Scorpio and pisces relationship stories

Pisces and Scorpio - Compatibility in Sex, Love and Life

scorpio and pisces relationship stories

Pisces spot the mysterious scorpio and wonder what's his story. What kind of relationship would be between a Scorpio and a Capricorn?. Just little short story of pisces and scorpio and there relationship i don't know why i just like this ship i do take request i'm also a pisces. Though intense, there can be tenderness and a dream-like tone to the Scorpio- Pisces teen match -- luckily, the affection flows naturally.

As soon as one of them is cheated on or disappointed, their relationship should end, because none of these partners can handle the tainted image of love. Trust between them will be maintained for as long as Pisces have an idealistic approach, doing everything for their one true love.

With these two combined, it will be almost impossible to have a healthy conversation in which there will be no hurt, distance or anger. They will rarely fight, for Pisces partner usually has no reason to fight with anyone, but they could have a lot of misunderstandings that lead to their separation pretty quick. If Scorpio partner is tender enough and Pisces partner possesses the needed boundaries, their communication can be pretty exciting and magical.

The emotional approach to everything in their lives will help them understand each other when it comes to rational choices, too.

The most superficial experiences will become something incredible to talk about, and the truth behind everything in life will be mesmerizing. They should hold on to the fascination with each other, instead of giving in to their weaknesses. There is an emotional depth to Scorpio that not everyone is ready to face and Pisces are ready to face anything in the field of emotions.

The sign of Pisces represents our oceans and seas, while Scorpio represents rivers. Each river flows into the ocean or the sea, and this reflects the emotional connection between these signs in the best possible way. Pisces partner will have the ability to disperse the intensity of emotion from their Scorpio partner.

This is a special connection in which Scorpio partner needs to focus their emotions and Pisces partner needs to give them a purpose. However difficult and dark they both might get, they will share a deep emotional understanding that should be followed to see where their relationship will lead.

Still, their mutual love for a connection with emotions and the depth of their emotional connection, will give them just enough shared values to hold on to. Scorpio is a sign ruled by Mars and there is always a certain admiration for chivalry. You are dealing with a magic force of psychic proportions and soulful depth. The natural instinct of a Scorpio woman should tell her of your interest and intentions through the ethers.

scorpio and pisces relationship stories

The most perceptive creature of all the zodiac has caught your eye and is about to draw you magically toward her. Every Scorpio woman believes in only one kind of love — love at first sight! The merging has begun. There is no more romantic combination in the zodiac. Pisces courts a lifetime with music, candlelight and flowers, personal poetry and an adoration approaching ecstasy. Scorpio understands and willingly receives. These two experience the kind of passion most people just read about.

It is deep and true to their natures to love only one, only one way, forever. It becomes emotionally intimate almost right away. Pisces experiences such a feeling of peace and relief. Here is a poem by metaphysical poet John Donne that describes the experience of two souls merging above two bodies and becoming one and the soulful experience that orgasm is like a small death. They also have a deep sexual connection that both will interpret as a foundation for unlimited potential.

Potential pitfalls Both are prone to mind-games or betrayal when they feel insecure and vulnerable, which is exactly what these two will make each other feel when they spend time even a day apart. Can it work between Scorpio Woman and Pisces Man? Being forced to contemplate life without each other, once these two have met, is not a pretty prospect for Scorpio or Pisces.

They both feel like they are walking around with their heart on their sleeves and will have to get some perspective to deal with this as adults or cut their losses before it gets ugly. There are strong common traits in water signs that would often suggest there is no chance for their love to fail. Scorpio woman is known for her tenacity in getting what she sets her heart to and Pisces never wants to be the bearer of bad news, even if the moment strongly dictates that he should end it.

With a Scorpio female-Pisces male, this may often never be the case. They might instead need brief moments of respite to take a deep breath away from the intense feeling they provoke out of each other. But asking for patience from Scorpio and Pisces, without doing something irrational they will later regret, is asking for a temperament neither might have found yet. A lifetime commitment to a dedicated Scorpio woman is one that holds never-ending levels of happiness for her partner.

Do not believe the legend of Scorpio as a domineering self-absorbed lover who wishes to only take from her partner.

Scorpio experiences with Pisces

If she can overcome getting absorbed in her own emotions, she finds many other ways to express her loyalty and support for a loved one before ever thinking of herself. Unfortunately, this sort of deal only comes around once with a Scorpio woman who makes her mind up that he is The One. If Pisces is slow to react to her call or hesitates in the face of such a strong commitment, he will earn himself a slighted woman who shifts the goalposts of the relationship without letting him know what he is truly getting into.

Scorpio women can feel betrayed if they are made to feel inferior to their own self-image.

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However, true to water signs that never want to end anything, she will not save them both the headache of entering into a destructive relationship and instead exact her passive aggressive vengeance to make him share the misery and rejection she once momentarily felt. It is only a matter of time before jealousy, insecurity and other dark feelings enter into the cocktail of a Pisces-Scorpio romance. The whole spectrum of emotion is inevitable with these two, and they should learn not to mistake their gift for a curse.

They have been longing for such a pure connection that comes with no-holds-barred and does not let trivial concerns of daily life get in the way. Career ambitions, rocky friendships and other obstacles can wait behind the craft of getting their relationship right, once these two have fallen in love. This is justified in more ways than one.

scorpio and pisces relationship stories

It is easy to get hooked on this potent mix. Pisces and Scorpio can read each other like a book from day one, often seeing into one another with psychic abilities and intuition that scare them both. They look at each other from across the room full of strangers, and instantly know they have met an equal. It can leave them both feeling raw and exposed to the world, once real life calls them apart from each other for days at a time.

Scorpio is one case of a woman who can be a dedicated lover when happy with herself, but will turn to darkness and proving her body is hers to do as she sees fit once scorned.

He is better off submitting to her law so they can both keep each other happy and rewarding one another till death do them part. The relationship between these two signs comes very close to the phrase "match made in heaven ". This zodiac match is unbeatable by any other.

Pisces Scorpio love story

They are made for each other. Both the partners are extremely emotional and sensitive. The Pisces man's imagination is matched by equal creativity within the Scorpio woman. She too, like the Piscean man is possessive. What is more interesting that the Scorpio woman will not let her secrets out easily, until she finds that the listener deserves to know her from deep inside.

Once the Pisces man shows his true qualities of being a very good listener and a gentle person, she will surely feel confident to reveal all. The Pisces man should also beware her need to know all. She will not accept any form of lies from the person she opens up to. Even little lies may cause big problems. The Pisces man should know that it is best to tell all and be very frank in this sensitive relationship. Clear and open communication is the key. The Scorpio woman is also a believer of love at first sight.

When she meets the caring Piscean man and sees his need to know her better, she will be swept off her feet. The Piscean trait of trying to know his partner's emotional calling is very well received by the Scorpio woman. She will see this as the ultimate form of romantic attraction. The dreamy Pisces man will use art, music, and even candle lights to create moments that exist in fantasies. For the Scorpio woman, this will be as good as attainment of bliss.

She will feel like the most special woman in the whole world. Both the signs are water signs. They will usually stick to each other as both are calm and composed individuals who believe in their dreams. Their relationship is like a creative powerhouse and new levels of imagination will be attained. Both the signs also value privacy and emotional security.

Sexual relations between the Pisces man and the Scorpio woman are tender and sweet. The experience may not be ravaging, but it is the one that heavens speak about. It is a union of two souls who connect with each other via their physical bodies. This physical connection is about the entanglement of spirits and the climax is about the union of gods and goddesses, the gathering of all happiness in the world.

Only the lucky few enjoy the extremity of this sensual bonding. The Pisces man will want to satisfy the Scorpio woman who in turn will be excited at the thought of satisfying him to a level which brings him peace. This bedroom is not about rough movements, it is about moans that you may not hear, but the energy and vibes will surely be felt from miles away. This deep soulful connection between the Pisces man and the Scorpio woman is too good to let go.

Small differences should be ironed out. The ruling planets can guide one another, but there is a danger of dissipation among them. The Elements Both are Water - Scorpio and Pisces both belong to the Water Triplicity, which gives the two of you endurance and mutual understanding. There is a common motive and emotional "posture" between you.

The Qualities Fixed vs Mutable - Because of the identity of the elements, the astral qualities work well together. Scorpio brings stability and resolve to Pisces, and Pisces brings variety and excitement to Scorpio. Pisces' planets can channel greater power to Scorpio's, and Scorpio's can set Pisces' planets into action. Pisces' exalted planet, Venus, causes your two signs to strive for harmony and beauty.

Pisces and Scorpio Compatibility

Love and Romance It's likely that you'll be attracted to a Pisces Man almost immediately. His charming manner and magical, interesting personality is magnetic, but there are some things both of you need to know before your relationship can be successful. First of all, Pisces is a "double-bodied" sign; one fish swims upstream, the other swimming downstream.

The upstream Pisces successfully finds his way into a position where his imagination and intelligence are indulged and become gifts to the world. Many Pisces scientists, scholars, authors and artists in any branch of the arts are like this. The downstream Pisces decides to "go with the flow" and refuses to participate in the outside world, allowing his imagination and intelligence to make excuses for why the world is like it is, and why he's a victim of forces beyond his control.

Both types can attract you powerfully, pulling you upstream to help them deal with the mundane details of life, or downstream into a world of sordid co-dependency and obsession. Pisces needs to learn to stop using their intelligence and intuition to put a "spin" on the facts to get what they want; it simply will not work on you.

You know what you want from life, but Pisces may not be sure. Don't let his indecision stop you from helping him to find out.

The Keys to Success Avoid the boring and routine. Pisces Men who are caught up in routine and obligations are not usually happy campers. They need the freedom to explore and enjoy the worlds of imagination they were born to pursue.


Unless they have some kind of hobby or interest that allows for their creative expression, they are likely to seek any avenue of sensory stimulation or suppression that becomes available to them, no matter how self-destructive it may be, and expose you to the same vulnerability.

Support his creative drive, for both your sakes. You have a tendency to be somewhat possessive of those you love.

scorpio and pisces relationship stories

It's all in the name of protecting their and your interests, but he can't live in a box. All he'll want to do is escape. He may be kind of sneaky about it at first, but it won't be long before you figure it out. Don't put pressure on him, offer him encouragement, and he'll return love.

He will level with those he trusts. He will quickly learn that his normal "escape maneuvers" won't gain much traction when you disapprove of him.

Once he begins to really level with you, you can be assured of his devotion and trust, and that's a rare gift indeed. The eight sign of natural zodiac relates to mysticism. Intensity and extremes are your keywords.

Therefore, you are a woman with mysterious personality. You are not so much beautiful but yes, you possess a certain attraction, which catches the attention of men often. Scorpio is the symbol of extreme behavior.

You will show your extremes of emotions. If you love someone then it will be highly intense and if you hate then it will be on its extremes. You possess all colors of contradictions of a human nature. You also do not know how you will react at that moment but whatever your reaction is — it is intense.

You are a straightforward woman and do not think what others may draw opinion about you. On the surface, it is difficult to judge your love or passionate nature but in fact you possess a magnetic personality with turbulent passions deep beneath.