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Takashi turned around to see Hisashi running towards him. idea of telling Hisashi the truth — that he and Saeko had argued about his previous relationship with Rei. .. What would happen to Kaede at the grocery market?. Busujima Saeko/Komuro Takashi · Igou Hisashi/Miyamoto Rei That had practically been the mantra to the last years of he and Rei's relationship. He knew . He was on the market, surely, there was no harm in looking. Plus. Takashi Mizutani) is the father of Mizutani Shizuku and Mizutani Takaya and husband of Even though his market and functionary named Samejima go through he's the only one in Shizuku's family that knows about his daughter's relationship. Natsume's Ex-Colleagues • Saeko Ninomiya • Yamase • Chizuru Ōshima.

He was working a late shift at the Dojo and would be closing up soon, but wanted to run through a few exercises of his own before leaving. Takashi had offered to keep him some company, thinking perhaps the physical activity would give something of a release.

It wasn't a topic he was incredibly enthusiastic about discussing, but he could tell Takashi had something on his chest. It would probably help to calm some of his frustration. Hisashi was his friend, he was more than willing to listen. Takashi rolled his eyes, keeping his knees slightly bent to absorb the impact of Hisashi's strikes.

I guess she doesn't know that I have a regular gig now. She's just going through a lot of stress at the moment, what with her dad's investigation and everything. I don't see how what I'm doing with my life is really any of her business anymore.

He sighed lowly upon taking a gulp of water, the cool liquid refreshing him. You've known each other since you were kids. Do you really think that just because you broke up you're suddenly not going to be a part of each other's lives anymore? Hisashi was right about something, he was wrong. How unusual, Takashi thought bitterly. He'd never heard that one before. Hisashi was great and he didn't know what he was talking about. That had practically been the mantra to the last years of he and Rei's relationship.

He knew, that in spite of the years they'd shared and the promises they'd made to one another, they probably weren't going to last. They were too similar, too hot-blooded and proud, constantly bickering with one another. Hisashi was much more calm and rational, a perfect foil to both of them really. As stubborn as he was though, Takashi couldn't deny that Hisashi was right about this, about Rei.

He really was doing his best to be completely fair and unbiased. Despite Rei being his girlfriend and Takashi his best friend, he was considering both of their feelings and offering his advice selflessly. Sure, Rei could get on Takashi's nerves at times, but ultimately, he could tell her intentions were good. She still cared about him, as he did her.

Their relationship was important to him. Takashi supposed he was still sensitive about everything that had transpired between them, and the way things had ended. He had wanted to be bitter, and to be angry at the both of them. But, in a way, he couldn't blame Rei, Hisashi was a great guy. He was glad that his past with Rei hadn't come between them. Their friendship was worth a lot more than something as petty as that. Hisashi had never been the most subtle when it came to moving from uncomfortable subjects.

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Fortunately, Takashi was happy to accept the offer. Takashi shrugged again, pausing to sip from his water before answering. There's already a lot of hype for it. We sat down in this cafe and they told me 'enjoy this'. Enjoy being able to go out in public without being recognised or mobbed, because it probably won't last for much longer. I mean, zombie franchises seem to be pretty popular But, this isn't the first time I've been told a project I've been working on would be huge.

For all I know, with my luck, it could bomb after the first episode. It was actually more difficult to answer than he'd initially thought. Did he like the show? He'd never really considered it, to be honest. He was mainly happy to have finally landed a major role, a job. Despite her sadistic tendencies, Saeko does still have morals, as shown when she couldn't bring herself to kill a pair of zombie children, something Takashi was able to do without any hesitation.

Additionally, even after accepting who she is, she still shows a certain degree of self-hatred; when Rei states that she hopes she never gets used to killing "them", Saeko states that she's at least better off than her. Saeko's romantic history has been rather lightly touched upon.

She only speaks of liking a boy in the past but never being able to convey her feelings. But it is shown that Saeko has developed intimate feelings toward Takashi, as she always blushes when he talks about her clothing.

Takashi became Saeko's reason to fight when she lost her will to go on.

Takashi Komuro

Saeko often shows jealousy when Takashi and Rei are getting intimate. Rei herself sees Saeko as her rival for Takashi and is also jealous when Saeko is around Takashi. Without Takashi, Saeko will have no other reason to live as he is the only person that keeps her alive. If he were to die, she would most likely commit jigai female ritual suicide.

How can you ask me to do that?! Ugh don't come back to bed until you've learned some manners Baka! Kohta walked over and sat with Takashi on the steps staring out into the night, they sat in silence neither one wanting to break the silence between them.

Saya sat on her bed with her night light on reading a novel she had found in one of the stores they had raided earlier that day, a knock came from the door "Otaku, if that's you, you'd better apologize now or risk sleeping downstairs all night! Saya could sense the tension in the room but decided to push her luck just a bit, "I heard the yelling, what was all that about?

She knew she couldn't lie, even if she wanted to, she knew her body would tell a different story. She sighed and walked over "May I? Saya nodded making room for her, and Saeko slowly got on top of the bed laying with her head against the headboard as she started her story. Kohta could see Takashi not catching his drift so he elaborated, "Well its obvious isn't it? Saeko would go to Saya for comfort meaning she would tell her what you did, and if we stood by the door listening we'd also know!

They finally made it up the stairs and snuck down the hall to Saya's room where the stood by the door listening, they could clearly hear Saeko explain everything that had happened, they were glad they didn't miss anything important, or so they hoped. Kohta was finding it difficult to breathe, not because he had been running but because he had been laughing so hard.

Kohta's gasps for air filled the atmosphere as Takashi glared over at him, then suddenly his face broke into a wide grin. Kohta had stopped laughing by then and looked at his friend cautiously, "What is it? Saya who also couldn't keep the red away from her face confirmed her question, "Yep, he asked to gain access to my behind! She turned to see Saeko, her elder, snickering like a little schoolgirl who just received her first kiss.

Saeko couldn't reply instead laid back on the bed grabbing her stomach from the pain of laughing so much. Takashi felt like everything around him froze, as if what he had just heard from Kohta was his brain playing tricks on him, "I'm sorry, what did you say?

He couldn't help it; the situation was so random he just had to laugh. After about three minutes he had calmed down and looked back at his friend who was still red in the face. They turned and saw a person sitting on the couch lighting a Cuban cigar, "R-Rika-san? How much did you hear? Rika only then realized she was still in her sleep attire; she never wore clothes while in bed so she stood in front of the two boys only in her black push-up bra which doubled the size of her breasts and a matching black thong.

Looking at herself she sighed and walked up to them, "Oh grow up, it's not like you haven't seen a woman naked before! Takashi looked up at her, "But she is enough for me, I love Saeko-san, I never loved anyone as much as I love her, and Rei, her and I are over.

I still love her yes but not as a lover but as a brother. I'm in love with Saeko Busujima, and no one will change that. Rika smiled back then looking back over at Kohta "And you…" she started, "…Saya-san doesn't hate you, you just shocked her! I mean don't bring those kind of things up in the middle of a 'session', talk about it when you guys are comfortable talking about your sex life with each other. Kohta looked down and replied, " Listen, I didn't mean any harm, while I was at school last year, I heard a couple of seniors saying how much pleasurable it is, for both parties, I just wanted to try it, but I would never force Saya-chan into something she didn't want.

The purple hair woman smiled at the two boys and gave them both noogies before flicking the small stump of the cigar over the wall and turning on her heel to walk back to her room, she stopped and looked over her shoulder at the two boys and smiled, "Now everything you just told me, go tell those girlfriends of yours before they go to sleep, you never want a girl to go to bed angry.

Still staring at where Rika was standing, Takashi finally chocked out, "Man, she's got a nice body. After debating about what they were going to say to their girlfriends, the two boys marched up stairs and down the hall until the stopped at Saya's room. After taking a slight breath the two boys walked in the room were met by the two girls who gave them questioning looks.