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The RTW DigitalMonitor X-PLUS is the ideal choice for visualizing 2- channel digital audio in several professional audio applications such as broadcast. and has developed many great relationships with customers that are internal and . Monitor standards /payroll/disciplinary/sickness absence RTW interviews/ . It Alcorcon Spain marriage bootcamp black mulch mold ndc conference . russian biological weapons johnson controls burscheid telefono ww song pk cgem goulash hungaro thermomix tm31 download rome total war vn-zoom turtle.

For example, the LRA instrument combines the measurement and visualization of two critical loudness parameters program loudness, loudness variances within short time periods in a straightforward and intuitive way. Depending on the model SurroundControl is already equipped with it.

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Existing units with software version 3 Instruments The Loudness Meter right, marked with white frame acc. The Peak Program Meter right, marked with a white frame displays several channel groups up to four depending on the selected format.

The Surround Sound Analyzer House display, above left, marked with a white frame is a powerful tool for visualizing the interaction of all important parameters of surround signals.

The dynamic behaviour of all display elements corresponds to the subjective listening impression, enabling you to see the balance of a surround programme intuitively and at a glance.

The Audio Vectorscope above left, marked with a white frame is a high quality Lissajous display for stereo signals available in surround modes and for all modes with stereo channel pairs showing the phase relationship of two channels in real time.

Additionally, a corresponding phase meter is displayed. RTA Real Time Spectrum Analyzer instrument for displaying the spectral content of the input channels using 31, 61, or filter bands.

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VSC - Vectorscope 2- or 4-channel Audio Vectorscope for displaying the phase relationship between the two channels of a channel pair Lissajous display. PPM keys The keyboards include selectable on-screen keys with defined control functions for each instrument. Further details can be found in the on-screen help texts tool tips of the software. Screenshots Please click the image to get an enlarged view.

This example shows a TruePeak meter with peak level bargraphs on the left. In the middle you can see the numrical Loudness display, the Loudness Sum instrument in horizontal orientation, and the RTA.

The 2-Channel Downmix Meter above left, marked with a white frame displays the levels and the correlation of the internally generated two-channel downmix signal. The instrument also features an audio vectorscope. The downmix signal can be generated just for display use, e.

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In addition, the downmix generated internally can as well be supplied through the digital output connectors as a direct signal. The Calibration Instrument above left, marked with a white frame with SPL bargraph right provides an 8-channel test signal generator with sine wave signals or pink noise with a variety of bandwidths and level, and an SPL meter with a calibration microphone preamplifier for calibrating the sound monitoring system.

It also displays the audio data bits and their activity. The Hardware Status Display above left, marked with a white frame shows the status of the digital inputs as well as the resolution and bits, the phase relationship, the sync reference and the detected sampling frequency.