Scotland and england relationship history on facebook

Twelve dates which shaped Scotland's relationship with England - BBC News

scotland and england relationship history on facebook

Stonewall Scotland, Edinburgh, United Kingdom. likes · 72 talking about this · 14 were here. Stonewall Scotland works to achieve equality and. Scotland has been part of the United Kingdom for more than three The Neolithic settlement of Skara Brae (pictured below), on the island of Orkney, is the oldest building in Britain, dating from BC. Scotland is currently the second largest country in the UK, after England. . Telegraph on Facebook. Official site with information on MSPs, history, buildings and current business.

With hindsight we can see that taking billions of the nation's taxes and paying them to huge civil engineering firms that build luxury flats that push up London house prices and fatten profits for property developers and local estate agents wasn't fair.

Scottish referendum: 50 fascinating facts you should know about Scotland

If we'd been Scottish, we'd have been quite annoyed. Even though monks from Buckfast Abbey in Devon say it's not fair to blame their tonic wine for crime in Scotland, we can't help but feel partly responsible.

You send us superb single malt whiskies and top-notch salmon, and what do we send to you? A plutocratic chinless wonder to stand as Conservative candidate in the overwhelmingly working class central Fife constituency in the general election, where Rees-Mogg came third and actually reduced the Conservative vote, possibly because he went canvassing with his nanny in a Mercedes. We should have followed the injunction inscribed on John Knox House in Edinburgh, namely: Ner ner ner ner ner!

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We're just terrible neighbours. The Queen in Balmoral … sorry. Five 24 Sorry for beating your national team at rugby. We just thought fighting in mud over something that doesn't really matter before getting bevvied would be right up your street. Turns out we were wrong. Especially now we learn it's not actually made from girders. Sorry — should have said so earlier.

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True, the Romans built it to keep you out but we could have bulldozed it rather than conserving it as a world heritage site and symbol of how civilisation stops — as if! It's not funny and it's not clever.

scotland and england relationship history on facebook

It is hypocritical of him, but sorry anyway. Apart from the obvious fact that this would be the most effete mafia in mob history, it's unfair to suggest that there's a Scottish conspiracy to ruin Westminster. Or sinister face is there? Following the Duke of Cumberland's "no quarter" order, hundreds of fallen Jacobite soldiers, not dead, were shot where they lay, others burned alive in human fire pits.

Scotland - BBC News

Many were taken prisoner only to be summarily shot, one after the other. We shouldn't have done any of that.

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Many of the Highlanders headed for Inverness and were hunted down and killed without mercy by Cumberland's dragoons. No wonder you call him "Butcher" Cumberland. The Hamilton Mausoleum in South Lanarkshire has the longest echo of any man-made structure in the world; a whole 15 seconds. Scotland has more than square miles of freshwater lakes, including the famous Loch Ness.

scotland and england relationship history on facebook

The capital of Scotland, Edinburgh, is only its second largest city, after Glasgow. Edinburgh was the first city in the world which had its own fire brigade.

Like Rome, Edinburgh pictured below was built on seven hills and the capital has more listed buildings than anywhere in the world. Scotland had its own monarch until St Andrews Links is considered the "home of golf"; the sport has been played there since the 15th century.

Queen Victoria is reputed to have smoked cigarettes during her visits to the Highlands of Scotland to keep away midges.

scotland and england relationship history on facebook

Scotland is currently the second largest country in the UK, after England. The highest point in Scotland is Ben Nevis, pictured below at 4,ft m It is used by the Order of the Thistle and on later versions of the Royal coat of arms. The country is a favourite with the Royal family, who holiday at Balmoral castle in Royal Deeside.

The very first recorded appearance of the elusive Loch Ness Monster occurred in AD, when a " water beast " attacked one of St.

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Columba's followers in the loch. The deepest loch in Scotland, Loch Morar, reaches 1,ft m down and is ranked the seventeenth deepest lake in the world. It is home to the oldest tree in Europe pictured belowa twisted yew which has stood in Fortingall for 3, years. According to local legend, Pontius Pilate was born in its shade and played there as a child The raincoat was invented in in Scotland by Charles Macintosh, a chemist born in Glasgow.

Scotland gained independence inafter Robert the Bruce pictured below defeated the English army at the Battle of Bannockburn.

scotland and england relationship history on facebook

Since July 1,Scotland has its own parliament, for the first time since The total population is around 5. The country has approximately