Scorpion paige teaches walter to flirt with girls

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scorpion paige teaches walter to flirt with girls

So now Paige is compelled to teach Walter just enough about being romantic Paige is trying to flirt with Walter, for the op's sake, and Walter just isn't Imagine the expression on the face of a child about to kiss a girl for the. In Scorpion Season 1 Episode 15 there is a lot of Paige and Walter flirting. Well, it's more like Paige teaching Walter how to flirt, but him how to flirt. That's right , Walter O'Brien is required to romance a woman for a case. Rated: Fiction M - English - Romance - Walter, Paige, OC, Ralph .. when she was trying to teach him how to flirt with Sima, Walter thought his.

He never understood the desire to go to a place where the music was so loud that a person couldn't even participate in a conversation. She ignored his jab because she knew he was trying to get under her skin and she refused to let him. We have a lot of similar interests. I didn't know she was a single mother too? And that was rude even for you. He was feeling betrayed and he was lashing out and, logically, he knew he was overreacting but he didn't think Paige lied to him.

Technically she didn't lie, she just didn't tell him but a lie of omission was still a lie. We have plenty in common.

She had been reaching for his hand when he spoke but she decided at the last minute to pull her hand back and she sighed.

scorpion paige teaches walter to flirt with girls

My whole life has been Ralph, for so long; I almost forgot what it was like to go out and just have a night to myself…. But he was smart enough not to bring it up at that moment. We're just two women having drinks and dancing and even though I love all of you, including my son," she said and her words were casual but they still shot right through him. It was one of the things that he worried about when analyzing his ever growing feelings for her.

Could she handle all of him? She said his weirdness was great but that was easy to say when she wasn't forced to deal the way she would if they were in a relationship. Paige bit her lip gently. I'm just asking a question. She's a nice enough person and if you enjoy her company then you should be friends with her. Walter met her gaze evenly because she could read him better than anyone now and it was a bit disconcerting. He wasn't sure if what he'd just said was the complete truth but he wouldn't want to deny Paige the opportunity to have a friend outside the garage.

Since they'd held hands that night on the beach she'd wanted to do it again. But she'd extended her hand first that time.

The next time it had to be his move. I wasn't hiding it. I knew I would have to tell you eventually but I just didn't know how to bring it up. There is no one I trust more with Ralph than you. And it made her laugh softly. Well I'm going to go then.

Sly is taking Ralph to his place to sleep over so they shouldn't be in your hair for long.

scorpion paige teaches walter to flirt with girls

He couldn't bring himself to because part of him worried she might just have too good of a night. Walter stood inside the interrogation room until he heard the garage door close behind Paige and Linda. The he walked out to find Ralph and Sly back at their chalkboards. He walked over to his desk and removed his computer from his bag and uploaded his latest work to their cloud server as Ralph and Sylvester continued their algorithms.

He wasn't sure how much time passed before he felt Ralph standing next to his desk watching him. Walter looked at him for a long moment before he answered, giving the young genius a little bit different answer than he'd given his mom.

Walter sputtered as he tried to formulate a response that didn't admit to anything. But the best he could come up with sounded lame even to him. Walter looked at the boy as he said exactly what his mother did when he practiced avoidance. The kid was more tenacious than his mother.

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I ruin every relationship I attempt. Sometimes you drive her nuts and make her want to strangle you. And I just know my mom; she's not hard to read. He shot the mathematician a sharp look before his eyes slid back at Ralph. And he wasn't sure what to make of that exactly. Five hours later, Walter stood in front of the bank of computer monitors as he checked the code on several of them at once trying to find the glitch that was crashing the program he was writing.

Sly had gone home two hours earlier, after Ralph beat him at their tenth game of chess. The young chess wizard was currently sprawled out on the sofa, asleep, with Ferret Bueller tucked against his side.

scorpion paige teaches walter to flirt with girls

The garage door opened and Paige and Linda came stumbling in, giggling, but Paige, wide eyed, slapped her hand over her mouth when she saw Ralph sprawled out asleep on the sofa next to Walter's desk. The touch made him involuntarily shudder. Walter tore his eyes from Paige and looked at the blond as she walked toward the table. He said he left Ralph with you. So she insisted on coming here. Watching the two of them together always did strange things to his insides, despite how illogical it was.

I hope that's okay," Linda said and Walter's gaze returned to her. She was leaning over Ralph, nuzzling the hair just beside his ear.

He could see her mouth moving but due to the angle he couldn't read her lips, but they were curved and her eyes were closed and the sight did even stranger things to his insides. The boy didn't even flinch, clearly in a very deep sleep, but that's what happened to the genius brain. Ralph, like Walter himself, didn't need as much sleep as someone with a less dense brain, but sleep was essential to brain function, so when geniuses slept, they slept hard.

Walter typically slept only four to five hours a night. But he was capable of deliberately putting himself into REM sleep, which was the most important stage for brain function, so those few hours were more productive and enough to allow for his brain to function at full capacity. Ralph was also capable of intentionally entering REM sleep, but as a growing child he needed closer to six to seven hours of sleep. Paige had always worried her son didn't get enough sleep for his growing body and developing brain until Walter explained what he was capable of and then she just simply accepted it as she had learned to do when it came to the abilities of her genius son.

Ferret Bueller woke up and chattered excitedly before crawling up onto her shoulder and tucking his head under her hair.

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Paige chuckled and sat up again as Walter realized the silence that had taken over the garage as he had been watching her. If it had just been him and Paige it wouldn't have been awkward. Either way, Walter pursed his lips at her response. That wasn't really what he wanted to hear despite the evidence to the contrary.

She knows how to make you feel so comfortable that you can get out of your own head for a while, you know. She was able to do that for him too. In fact, she was one of the only people capable of doing that for him. When he didn't reply Linda spoke again. I hope I didn't overstep any bounds, Walter. Why were normals always so worried about overstepping bounds? It was like she was used to being in that kind of danger. And from what little she's told me you guys are in danger a lot. She had put Ferret Bueller back on the sofa beside Ralph and she leaned over and kissed the young boy's forehead.

Linda's words hit home for him because she wasn't wrong. The entire team was put in danger and almost killed quite frequently and Paige was able to keep calmer than most of them, most of the time. But it's kind of a weird situation I guess," she shrugged halfheartedly. That shouldn't prevent you from being friends with Paige. I shouldn't even factor into the equation. So I can't believe I'm saying this but thank you for almost getting me blown up and for not, in any way shape or form, being the guy for me.

Walter looked over at Paige and Ralph again. She was just looking down at her son, once again running her fingers through his hair gently. Walter's lips curved up on the right. Ralph hated when she did that. He'd confided in Walter, once, that it made him feel a bit like Ferret Bueller, almost like she was petting him. But when Walter explained to him that it was Paige's way of physically connecting with him, to fulfill her need for touch that so many normals seem to have, Ralph logically recognized it was the same desire he had, when he was younger, to hold her hand.

The young boy still craved that kind of contact from his mom, even though he seldom initiated physical contact with her. But after his explanation Walter noticed Ralph stopped trying to pull away when she did it. Walter had been meaning to drop a hint to Paige that it might be wise to find another way to touch Ralph so he didn't feel so much like a pet.

But like Ralph, Walter secretly enjoyed when Paige touched him, more than he would ever readily admit to anyone. So Walter kept his mouth shut in case she misinterpreted his suggestion and she stopped touching him as well. And Walter suspected that if Paige ever ran her fingers through his hair like that, he would feel very differently than the young boy.

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In fact, the one time she did it, when she was trying to teach him how to flirt with Sima, Walter thought his knees were going to give out beneath him. Even now, just the thought of her nimble little fingers caressing any part of his body made Walter wish he had the courage to tell her how much he liked it.

Cabe stays with him, and once they finish, it's a race out before the containment doors close. Everyone but Cabe and Walter get out, but there's one door across the walkway that is slowly closing: Walter makes it through, but Cabe tripped and is trapped. Walter desperately searches for a manual override, but the only one is in need of repair. The team cannot get the schematics of the plant, because the monitor froze and the printer won't print.

Walter says the greater good would be to forget about Cabe, but he doesn't want to. Mark says that caring about a man's life isn't like the Walter O'Brien he knew. Walter then says Mark can help Cabe, because they don't all need to work on updating the reactor, they can save both the reactor and Cabe. Mark remembers a pipe that sends water out into the ocean, but not which one.

The information is back at his house. Walter sends Happy, Mark, and Paige to go get it, and then turns to talk to Cabe, and informs him he has a 1 in 3 chance of survival. Cabe, who guessed earlier Walter was hiding something, asks Walter that if his life is in Mark's hands, he wants to know what Walter is hiding. Walter tells Cabe he had Mark committed into an asylum three years ago: Mark finds the information and Paige texts it to Walter: Pipe 6 chamber 19A.

Walter relays it to Cabe. Cabe responds he'll be pissed off if he dies, and Walter retorts he'll be pissed if Cabe doesn't start running. Cabe reaches the pipe, and says if he doesn't make it out, he's glad he got to know Walter. Walter responds "Okay", to chiding from Sylvester and Toby.

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Cabe gets into the pipe and escapes. Cabe talks to Walter, and Walter confesses that when he had Collins committed it was for the good of the team, but a part of him wanted to see if Collins could be pulled out of the rabbit hole, to see if Walter himself could be pulled from there if he ever went there. Cabe calls BS, and says Collins is making him doubt himself and believe he did the wrong thing, Walter just replies "Yes, he does have a history of that".

Then sees Collins manually override the system to to destroy the piece that converts digital to analog. Happy's test triggered Mark's Trojan horse. The closest analog antenna is Mark's house. All they need is the passcode to Mark's antenna, but Mark won't give it. Collins says Walter is giving him the same look he did the day he was committed to an asylum for two years. He then gives him a date, a date Walter says that they disproved a theory. Collins says he knows Walter knows it's a setup, he bugged the reactor.

Cabe pulls a gun and tells him to give them the code, but Mark doesn't care. He says if he gets shot, their failure is certain, then challenges Walter by asking "how do you stand for such intellectual inferiors? Mark says they could've accomplished anything together. Walter says he knows Mark hates him, and that he always debates his action, but that this is not the right solution.

Collins asks if he even knows how much it hurt him, and says he is not afraid to die: All Mark wanted was to show Walter he could save everyone, he just wanted to be back on the team.

Paige tells Walter the code is the date Walter sent him away, and Collins rushes at Walter only to be shot in the leg by Cabe. Toby types in the code and the update is sent. Back at the base, Walter tells Cabe he should've kept a closer eye on Mark, but Cabe brushes it off. Walter visits Mark, who says that it's ironic that the first day he sees Walter in years, he's back in cuffs.

He then criticizes Walter by saying he showed him the outer limits of his intelligence but Walter couldn't handle it. That Walter sent him away because nothing could jeopardize his precious team, his psyche.

Mark asks why them, none of the geniuses could hold a candle to him, so why couldn't there be room for one more? Walter replies that the room was for Paige, she binds them. Mark says he's going away, but he'll get out and maybe he'll see Walter down the rabbit hole. Walter says he hopes not and leaves. He goes back to the garage and thanks Happy for pulling out of the rabbit hole, but Happy says she did it as a friend, not a thank you.

Paige arrives and says they're all going to make dinner together, but then pulls Walter aside and says if there's a chance she could fail, to just tell her now. Walter says she is part of the team, and they go make chicken pescatta. Edit pHub Standing with his team near a flaming car, Merrick chews them out, and orders them for psychological evaluations and if they fail, they will be fired.

Cut to the present day, Walter's in session with a psychiatrist, getting evaluated. She tells him she will talk with each member of the team and they will tell her about the events of the past 24 hours, and explain themselves.

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Walter says he's happy to help, but the psychiatrist says he's lying, which is one sign of antisocial behavior, and he must be honest. He says, honestly, he's looking at her diploma thinking he could've gotten into her alma mater when he was seven. Unfazed, he asks him to start at the beginning. In Paige's flashback, Walter walks into the garage and asks for the summary report of their last mission.

She sarcastically replies "Good morning to you, too," and he changes his greeting to "Good morning, how are you? Do you have the summary document of our last mission? Cabe walks in with a mission, saying they have to guard an million dollar painting by Franz Bierman.

scorpion paige teaches walter to flirt with girls

Cabe also says Merrick approved Walter's request, a company van on loan from Homeland. On the way there, Walter criticizes art as worthless, while Paige defends it. Walter attempts to act human, but it's very unnatural and awkward and Paige quickly takes over. Walter looks at the painting, and Fuck youcan't tell if he's contemptuous on purpose, or just unstable.

Walter remarks if she dismissed every unstable government worker, Washington would cease to exist. She then tells him that if he keeps answering like this, how can he expect her to pass them? He doesn't, but if she fails him, she is ignoring that no matter how many people upset, all of his actions had a purpose and were efficient. In flashback, the curator, Dr. Have you any idea what that painting was worth? In fact all of the team but Paige and Gallo knew, but an agent confirms their story. He also says it was made by a computer, and they are kicked out because there is no painting to protect.

At the garage, Cabe tells them they are still on the case. They only have 24 hours to find the real painting, so Cabe calls in Hetty Lange. The original owner died in the camps, so the next three generations of his family have been trying to get it back, this visibly shakes Walter.

They determine the forger must work at Galactic Toys, the people who make Super Fun Guy, as the digital image was downloaded by someone there and they have all the tech necessary to make such a forgery. They narrow it down to ten, but Toby profiles them down to one. Cabe goes in alone to apprehend the man. Walter dissects a joke and doesn't find it funny. He sees the suspect escape via window and chases him, telling the others in the car to cut him off. He gets slammed into a dumpster, but keeps chasing and Cabe cuts off the man.

Sylvester shows up in a SFG t-shirt and the team arrives with the car in chicken feathers. At the garage, apparently the team spooked the guy so he's clammed up. Toby goes in for 30 seconds, and eventually gets a name: Toby believes his wine cellar is actually a stolen art room, but they cannot go in. They discover there's going to be a party as his house, so Walter and Paige will go undercover at the party to clone his phone. Toby and Happy are to go as waiters, and extract the painting if possible.

They go to Hetty for the equipment and wardrobe. Walter and Paige go in, and Walter soothes Paige by assuring she'll fit right in. He copies other guests by opening the car door for her and resting her hand on his arm.

Walter says the have to keep the cloning device near LaBeaux for 3 minutes, but LaBeaux is dancing, so the only way to do so is dance next to him. Walter is at first nervous, and Paige tells him where to put his hands. He quickly picks up dancing due to the math involved, and actually begins to enjoy himself.

He makes a joke, and Paige says his human behavior experiment is working. He secretly resets the device when they have 15 seconds to go, so they have to dance for another 3 minutes. At 90 seconds to go, LaBeaux requests to dance with Paige and they can't say no, so Walter stands nearby and is clearly jealous and repeatedly asks Sylvester for the time left to clone LaBeaux's phone.

However, the whole mission was worthless as Toby and Happy are caught in the wine cellar and so run. Using the cloned phone info, they learn LaBeaux's partner in crime was Paulson. Paulson has the painting. Walter says they're going after LaBeaux, and gives Paige an envelope to give to Hetty, and needs the van for the wifi.

In the van, Walter tells everything to Cabe as they tail Paulson, who's heading for the docks to send the painting to Hong Kong. And yet another shipper plot line is included. Their CIA handler walks them through the halls and informs them that they brought in their top agents, Scorpion has carte blanche. Those in a thankless position.

They need to see the basement. Sylvester looks down into the pit. Maybe someone is actually in love. Toby takes that and runs with it. Paige suggests checking into anyone who has a tendency to take off Fridays or Mondays suggesting a long romantic weekend. Toby snaps back into it revealing that one guy has taken off five Fridays and appears to have had a manicure.

His story is that he stole chemicals to be sent to Yemen to make and use pesticides in order to feed millions of starving people. He would help this woman do anything, because they are in love. Not exactly the answer that will endear him to Walter. The chemicals are phosphorous tri-chloride and liquid transmethopurpolaxium I am positive I misspelled that one.

All three of which combine to create a pesticide. The short answer is that by modifying these chemicals only slightly creates a very easily weaponized nerve gas. Leonard is so caught up in his own puppy love that he refuses to believe that this woman Sima used him. Toby walks past Paige while they talk about a voice modifier that Walter made when he was a kid. She looks at him expressionless and walks away. The one snag is that Walter will speak to her as if he is scheduling an appointment, not making a date.

Paige quickly snatches the phone away and begins to speak to Sima as if she were Leonard. Someone needs to impersonate Marvin, a person Paige made up during the call. Circumstances being what they are, that will fall to Walter.

So now Paige is compelled to teach Walter just enough about being romantic to not ruin the op. The truly majestic part of this show is how spot on the acting is when applied to the role of a genius. Walter is confident he can handle it, but Paige wants to be sure.

Paige gets closer and closer, moving up his torso until her hands and face are inches from his. Sylvester looks on like a single woman watching The Notebook for the first time. Walter sits at a hotel bar alone while the team are in the van. Sima approaches and Toby upon seeing what she looks like is not confident that Walter can pull this off. Sima suggests he buy her a drink. Luckily Paige is in his coms and walking him through this word for word. Sylvester walks up to the bar.

At that moment the meat heads watching the football game yell about a poor play call.

scorpion paige teaches walter to flirt with girls

That was an ineffective choice. They continue their small talk and Sima extends her hand and runs it up his thigh. Toby has an idea. The CIA lady gave him the gecko gloves that will allow a person to climb up glass. Happy is not thrilled but plays along. She begins to scale the building and seems genuinely impressed with the tech. Sima begins to move a little quicker.