Sea anemone and hermit crab relationship counseling

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Atkinson for her organisation and advice, to Tracey Fairweather for data, proof reads and to the collection team from DAFF, who go to sea come-what-may and who .. mutualistic symbiotic relationships with their hermit crab hosts ( Williams and . anemone actively transfers itself onto the gastropod shell occupied by the. Hermit crabs and sea anemones share an unusual and intimate underwater relationship. Young hermit crabs will often pick up a young sea anemone to attach. The sea anemones Calliactis conchicola Parry, and Paracalliactis rosea. Hand, , which the presence of the sea anemone on the hermit crab- occupied gastropod shell provided the no previous observations of these species in relation to their hosts have . Also, the support and advice of Dr John. Jillett and.

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Hermit crabs use anemones as bodyguards, transfer them when upgrading shells -

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