debuffers and support characters, but when it comes to direct combat, they're better off taking cover behind a Guardian. Despite his reputation and status as one of Elder Tale's best players, Shiroe himself isn't immune to this, and in the very rare occasions that he doesn't have anyone to support it's very clear that he can't handle combat by himself at all.

Stock Light Novel Hero: Shiroe is trapped in a game world along with many other players, and he happens to be one of the greatest strategists alive with the highest level cap at first in the game. His exploits earn him the affections of multiple women, and as he learns more about how the mechanics of the game world work, he learns that his abilities and his intellect are perfectly suited to allow him to break reality itself through Magically Binding Contracts.

He was, after all, the brains of the legendary DTP. His main weakness is that he requires time to formulate his plans. If he's put on the spot or his plan goes Off the Railshe'll start hesitating and be at a loss as to what to do.

However, Shiroe notes that people are greatly overestimating him due to his role at the creation of the Round Table Council and he's not anywhere near the invincible strategist that they believe he is. Despite the success and legend of the DTP, his plans have failed just as much as they've succeeded. Think Nothing of It: Was surprised at the high level of gratitude he received not only from Serara but her fellow guild members as well after she was rescued, and thus tried to downplay his contributions.