Ryder and marley relationship goals

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ryder and marley relationship goals

This Pin was discovered by Brandon Barclay. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest. The Jake-Marley Relationship (commonly known as Jarley or less commonly as Puckerose) is the relationship between Jake Puckerman and Marley Rose, two. See more. Jake, Kitty, Blake Jenner's Ryder and Marley in Glee Season 4, Episode 6 Ryder and Marley from Glee the fact that these two are actually married.

Jake is tempted and thus asks for Puck's advice. Jake says that he thinks Marley is really great and that he wants to be a good guy, but was tempted by Kitty's proposition. He reveals that he and Marley haven't even kissed and what Kitty had offered was a "done deal. At the Sadie Hawkins dance, while they're dancing, Marley confesses that she really likes Jake, but she always assumes the best in people.

Because of this she misses signs like when someone is about to hurt her. Marley says, in order to convince her that he won't hurt her, he has to be with only her and they have to take things slow. If he can, then they could have the best time, but if he can't, Marley can't be with him. When Marley sings Locked Out of Heaven with the girls, Jake is excitedly dancing in the front of the audience and they share eye contact.

At the end of the performance, Jake jumps up to tell the audience to applaud louder, taking Marley by surprise. He says he is done looking and that he doesn't want to be with anyone else but than her. They slow dance and Marley kisses him on the cheek. Sadie Hawkins When, Finn announces that they're going to Regionals it shows that Jake and Marley are sitting together back in the choir room with Jake's arm around Marley. After school Brittany interviews Marley on Fondue for Two.

ryder and marley relationship goals

Brittany starts asking very intrusive personal questions, one of them concerning Jake, and then pressures her to admit that she is in love with him. Brittany advises her that she should be honest and vulnerable with Jake by telling him her true feelings.

Later Marley texts Jake to meet her urgently in the auditorium, mainly to confess her feelings towards him. When he arrives she says that she has some song ideas for Regionals.

She says that she has to redeem herself as she thinks everyone is still angry with her after she fainted at sectionals. Jake tells her not to put too much pressure on herself as it got the best of her last time. She then asks him to try out a song, which happens to be A Thousand Yearswhich Jake notes is very romantic. After performing, they both share a kiss. Soon after, Jake notices that Marley wants to tell him something. She almost says "I love you" but she chokes and says that she 'loves the song, but it's not right for regionals.

When Jake and Ryder work out in the gym and try to see who has better muscles, Kitty and Tina walk in to tell them about their months they are doing for the calendar. When they leave, Ryder tells Jake that he notices that Kitty is hitting on him. Jake replies that he can feel if a girl is into him from the next room, but since he's been seeing Marley there's no other girl on the planet.

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Realizing that Ryder still has feelings for Marley, Jake apologies for mentioning her with him. Even because of this, Ryder supports his relationship with her. Jake then reveals to him what happened in the auditorium and how Marley was going to say she loved him. When asked what he would have done, Jake says that he would have said it back.

Ryder edges him to go and say it first, but Jake says it would be terrifying. After, Ryder asks is there anything else he wanted to say to Marley and Jake replies that the song pretty much said it.

He says that he's already made a calendar for her and that it says 'I love you' on the October page. When Marley sees this she says that she loves him back and then kisses him. Later when they perform This is the New Year they are seen to be singing, dancing and caressing with each other.

It is revealed to be a pair of cufflinks that Marley made herself with Jake's initials on them. She says that she wanted to give them to him early so he can wear it to Mr. Jake states that he thinks that they're cool and that he can't wait to give her his gift.

Ryder, overhearing this, asks Jake if he actually got her present yet, to which Jake reveals that he hasn't. Jake says he has been brainstorming with his brother who's advises him to buy her lingeriebut Ryder says that he won't let Jake follow his advice. Jake says that he doesn't know anything about this stuff and asks Ryder if he has any ideas.

Ryder suggests that instead of giving her a Valentine's Day, he give her a Valentine's Week. Marley joins in and the two duet. At the end, the two share a kiss. Later at Mr Schuester's wedding, Marley sees a bouquet of her favorite flowers laying on the seats, which Ryder states were left by Jake.

They sit together for the duration of the ceremony. At the reception, Jake thanks Ryder for his help, revealing Jake's romantic gestures were actually Ryder's ideas, mainly because Jake's felt all of his ideas were subpar. Jake says that he needs one more romantic gesture. Ryder, reluctant at first, gives Jake a heart pendant that he bought at the mall. Jake believes that with all the romance in the air, he is certain that he is going to get laid, revealing that he got a room just in case it happens.

Ryder, shocked by Jake's revelations, says that she's not ready, stating that she is a sophomore and is just getting over her eating disorder. Jake confesses that Marley is not like other girls; he thinks he is in love with her and thinks that she is letting her guard down to love him back. He lets Ryder know he has no intentions of hurting her, especially since Ryder has put his feelings aside to help make something special happen for him. Jake then walks to the dance floor and gives Marley the necklace and they dance together while Kurt and Blaine perform Just Can't Get Enough.

ryder and marley relationship goals

They then slow dance while Rachel and Finn perform, later singing together in We've Got Tonite as the two walk to their hotel room amongst the other couples. Later, it is revealed that Jake and Marley don't have sex. Marley apologizes for not being ready to which Jake earnestly tells her not worry about it.

She is still distrought over the fact that he must have spent a lot of money on the room, to which Jake responds that he stole their hotel room key card from a maid's cart and tried all the door until he found one that opened.

Quickly revealing to the stunned Marley that he was only joking and receiving a playful punch to the arm, he suggests that they leave the room to go downstairs to have another dance.

ryder and marley relationship goals

Back at school, Marley sees Ryder and gives him a Valentine's Day card, thanking him for helping Jake with Valentine's Week as she knows Jake isn't capable of doing those things. Ryder kisses her, shocking Marley, who quickly leaves. Kitty says that she stole her boyfriend, referring to Jakeand continues making fun of Marley. Marley then quickly walks away, visibly hurt by Kitty's insults.

During the song, Marley and Ryder often dance with each other, smiling to each other and occasionally switching to dance with Kitty and Jake. Later, the cast list is put up, where it is revealed that Marley and Ryder got the lead parts of Sandy and Danny.

Both Ryder and Marley seem really happy about it and Ryder looks to Marley as she fangirls about it. In order to cheer her up he tells her a funny story about his cousin, "Johnny Pappas. Then Ryder says that he doesn't want to kiss a girl who has puke on her breath, either on stage or later. After Rizzo's Santana performance, before Marley and Ryder are going on stage after Kitty scares Marley by telling her important people is gonna watch the musical, Ryder reassures Marley that she sounds and looks amazing, and that she shouldn't listen to anything Kitty says.

He then kisses her, as Jake looks on with an unhappy expression in the back. Glease Ryder fights with Jake in the hallway about Marley.

The same happens when Ryder and Jake sing Superman. When Finn breaks up the fight he takes them to the auditorium, Ryder says Marley deserves better than Jake. He has to cancel on a date with her because he has a session to work on his dyslexia and Marley then chooses Jake over Ryder.

Dynamic Duets Marley is freaking out that if the New Directions don't do well, she's the one to blame. Ryder overhears Marley's concerns and tells Jake to perform in place of him as the front dancer at sectionals so they have a better chance to win.

He makes this sacrifice because of his affection for Marley.

Marley-Ryder Relationship

At the end of the episode, when Marley collapses Ryder's face is seen hovering over her first, showing that he is very concerned for her. He also sits next to her when Mr.

Schue comes into the room. During Ryder's solo even though he took another girl to the dance he looks directly at where Marley was dancing with Jake. Sadie Hawkins Jake and Ryder discuss Marley, Jake talking about their duet in the auditorium and how she was going to say, "I love you", but broke it off.

Ryder suggests he goes for Marley and says the words first, but Ryder looks a bit sad, to which Jake apologizes that he is going after Marley. With the same expression, Ryder seems to feel the same for Marley. They smile at each other several times throughout the episode. As Marley walks away, Ryder talks to Jake about what he has planned for Marley. Jake, clueless, tells Ryder that his brother had been giving him advice by buying her lingerie.

Ryder demands that Jake does not follow that advice and informs him he has a better idea. Jake is impressed by the idea, and thanks Ryder. After Jake walks away, we see Ryder upset. In the classroom, Marley notice's Ryder being jittery, She asks him if he had any of those hour energy drinks again. He replies no as Jake walks in. Jake dressed as one of the "Temptations" says he has come to sing a song. As he does this, Ryder pretends to have no clue in Jake's actions.

Ryder soon reveals that he had known and starts to undress revealing a "Temptations" outfit.

ryder and marley relationship goals

Marley eventually joins them, singing along. At the end Ryder gives another sad look. At the wedding, Jake and Ryder start talking. Jake informs him that everything is going great, and that his ideas are genius, but Ryder is upset and wants Jake to come up with his own ideas for once.

However, Jake asks for Ryder to continue helping him. Ryder then pulls out a jewelry box, that has a necklace inside. Jake then informs Ryder of his plans to sleep with Marley. Ryder, shocked, tells Jake that Marley is just a sophomore and isn't ready. Rose, Jake tells them to apologize to both of them.

They talk, and she tells him that she just realized that she's still wearing his jacket. Jake tells her to keep it, but Kitty overhears and tells her that she'd like to wear it because she and Jake are dating. Marley is saddened by this, but tells them that they make a great couple, and gives Kitty the jacket. The Break-Up Jake notices Marley stuffing lunch tickets into her pockets and later reveals that he has them as well, explaining that his mother is struggling because of the aftermath of the global financial crisis.

Blaine and Brittany watch them talking and the latter describes them as 'young love'. At the meeting, Jake apologizes to her for letting her come to this. Marley then jokes about Jake being half-Jewish, asking if he floats to heaven at half speed. When Kitty executes a fake rapture prank on Dottie Kazotori, Marley is seen upset about this. She tells Jake that she doesn't like Kitty and can't believe that he does. Jake apologizes to Marley about Kitty and the fake rapture.

Marley says that she doesn't get it why Jake is with someone like her.

Glee: Marley Rose

She sees that he tries to act like he doesn't care what everyone thinks, but is actually desperate to fit in and be popular if he's willing to date Kitty. Jake states that Marley doesn't know what its like being on the outside since the black kids think he is "too white" and the white kids think he's "too black" and that Kitty and can be crazy, but she likes him, and when he stands next to her no one makes fun of him.

Kitty, overhearing this starts hurling insults at Marley. Jake tells her to ease up or else he'll break up with her. Kitty doesn't relent and he hold true to his world, to which Kitty holds Marley responsible.

Once Kitty leaves, Marley tells Jake that he didn't need to do that, but Jake responds that he actually did have to. When Unique confides to Marley that she wants to play Rizzo, Marley encourages her to audition. While Sue mocks Unique with transphobic comments, she fails to come up with a mean nickname for Marley. Kitty hurls an array of insults at Marley, causing her to run off crying. Marley and Kitty are decided as the finalists for the role of Sandy.

She hugs Ryder after the performance. Marley wins the role of Sandy, but her confidence is shot when Kitty insults her again about her weight. Glease Marley is seen in the Glee club, expressing some confusion over the fact that Will is leaving and Finn is taking over New Directions until he returns from his sabbatical. Tina brushes it off as stress bloating, which she gets all the time. Kitty interrupts to get her costume fitting and starts making jabs about Marley's weight saying that Marley has had some considerable weight gain.

Marley says she hasn't been eating any differently. Kitty invites her to a slumber party, which Marley agrees to go to so long as Unique can come as well. Kitty shows Marley around her room, before leading her into her bathroom and convincing her to try bulimia.