Ryner and ferris relationship tips

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ryner and ferris relationship tips

A page for describing Heartwarming: Legend of the Legendary Heroes. Ferris and Ryner's relationship as a whole, with notable moments including: The first . And finally, I agree on Ryner's and Ferris' relationship being Ferris is a huge flaw in the show, shes a cunt for the magority of the show and. But Ryner and Ferris' relationship is harmless compared to the . Sage advice, because taking a tap is preferable to watching Legend of the.

His body has an ethereal nature and cannot be harmed by even "Rule Fragment" artifacts. However, he is not invincible and cannot yet come close to the level of "The Goddesses" in power.

To Ryner's Alpha Stigma, he exists as a void which Ryner claims that it is a binding curse placed on him. Throughout the story, his many actions that has proven that such as devouring the "Demon portion" of "The Lonely Demon" and the simulacrum of "The Goddesses" as well as triggering the awakening of "The Mad Hero" in Sion's body. Before Sion became king, Lucile tested his "eligibility" to ascend the throne by having him entering a contract with "The Mad Hero", and thereafter backing him in the revolution, which in truth was driven by his own hidden agenda, where he will not hesitate to kill Sion if he Sion strays from his Lucile intended path.

ryner and ferris relationship tips

While he can apparently be at anywhere almost instantly within Roland, because of a curse, Lucile's movements are restricted and he is unable to set foot outside the Roland Empire.

However, the limitations are correlated to the current boundaries of Roland, and as Roland's boundaries expand, Lucile's ability to move freely expands as well. Lucile normally stays in the shadows, close to Sion whenever he is in Roland, in order to guard him from assassins sent by "The Goddess". He once told Ryner that they are both monsters and are not worthy of having Ferris who is a human. He further states that he only allowed Ryner to be with Ferris because he cannot obtain or reach for anything with his blood-stained hands when his life itself is of no value.

She was raised in the same orphanage as Ryner and as a child asked him to marry her, although Ryner does not seem to remember this. Milk was sold to the noble Callaud family soon after and endured harsh training and entered the military to improve the Callaud family standing.

ryner and ferris relationship tips

She dislikes Ferris, but is willing to put up with her because she makes Ryner happy. Milk is not aware that Ryner is actually following orders from Sion and believes that Ferris is the person forcing Ryner to break the rules.

She is also unaware that Ryner is an Alpha Stigma bearer. Thereafter she learns about the events happening around Roland. She now works for Roland as one of Sion's best agents, along with the taboo breaker squad. She also now has the determination to kill. Milk is a reincarnation of a Goddess. In the latest installment, Milk confesses her love to Ryner, and asks to hold his hand. However, Ryner tells her that while he doesn't mind holding her hand as a friend or even as family, he will not hold her hand as a lover.

This is because Milk only looks at him as the person he was when he was a child, and he himself doesn't understand love. She responds to him, saying that she will do her best at trying to fall in love with how he is now, and says that she has confidence in doing so. He was instrumental in helping Sion succeed in the revolution to overthrow the previous tyrant, Sion's father, and today he holds the position of Field Marshal of Roland's army.

Despite the fact that he is not in complete agreement on many of the tough decisions that Sion had to make out of necessity, he remains absolutely loyal to Sion. Claugh dislikes putting himself in a safe place while others are fighting, and prefers to use his muscles to handle the military side of the country, than to use his head to work out the intricacies of politics, policies, among other stuff.

Because of this he is often envious of Miller for being able to reject promotions, and of Luke for being able to go on stealth missions. Aside from his battle prowess, Claugh was described by Froaude as a highly charismatic person, is well liked by both the populace and his men, and this was an essential quality to head the army during tough times. While suppressing the rebellion from the vassal country of Estabul, Claugh saves the former princess of Estabul, Noa Ehn, from death during Froaude's extermination exercise on Estabul's nobles.

While he was initially oblivious to the romantic feelings that Noa carries for him, as well his own feelings, eventually they develop a more steadfast mutual love relationship, though Claugh still carries some reservations and doubts.

There are three things that Claugh hated in his life: When he was a child, part of his right arm was bitten off by Tiir, and in order to maintain the functionality of his arm, he was tattooed with a red magical inscription on his arm. This inscription when invoked, gives Claugh the power to almost instantaneously slice anything into fine pieces with his right hand, including human beings.

He mistook Tiir's eyes to be Alpha Stigma, since Alpha Stigma is much more common than other Cursed Eyes and the general awareness of the existence of other Cursed Eyes is much less, and saw him as a monster. Later, he fought a battle with Tiir and was overwhelmed easily, losing his right arm in the process.

Claugh led the invasion of Imperial Nelpha. He respects and is on close terms with Claugh and addresses him as senpaiand like Claugh, was an instrumental force in the revolution led by Sion against the previous tyrant of Roland. He is in charge of mainly the domestic and administrative affairs of Roland and also holds a military rank of major general. Calne has a reputation of being a philanderer. He has had many relationships with older married women.

It began as a form of information gathering, [4] but appears to stem partly from his way with dealing with stress from the dissented nobles daily, as well as him holding the belief that military people like him may die any time and should not be involved in a long-term relationship. As such, and adding to this the fact that Fiole is a good friend of his, although it is hinted he is secretly in love with Eslina, he never once confesses his feelings.

Subsequently, due to the betrayal of Remurus Empire, he suffered defeat and is apparently captured in battle with his fate currently unknown.

ryner and ferris relationship tips

Junichi Suwabe Japanese ; J. He quickly rose through ranks and was awarded the rank of Colonel at a young age of seventeen. Believing that Sion has the caliber of a true king, one who can make difficult decisions and who understands the importance of making small sacrifices for the greater good, he came to Sion and proposed that they work together with Miran undertaking the covert ops and dark deeds of necessity.

You'd think there wouldn't be room to evolve a friendly relationship. Or maybe that's just the kind of friends they were; the kind that playfully bicker with each other. Sion closed his eyes and dropped his hand to his side. He tried to calm his breath as well as collect his thoughts. Like it was even an option they should consider for the sake of the greater good.

Someone else will kill him or he'll die of a natural cause. Either way, at some time his powers will destroy us all. Even if he dies of a natural cause you can still get his power that way. You, no, WE just have to protect him from those other people until that time comes! Please Sion, this is Ryner. It was suddenly deafening quiet in the cave. The only sound one could hear were the staggered breaths of the occupants of the cave. Droplets of water would drip from the ceiling, splashing to the ground with a barely audible clink.

His eyes were blank as his mind turned inwards and resumed its struggle to make the right decision. While that scale in his mind kept tipping towards innocents, his heart was trying everything it could to tip it towards Ryner. Why couldn't there be a way where everybody wins? A way where Ryner doesn't have to die and innocent lives are at stake. Ferris sighed in frustration and grabbed Sion by the scruff of his shirt roughly.

We can talk about this outside. Becoming trapped here won't change anything. His mind was still spinning desperately trying to find a solution. Still there was none. None of his thoughts would lead to that one answer he was so desperately hoping for. It seemed like the scale would forever tip back and forth and never make a decision.

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By then though, something already would've happened and he'd have failed at both options. As they got closer to the entrance of the cave, his heart quickened with the realization that once he was outside, he would have to make his choice. He wanted to stop, wanted to go back to last night where everyone was laughing and talking. Ryner's words from that night suddenly went through his head. It'll make more sense then. Ferris shot him a half worried half suspicious glance. He spent the whole time pushing them forward in a rush.

He basically forced Ryner to walk to his own execution and now he was going to be his executioner. His own friend… Sion closed his eyes. He wanted to disappear. In the darkness behind his eyelids, he tried to empty all his emotions.

He had to do it. There was no other way. He had to kill his friend. With that realization his body went limp as he was dragged along, the scale having finally made a decision. Ferris glanced behind her. Sion had suddenly gone limp. She found him with his eyes closed and a blank expression on his face. She frowned at this and turned forward, her mind reeling, trying to figure out what to do next.

Sion would not kill Ryner. She would make sure of that. Truthfully, she wanted nothing more than to abandon Sion in the cave and just escape with Ryner. And she would've done so if not for that one part of her that believed Sion would never hurt Ryner.

Ferris Eris

So instead, she was going to monitor their conversation. If it takes a turn for the worst, she would force herself to either kill Sion or escape with Ryner in the mist of confusion. Either way, Ryner would not die. Ferris didn't care if killing Sion was the only way to make that happen. She didn't care if the whole world was in danger. No one was going to kill her Ryner. No one would even have a chance to get close enough to touch a hair on his head.

Ferris almost paused as her chest started hurting. When did Ryner become this important? She didn't know, something had been growing slowly, but what happened last night really changed something in their relationship.

Although she always teased him about being a pervert, last night was really the first time he had made any move towards her. He had reached out his hand and took hers. Did he do that because he thought he would die? Or was it something else? Just relax, everything will be fine. Now that she knew the truth, she felt angry.

What did he mean by 'everything would be fine'? Did he believe his death would mean nothing to her? That she would move on as if nothing important happened? His promise meant nothing. Of course he wasn't going to be killed by the banished god. He is the banished god. He thought he was going be killed by Sion and her. She took a deep breath to calm herself. She would let this anger go away for now.

Once she had made sure Ryner was safe from everyone, she would beat him to a pulp for even daring to think that she would kill him. Up ahead, she saw the exit. She stopped and took a deep breath before walking through, pulling Sion with her. He hadn't said a word; just let himself be dragged around by Ferris.

Love Again

Once on the other side of the gate, she found, like the Oracle had said, that the sun was indeed setting. She let go of Sion and he plopped to the ground as she looked around for Ryner. It took her a moment, but it felt like forever when she found him sleeping under the cool shade of a tree.

Ferris paused briefly, wondering how Ryner was able to sleep at a time like this. She started to take a step forward towards him. Relief filled through her seeing he was still alright. Here, nothing seemed to have changed. Perhaps it was all a dream; Ryner being the banished god. As she was about to bend down and wake Ryner up, something hard hit the back of her head.

She stumbled in surprise and was thrust forward as her sight started to fade. Above her, for a second, she saw Sion standing there with the hilt of his sword in his hand and a dead look in his eyes. Her blood went cold as she fought to stay conscience. The look in Sion's eyes scared her. He was going to do it. He was actually going to do it.