Russia and the united states relationship today

russia and the united states relationship today

Even though Russia has now nominally adopted democratic and capitalist structures, Cold War history still colors U.S.-Russian relations today. Putin speech adds to freeze in U.S.-Russia relations Russia and the United States have a lot to talk about, on such topics as arms control, cyber intrusions, Ukraine, Syria and beyond. . Today's WorldView newsletter. U.S.-RUSSIA RELATIONS. Russia recognized the United States on October 28, , and diplomatic relations between the United States and.

We are not going to defend the actions of President Putin, nor are we going to defend the actions of President Trump. What we are interested in discussing is the need for an intelligent relationship between America and Russia.

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Specifically, there was a promise not to expand NATO to the east. America is building an ABM base in Poland that could very well be seen as a means to enable an American nuclear first strike.

The missile tubes in this base could also launch long range nuclear cruise missiles against Russia. InAmerica supported a revolt in the Ukraine next door to Russia, and a government came to power which was virulently anti-Russian and filled with fascists. Russia has legitimate security needs relating to the Crimea and the Russians took this opportunity to reunite the Crimea.

This was an action that was clearly supported by the majority of the Crimean people. This was an action of vital national security to Russia, it was not a matter of vital national security to the United States. However, what followed was a hysterical campaign against Russia launched by President Barack Obama, including sanctions and a good deal of hostile rhetoric.

Russians retaliated by publishing a lot of very embarrassing material about the Democratic Party. We're not going to get into the details of what who hacked whom, and what really happened. But we will say that America's reaction to the hacking allegations represents the height of hypocrisy, considering that America has interfered in more elections than any other country since World War II. In addition, many foreign governments try to interfere with American politics, not just Russia.

We could discuss the huge Saudi contributions to the Clinton foundation, but we won't get bogged down by that. What we want to talk about is where to go from here.

russia and the united states relationship today

There is a very serious need for a de-escalation of tensions. A case study of what not to do is the sanctions bill that was just passed by the Senate, a bill to put even more sanctions on Russia, and require a congressional review in order for the President to lift sanctions on Russia.

We don't have secretaries of state.

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Yes, we have reservations about Donald Trump's leadership, but passing a sanctions bill that might be very difficult to repeal is going to escalate, not de-escalate tensions.

Do they think the Russians are going to surrender and give up Crimea? The reality is that the Russians are not going to back down. It's never going to happen. We have proposed a more realistic solution. We call on all reasonable people to support an internationally supervised plebiscite in Ukraine to help the different provinces to decide their own future.

What many Americans don't understand is that there are different ethnic groups in Ukraine, and the situation is a conflict between ethnic Russians and ethnic Ukrainians. With an internationally supervised plebiscite, the parts of Ukraine that want to join Russia can join Russia, and the parts that want to remain in Ukraine can remain in Ukraine. We have good friends on both sides of this conflict. We understand it is a difficult and tricky situation.

But somebody needs to de-escalate the conflict, and what we need to do is to have high-level discussions between America and Russia to resolve the differences. It's the United States. America is making totally unreasonable demands on the Russians, and the sanctions bill is not only a threat to US relations with Russia, it's a threat to the whole world economy. Meanwhile, Europe depends on Russian gas. American economic warfare against Russia could end up devastating the U.

After all, why trust America with your money if America will try to seize it any time it does not like your policies? Sanctions are an act of war and they're a very clumsy tool for diplomacy. They should be used sparingly. They are not the magic solution to everything.

What America should do is build up its cyber defenses, that's an intelligent response to this whole situation.

Getting into a huge conflict with Russia and setting the stage for a nuclear holocaust is not a good idea. The American people do not want war with Russia. We need to be moving in the opposite direction of war. The Senate sanctions bill is a direct threat to world peace, indeed it could be considered the most direct threat to world peace in recent times.

America and Russia need a real dialogue to resolve their differences. As we've said before, we have reservations about Donald Trump, and we're not going to get into all the details about Mr.

Flynn and what has happened in the White House so far. McMaster — can anybody really suggest that they are stooges of Russia?

Can anybody truly believe that they are on a Russian payroll? Having the Congress freeze US Russian relations in an extremely hostile act that could lead to a world war. When the Cold War ended inmany people around the world breathed a collective sigh of relief. The peace achieved with Russia after the end of the Cold War ushered in an era of prosperity.

Years of U.S.-Russia Relations

But now relations between Russia and America are at their worst point since the end of the Cold War. Powerful forces in Washington are mobilizing to make things even more dangerous. We feel there is a need for practical efforts to reduce tensions on both sides before it is too late. Is it worth starting a nuclear war over Crimea?

No, it is not. In every leader saw war as a disaster. America and Russia need to stand down. Both sides need to move to a safer place.


Hysterical war mongering in Washington DC is a threat to our planet's survival. The bill allows for sanctions to hit Russia's mining, metals, shipping and railway sectors.

russia and the united states relationship today

And this will affect future president's as well, not just Donald Trump. The process does not need to be fraught with even more difficulties. There do not need to be more obstacles in the way of America being able to establish peaceful relations with Russia. The Sanction Bill is a threat to global peace.

They released a statement vowing to treat US jets in Syria as targets. Russia has stated that they will target any US-led planes operating west of the Euphrates river in Syria. Middle East Eye So this is becoming a very dangerous situation. Once ISIS is defeated, the two rivaling super powers will seek to influence who retakes control over the liberated areas. Yet Crimea contains Russia's only warm water naval base: Without this base, Russia would have no way of extending force through The Mediterranean.

Without Crimea, Russia would be severely crippled as a military power. Crimea has been a historic part of Russia. It was part of Russia until it was given to Ukraine in for political reasons. And yet when this happened, America under the leadership of former President Obama decided to take a confrontational stance on the issue with demands that Russia give Crimea back to Ukraine.

This is a breathtaking level of hypocrisy on the part of the U. S, considering America's invasion of Iraq, and the long laundry list of American invasions and bombings of other countries since The notion that Crimea is part of Ukraine is also ludicrous. We are not going to get into all the details of who's right and who's wrong in the disputes between Ukraine and Russia. Both sides have some very legitimate grievances.

We have both Russian and Ukrainian friends. However we have to look at the overall picture. Crimea is essential to Russian security and is not essential to American security. We don't see a logical endgame in America's current very confrontational policy to Russia. Does anybody in America really think the Russians are going to give back Crimea?

So what is the endgame?

russia and the united states relationship today

We have a proposed endgame, which is an internationally supervised plebiscite for Ukraine where the parts that might want to join Russia could join Russia. The parts that want to stay with the very unstable state of the Ukraine can stay there. If anybody has a better proposal that works we'd be glad to support it. At the completion of a plebiscite, all EU and American sanctions against Russia should be lifted. Currently Ukraine is being encouraged to take a highly confrontational position against Russia by the West.

Does the West plan to go to war if things get worse? There is an ominous comparison to the false promises of Britain and France to Poland before World War II where the Poles were led to believe that any attack by Germany would lead to a massive invasion of Germany by France.

russia and the united states relationship today

This was a lie from day one. The Poles were left to be crushed by Germany. Normal diplomatic relations were resumed on November 16,when President Franklin Roosevelt informed Soviet Foreign Minister Maxim Litvinov that the United States recognized the Government of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics and wished to re-establish normal diplomatic relations.

Bush announced the decision in an address to the nation. The United States has long sought a full and constructive relationship with Russia.

U.S. Department of State

Following the dissolution of the Soviet Union inthe United States adopted a bipartisan strategy to facilitate cooperation on global issues and promote foreign investment and trade. In response to the Russian violation in of Ukraine's sovereignty and territorial integrity, however, the United States downgraded the bilateral political and military relationship and suspended the Bilateral Presidential Commission, a body jointly founded in by the United States and Russia to promote cooperation between the two countries.

In addition to ongoing Russian aggression in Georgia and Ukraine, Russia is willing to undermine norms within the existing international system beyond traditional military campaigns to encompass a suite of "hybrid" tools that are used to gain influence.

Russia's campaign aims to undermine core institutions of the West, such as NATO and the EU, and to weaken faith in the democratic and free-market system.

Trump says U.S.-Russia relations worse now than during Cold War — he may be right

The United States has sought to deter further Russian intervention through the projection of strength and unity with U. The United States would like to move beyond the current low level of trust with Russia, stabilize our relationship, and cooperate where possible and when in core U.

To achieve this, Russia must take demonstrable steps to show they are willing to be a responsible global actor, starting with a cessation of efforts to interfere in democratic processes.

russia and the united states relationship today

The long-term goal of the United States is to see Russia become a constructive stakeholder in the global community. The United States seeks to nurture historically strong ties with the Russian people and civil society. The United States continues to investigate allegations of mistreatment of or discrimination against U.