Rock and roman reigns relationship

How is Roman Reigns related to The Rock?

rock and roman reigns relationship

Life moves quickly for Roman Reigns, even more quickly than for His cousin is Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson, son of wrestler Rocky Johnson. The Rock and his cousin Roman Reigns. They are also related to the Usos Jimmy and Jey Usos who's father is Rakisi. The family dynasty of Samoan wrestlers. Here you will know about Roman Reigns and The Rock Relationship. But before this let's have look on Anoa'I family history. The Anoa'i family.

Family lineages have helped define the world of wrestling since the dawn of the sport, with a large portion of the WWE Superstar roster almost always being made up second and third generation athletes.

rock and roman reigns relationship

Later, Rosey had a successful babyface run as the tag team partner of The Hurricane. Though his time with WWE was relatively brief, it was certainly memorable.

Manu only lasted in WWE for about the span of a cup of coffee and unfortunately never got the chance to emulate the success of his predecessors.

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The theme of the group was that each of the four members had come from famous wrestling families, with all of them being at least second generation pro wrestlers. This is because the man behind Rikishi, Solofa Fatu, Jr. Before becoming Rikishi, his most famous character was that of Fatu, one-half of the tag team known as the Headshrinkers. It would seem as if this would be the peak of his career, but once the Attitude era had gotten well underway Fatu became Rikishi, a scantily dressed dancer who teamed with Scotty 2 Hotty and Grand Master Sexay in the stable known as Too Cool.

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Here is a man who may not have ever won any championship titles during his time with the World Wrestling Federation, but he did encourage a young man named Mick Foley to get into the wrestling business with his spectacular leap from the top of a steel cage.

Snuka was heavily involved in the main event of the first ever WrestleMania inmaking his presence felt in the corner of fellow WWE Hall of Famers Mr. Sadly, Rosey passed away at the age of 47 due to heart failure this past April.

rock and roman reigns relationship

He left behind three children. Rosey's real-life brother, Roman Reigns, continues to wrestle and add more to the family legacy.

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Rosey was also distant cousins with The Rock as their grandfathers were brothers. Not too complicated, now is it?

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  • Roman Reigns and The Rock Relationship

Rosey's passing was untimely, shocking and tragic. But with Reigns and Rock continuing to add to the family legacy, we know Rosey's legacy will never go away.

rock and roman reigns relationship

Yokozuna tragically passed away at age 34 in from pulmonary edema, a medical case where his lungs were blocked by fluids. His legacy continues to live on in the Anoa'i wrestling family.

rock and roman reigns relationship

Yokozuna also had relations with The Rock who was his cousin. Nia Jax via wwe. After all, Rock made it more obvious by celebrating with Reigns after he won the Royal Rumble.

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But you probably didn't know that Nia Jax - one of the most dominant talents in the women's division - also has a relation to The Rock. According to Jax, the two are cousins as her grandfather was the uncle of Rock's granddad.

rock and roman reigns relationship

The two have a close working relationship as Rock continues to offer her support and advice when needed. It's safe to guess there are few awesome cousin relationships like this one.