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Rhett Butler and Vivian Leigh as Scarlett O'Hara. If I may be permitted an armchair analysis of their relationship, J. Bailey Molineux is a psychologist with Adult and Child Counseling, and can be reached at How we deal with relationships makes the difference. her that she and her husband remind you so much of Rhett Butler and Scarlett O'Hara. I wanted to break down a famous couple's relationship.

But the real love story in Gone with the Wind is not between these two selfish, self-centered characters whose passion torments and ultimately ruins the happiness of both. It is rather the quiet, idealized love between Ashley and Melanie Wilkes that depicts the true qualities and power of love to nurture, save and protect, even in times of extraordinary upheaval.

Though Scarlett has set her heart on marrying the refined and cultured Ashley, he chooses instead his mild-mannered and frail cousin Melanie and marries her. Melanie lacks the captivating beauty, energy, vitality, and feminine wiles of Scarlett. But her gentle heart is made of pure goodness and possesses extraordinary power of goodwill that protects Ashley through the long years of fighting and imprisonment. But Scarlett and Rhett's turbulent and unfulfilling marriage is marred by constant quarrels.

After the death of their young daughter, Rhett finally leaves her. Jerry Maguire is a high flying sports agent engaged to a very attractive, sexy hard driving business woman, Avery Bishop. When in a moment of idealism Jerry speaks out against the hypocritical policies of his firm and loses his job, he comes to Avery looking for understanding and support.

Instead, she bluntly tells him his act was stupid and foolish and refuses to offer a drop of sympathy. It exposed the fact that their relationship was based on only one thing — pleasure. Jerry was a good looking object to possess and enjoy.

Gone with the Wind

When the fun ended, she expressed her scorn. As soon as the pleasure ended, the relationship ended as well.

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When Jerry responded to her caustic abuse by telling her the relationship was over, she was hurt and angry, not because she would miss him, but because to be jilted was an insult to her ego. To her relationship is only a way to take. It has nothing to do with giving. Woman Hunter The guy who tried to hire a consultant to help him sleep with a woman he was attracted to in Hitch may have succeeded in his immediate conquest but did not fare any better in relationships than Wickham.

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High Fidelity depicts a man who has explored all the possibilities of level 2 relationships and discovered them to be unstable, unsatisfactory and empty. His lifetime pursuit of the perfect physical relationship is an example of how the high ideal of romance is perverted into a shallow, selfish fantasy — a good example of everything that real romance is not.

Dashwood dies leaving his wife and three daughters with no home and little means to support themselves. His second daughter, Marianne, is excitable, passionate, romantic and driven by intense emotions. When she is caught in a storm with an injured leg, she is rescued by the dashing young Mr. Willoughby who happened to be passing by and carries her safely home.

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Marianne is charmed and swept off her feet by his physical appearance and gallant manners. Willoughby courts her and leads her to believe he is deeply in love. She is overcome by intense passion for the man, which she expresses quite openly. After initial encouragement, Willoughby disappears from her life and refuses to answer her letters.

She later learns that when his aunt threatened to disinherit him, he agreed to marry a wealthy heiress, Ms. She also discovers that he has ruined the reputation of a young woman by refusing to acknowledge their illegitimate child as his own.

  • An Open Letter to Scarlett O'Hara, the Original Marriage Hacker

Marianne experiences all the grief of a sensual attraction based on nothing more substantial than physical appearance and external behavior. I'm a Yankee, of course, but ever since my grandmother forced me to sit through Gone with the Wind when I was eight, I've had a deep respect for your determination and general pluck.

It's possible you were even an inspiration for me being a divorce lawyer, because I think of you as the original marriage hacker. You couldn't get divorced in old days, but you made the most of three unhappy marriages, taking what you could get and repeatedly building a new empire from the ashes of the last. Let's be blunt here: Yet you managed to survive -- and thrive -- despite living through a war; despite losing your parents in really awful ways; despite having your entire livelihood burned to the ground; oh, yeah, and despite being tied into a corset, buried in petticoats and told to be a lady.

Gone with the wind

You are not a lady, and that's what we love about you. Had you lived in modern times, you would have been the terrifying grand dame of any of the "Real Housewives" series, without exception. The thing about Gone with the Wind is that it everyone thinks it's a story about love for other humans -- your love for Ashley Wilkes, your love for Rhett Butler -- but you're not really a romantic, Scarlett.

Women had it rough in the American South; marriage dictated that you were essentially the property of your husband. So not surprisingly, your most lasting love affair was with your house, the infamous Tara. I think the men were more or less just there to provide you and Mammy with some eye candy. Still, I think it's worth having a look at who you married and how you marriage-hacked your way into a medium-happy ending. Charles Hamilton Charles was your first husband, and you married him on a whim I love when people do that.

You had just found out that your crush Ashley Wilkes was marrying someone else, and as a way to make him jealous, you seduced his new brother-in-law-to-be, Charles Hamilton. You had a son together, in the book anyway, not the movie; then he went off and got himself killed in the war.