Scandal olivia and fitz relationship counseling

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scandal olivia and fitz relationship counseling

This week on ABC's Scandal, we learned for whom Jake is spying on RELATED | Scoop on the Future of Scandal's Fitz and Liv in Matt's Inside Line . the Jake-Fitz relationship i.e the easy camaraderie of the first meeting to the Olivia needs to take her own advice to William Caldwell and forget this fool. 6 Get-Real Tips For Scandal's Olivia Pope (Spoilers) President Fitzgerald "Fitz" Grant and high-powered Washington D.C. fixer Olivia Pope. To Improve Your Self-Confidence · The Best Relationship Advice On YourTango. After her counseling session is over, Olivia goes to one of the many quiet .. couples counseling as well", Thaddeus says, looking over at Fitz.

Do you think that is a good idea? You should meet with the staff at Mirage to understand the program they have designed for Olivia. If she goes home then she should try to stick to the same routine as much as possible. Fitz leans back on the sofa and pulls Olivia with him, holding her tighter. And they sit in silence while he collects his thoughts.

Did I put all of this stress on you - cause the anxiety? Do you think you're ready? I miss you and Cee so much. XXX A half-hour later they walk hand in hand across the courtyard to the main building to meet with Thaddeus Collins for their Fitz knocks on the office door and Thaddeus walks around his desk to greet the Grants.

Grant", Thaddeus says, extending his hand to Olivia. Then he extends a handshake to Fitz, who readily accepts the gesture, and Thaddeus smiles thinking what a difference a day makes. As Olivia and Fitz settle into the two plush chairs in front of Thaddeus' desk, the founder of Mirage offers them something to drink and they both decline.

Thaddeus walks behind his desk and sits in his leather chair. Grant, I understand you have decided to go home", Thaddeus smiles kindly. My husband and I spoke with Dr.

Perry earlier and he said he can support my going home if certain conditions are met. Perry is an excellent physician who cares about his patients very much. So if he thinks you are ready to go home then I support his decision wholeheartedly. Perry would like for Olivia to follow the same regimen when we get back home. Grant", you have made significant progress during your stay with us and we would like for that progress to continue once you return home.

All of them provide couples counseling as well", Thaddeus says, looking over at Fitz. They certainly were not expecting this offer. We truly want to help make our guests lives better. Grant has made amazing progress as an individual, I think in order for her to sustain ongoing health and wellness you both need to be on the same page. I know you were not expecting this, but I hope you will consider my offer. I am willing to do anything I can to support my wife.

Grant's luggage to your villa. And please, do not hesitate to request anything you might need from our staff during your extended stay. He extends a handshake to Olivia then to Fitz. And I apologize for my behavior yesterday. Grant", he says as he escorts the couple to the lobby. I will warn you in advance, however, that her methods are somewhat unconventional — but very effective. This is the first meal they have enjoyed together in quite some time and it feels wonderful being together again and doing something normal without arguing.

Until recently, Avril smoked two packs of cigarettes a day. Now, she only chomps through a pack of yellow No. She has worked at Mirage for the past 12 years helping guests to learn techniques to rebuild and restore their relationships. Her colleagues think she is peculiar and question some of the bizarre counseling methods she uses with the guests.

However, Thaddeus relies on Avril immensely. Although he has received a few complaints about Avril's methods, from staff members and guests, he retains her because she is the most effective therapist at Mirage. And when he offers a couple the gift, he usually assigns Avril to them because she can help to transform them in the shortest period of time.

Bizarre methods be damned. Born in England where she lived with her parents and two brothers, Avril moved to the States after graduating from university with a certificate in Family Counseling. She was drawn to the field of family counseling because she saw as a child the damage that dysfunctional parents can do to their children, especially when there is no outside support.

So as an adult she wants to provide families with the support they need and hopefully help to prevent other children from having to grow up in a house with parents that bicker all of the time. Avril usually has a limited amount of time to work with the guests at Mirage so she likes to get down to business as quickly as possible.

She does not have time or the desire to coddle them because the guests usually have a problem or problems they need to deal with immediately so they can resume their normal lives.

At the beginning of each session Avril always lays down the rules of engagement. And the first rule is to tell the truth. The second rule is not to interrupt when the speaker is expressing their thoughts and feelings.

XXX "So, Fitz is the problem? So now that you know who the problem is in your marriage you can now go back home and resume your life. Anything that will help us to get back on track. Avril studies the two and nods her head. But it's not - nowhere close to being admirable. But you want Olivia to come back home so you're willing to be the fall guy. He cannot believe that this stranger would dare to speak to him in that manner. And in this room only the truth will be spoken. You two will need to be completely honest with each other if you want to have a chance at saving your marriage.

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And right now neither of you is being honest. Come on Olivia, let's get the hell out of here. Is that what you want for your children? Olivia is stunned by the woman's prediction and her hand instinctually rubs her stomach.

You either walk away from each other now so you don't spend the next few years making yourselves and your children miserable. Or, you take this gift and learn how to transform yourselves and your marriage.

There is no third option. Hell, you've been pretending for so long I don't think you even know how to be honest. Olivia realizes this is their moment of truth as she looks back and forth between Avril and Fitz' outstretched hand.

She knows if they do not take this opportunity — this gift — then they could possibly end up divorced in a few years. We have today and tomorrow, and we have a lot of territory to cover. So Olivia, tell me why is Fitz the problem in your marriage? And no matter what has happened I will always love him", she says, wringing her hands. Fitz twists his wedding band and begins to retreat slowly into his mind, thinking he is going to be the target in these sessions.

Fitz glances at her in shock because he thought their problems started just a few years ago. He began to make decisions without really consulting me or listening to my opinion.

You have to be specific so Fitz can understand your perspective — what you were feeling at the time. It was in the city — not too far from my office and the size was perfect for us. We had more than enough room for us and a baby. And he wanted to buy such a large house, which was not necessary at the time.

It requires a lot of my time — too much of my time actually to maintain and I grew to resent it. In fact, I hated it for a long time. Fitz was — " "Talk to your husband, Olivia. Tell him how you felt. He knew she wasn't thrilled about the house, but hate it? And I will never do that.

You'll have your chance. While I enjoy doing all of those things I never wanted to do them full time. Fitz and I don't have the same values when it comes to money. He is so obsessed with making money and money just isn't that important to me. I wasn't raised to worship money. They think I should be a s-type wife and not work.

And they aren't shy about letting me know their opinions. It was all of these things combined that have had a negative impact on our marriage. It wasn't just one thing" Olivia concludes. Do you agree, Fitz, with what Olivia said? He feels like he is being double teamed. Fitz sits up straight in his chair, clears his throat, and rakes a hand through his hair. Do you agree with what Olivia just said - about why you are the problem? I didn't realize until Abigail told me how difficult it has been for you dropping off Cena there every day.

They had no right trying to make you feel guilty about your choices.

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Again, I am sorry for that. I became a father Liv — we became parents - and I wanted the best for our child. I wanted our daughter to feel the same kind of love and security I felt from my mother when I was a kid. I loved the smells that filled the house with whatever she was cooking when I got home from school in the afternoons. I loved that she would make me a snack and sit in the kitchen with me to discuss my day.

I felt safe and loved and I wanted that for Cee — for all of our children. You know that family is the most important thing to me and you said family was important to you too. You said you wanted us to have a more traditional family too - maybe not as traditional as mine — but a bit more structured than your family. So we made a plan, Liv — together. And you agreed to that plan. We were sitting on the patio at the old apartment and we talked about our future and where we both were at that time in our careers.

We agreed that since my business was beginning to take off and yours hadn't gotten much traction yet that I would work my ass off to make it a success, and you would still work at your Foundation and we would start our family a couple of years after we were married.

We knew it would take several years before we had any real success in the business. We both knew my traveling would be tough and that I would be gone a lot - but that was a sacrifice we we're willing to make — at least for the short term. Flying back and forth across the country almost every week is physically draining — you have no idea.

Some days I would wake up and I honestly didn't know where I was — what city I was in.

scandal olivia and fitz relationship counseling

And I missed you and Cena so much. And I felt like I was missing out on so much because each time I came home Cena had changed in one way or another. And I was so happy for you and proud of you — always have been.

But you began working longer and longer hours, which we agreed you wouldn't do, at least while Cena was still young and while I was traveling. But you seemed so happy — happier than I had seen you in such a long time so I said nothing about the long hours for a long while.

Nor did I didn't push you on having another child. So two — three years passed and you never mentioned wanting to have more children and I understood that. I understood that your business was just beginning to get some traction and it needed your attention — but so did our daughter. You forgot that Cee was at my parents' house more times than I care to remember. But have you ever once thought about how frustrating it was each time they called me to complain that you had once again forgotten to pick up Cena?

How they were unable to contact you since you have a habit of turning off your phone? That's why I didn't want to put her in day care. I couldn't trust you to remember to pick her up. I didn't want our daughter to be forgotten at some day care center all evening. You know Cena, she would have been frightened, Liv. She would have thought that mommy and daddy didn't love her - that we had abandoned her.

scandal olivia and fitz relationship counseling

And I never want her to feel that way. And you know I couldn't just stop working to watch her. I already had too many commitments I was trying to juggle, so my parents were the best alternative. Things had gotten out of control, Liv. You forgetting about Cena, leaving in the mornings before either of us saw you, and coming home late in the evenings became intolerable.

I was frustrated that you kept putting your work before our family over and over and over. And yes, I began to resent your work — not because I wanted you to be a stay-at-home-mom. I resented your work because you cared more about the Foundation and the people you supported than you cared about me and Cena.

And yes I began to demand that you show up for our family - that you be present for our daughter. So, if you call that controlling — then yes — I became controlling. We agreed we would never let our careers interfere with us being a family. We agreed that family is more important than anything. They stare at each other for a long while. Because I knew having a family wasn't enough to make you happy.

He takes a breath and shakes his head. He did not want to go down this road, revisiting past agreements. He wanted to leave the past in the past and concentrate on building a new future with his wife.

But he has been letting things go for far too long and it has not served his family well. In fact, remaining silent has almost destroyed his family. The truth needs to be spoken, so he decides to release everything he has been holding inside for such a long time.

We rarely saw each other and when you were home you really weren't because you brought your work with you. We had sex but we didn't make love — not in the same way — not in a long time. But I love you so much I would take you any way I could get you. Being away from home gets lonely Liv, and when I get home I just want to be with my wife. I had know idea how you felt", looking into his sad eyes. And I convinced myself the community needed more because they have so little.

You called me on all of it but I couldn't or wouldn't hear you, Fitz. I guess I forgot to put on my own oxygen mask first", shaking her head realizing the ridiculousness of her thinking. Fitz tilts his head slightly to the side, trying to understand what she is saying.

I was so focused on helping others I took my eyes off of the two most important people in my life. I kept telling myself the long hours I was working weren't going to last long —that it was just for a short period — until my latest project was completed.

But there was always going to be another project", she says sadly. Can you forgive me? We can't rely just on love to make our marriage healthy", she says solemnly. Love is everything for me and I'm tired of everyone trying to diminish what love means to me.

It's not just some silly emotional expression. All of those things are wrapped up in love. And when I tell you that I love you I am saying that I am willing to lay down my life for you. I am saying that you are my everything. I am say that I will do anything in my power for you — for our family. And I have not stopped loving you and I never will — no matter how all of this ends," looking around the room.

It wasn't on one of the many vacations we went on. And it wasn't after we made exquisite love innumerable times. Before we really started dating and I was still tricking you into go shopping with me.

Even though you exuded strength and confidence, you also allowed me to see the vulnerable side of you — and I liked that side of you too. And I just wanted to take care of you.

How the hell do you think that makes me feel when you say it — when you show me every chance you get that you don't need me? I am supposed to take care of you. What is my role if I don't take care of you and protect you? I don't need you to pay my bills - to fix the clogged sink - or to change the tire on my car.

I can do all of those things for myself or hire someone to do them. He feels like she just stuck a knife into his heart so he looks away, trying to hide the hurt. Olivia reaches over and intertwines her fingers with his. Who the hell am I'm supposed to be if I don't do that, Liv? You're to be my soft place to fall when everything around me is coming apart.

When I have a terrific day at work and I am really proud of something I accomplished, you are to be the first person I want to tell. And when I have had a really crappy day, you are to be the person I want to call and hopefully get a hug and be told that everything is going to be all right.

I want you more than I have ever wanted anything in my life. I've wanted no one else but you since I saw you at your Welcome Home Party eight years ago. I want you because you make me feel incredibly loved and happy — even with everything that is happening I know that you love me.

And I can't imagine ever wanting anyone or anything else as much as I want you. You're much more than what you can give me. But you have to understand that I enjoy — I love doing things for you and Cena. It's about my need not yours.

I love you and Cena more than anything and I want give you both the world. And you reject it all of the time — you reject me, Liv. You make me feel like what I want to give you is dirty. You act like it is all beneath you. You never wanted the house - I know that. But I was hoping in time you would grow to love it — not because of its size or where it is located - but love it because it is where we are going to raise our children.

You won't let me do special things for Cena because you say that I am spoiling her. It seems like you want to prove that you don't need me for anything — and that hurts. How do you think that makes me feel, Liv — to be married to a woman who doesn't need or want anything from me? How the hell do you think that makes me feel? She smiles to herself thinking this is the most honest these two have been with each other since they met.

She thinks now that both of their truths have been spoken, it is time to get on to the work that will ultimately transform them. You both just see certain things differently. And it's okay that you view the world differently, but you need to learn how to manage through the differences rather than becoming combative with each other.

Is that all right with you?

scandal olivia and fitz relationship counseling

Because it is important that you know what each has said and why. And you both agreed to the plan. Which means you two started operating from two different plans - the original plan that Fitz was still following and the modified plan which Olivia began following.

scandal olivia and fitz relationship counseling

The terms of the two plans were not in sync, which means you two were not in sync in how you were going about building your future.

Your misalignment was fertile ground for all sorts of conflict to grow in your marriage. Did I get that right in words or less? Olivia cocks her head slightly and squints at the woman and Fitz nods his head.

He is happy that someone finally understands his frustration. I guess I forgot about it really and I just did what I always did before Oh my god", she says half to herself as the realization of her actions hits her.

I did what I wanted to do - when I wanted to do it. I would work at the office as long as it took to get the job done. So, when the Foundation began to grow and there was so much that needed to be done, I guess I started behaving the way I did before I was married — before I became a mother. Why didn't you let her know that you were not comfortable with terms of the new contract?

Avril will not be deterred by his defensive attitude, so she chews on her pencil and waits few minutes for Fitz to answer the question. So for me, the original contract was still in force", he says somewhat smugly. Avril smiles to herself thinking how easily it is for him to slip into his professional role. And I never dreamed that we would get so far off course. Fitz shakes his crossed leg and twists his wedding band as he glares at the woman.

And he feels Olivia staring at him, waiting for him to answer the question. So after a while he begins to speak. I had never known anyone like her before. She was a dynamo - so self-assured, independent, and confident. And the kind of passion she exhibited for her business was very appealing to me. Your lifestyle was pretty much settled when I came along. You had everything in order and I really didn't know if there was a place for me in your life.

And I spent a lot of time trying to figure out how I could fit into your life — trying to figure out what I could possibly bring to a woman who seemingly didn't need anyone. You pretty much did whatever you wanted to do — hardly ever considering my needs and feelings. And I said nothing for a long time because I loved you and wanted you to be happy.

He needs to say what has been haunting him for such a long time. The truth must be spoken in this room. I was afraid if I brought up the original agreement you would no longer want this — want us", wagging his finger between the two of them.

She is flabbergasted because she had no idea how he felt. I get that now - I do. We both have allowed our careers to become more important than our family. And we both need to shed behaviors and insecurities that no longer serve us as a married couple.

We're having another baby on the way and you know how happy that makes me. But we have to do better babe - for our family. We have to be able to put all of this behind us and move on. Today was about understanding each other's perspective. Here are the greatest hits season by season of catastrophes that are a direct or indirect result of these two bozos being in love.

This happens after the reveal of their affair, a sex tape, and a pregnancy go big or go home. This also caused the demise of Pope and Associates member Quinn Perkins' journalist boyfriend Gideon, after he dug too deep into Amanda's story. The "Gladiators" of Pope and Associates are still a big part of the show, but their professional sleuthing has taken a major back seat to the Olitz drama.

The week-by-week arcs of various Washington scandals truly showed what a major player Olivia is and what she's capable of when she's not blinded by Fitz. Fitz was shot in an assassination attempt due to the guilt of someone involved, which probably would have happened anyway because he's the worst.

Oh, and then he killed that person. Amidst one of Olitz's many hiatuses, super spy Jake and his abs came waltzing into Liv's life as another option. This created a somewhat exhausting love triangle, which is all but resolved, but he broods in the distance while playing out his own arc. Daddy Issues Olivia's already strained relationship with her father Roman gets worse because of her affair.

Fitz is one smug son-of-a-gun and made sure Roman was perfectly clear on his daughter's loyalties. The thing is, her Dad is also the head of a super-spy group called B When she cut him off, he had his lackeys kill Fitz's son in an effort to "take away his child" like he had done with Olivia. When Fitz took Olivia up to the home he built for them when his term is over.

He wanted her to see "the dream," which for him meant lots of room for kids, for her: It may have been tongue-in-cheek, but "making jam" has become the battle cry for the Olitz movement. Pope-napped Olivia is drugged, kidnapped, and told she's being held in another country. She was then prepared to be sold to Iran to use her as leverage to bribe the US.

It turns out that the entire thing was orchestrated by the Vice President who also wanted to use Fitz's loyalty to his advantage. Blame it on West Angola so Fitz would start a war for her, which he did. After her rescue, Olivia finds out about aforementioned war and is too disgusted to be with him. The start of the season after Olivia and Jake had run off to an island and were sipping wine and, well, y'know.